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My algorithm is Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift, and the Jets QB situation. Every time I open my phone, every time I check anything sports-related. In a world where there is no such thing as coincidence, this Sunday, on Sunday Night Football my algorithm matches up for the Jets to host Travis Kelce & The Taylor Swift Chiefs.

We all know the outcome of this game if Zach Wilson is the QB. He takes horrible sacks, he gives up on plays quickly, if he throws the ball downfield, there is a good chance it is a bad throw. If you think the Chiefs D had it easy last week with Justin Fields, no, this is as easy as it gets.

So while all of New York is trying to figure out who the QB is to replace Zach Wilson. What if I told you the answer has been right in front of them this entire time? Their backup QB.

Tim Boyle


Tom Brady

Before you say anything. Have you ever seen Tim Boyle throw the Football in a game before?

Ya impressive, before we continue further on how Boyle is where he is today. It is important to know his backstory that nobody talks about.

Tim Boyle in High School (Connecticut) was Joe Montana. He led his High School to state Championships all four years, #1 QB in the state, was committed and ready to go to Boston College, to be in the exact same system that made Matt Ryan the QB Legend he became. The only problem was, before Boyle could step foot on campus as a Freshman, the Boston College coach was fired. The new coach wanted to be a running team with a running QB, and Boyle would not thrive in that situation so he had to de-commit. The last place bottom of the barrell University of Connecticut did everything and anything it could to lock down High School state legend Tim Boyle. It was so late after all commits already made their choices, Boyle decided to team up with last place UCONN to be the starter as a True Freshman, and got walloped. UCONN was terrible, the team was outmatched and could not win a game, Boyle was in a terrible situation. He transferred out after his Junior Year. He went to Eastern Kentucky as a Senior, and led his team to a Bowl Game. Going from rock bottom to that was a good turnaround for how bad it was.

No, I am not a bandwagon fan of Tim Boyle. Ever since I watched him play in the Preseason of 2018 undrafted as a Green Bay Packer I knew he was the truth. He was so good he went from an undrafted QB to a 3rd string QB in the NFL! Even die-hard Packer fans started calling this guy, “Tim Boyle Lazer show.” Some even decided to shortchange it to, TBLS, Tim Boyle Lazer Show. Trust me, those names will come back. Following season Boyle beat out Deshone Kizer and Brett Huntley, two college legends, to be the #2 QB for the Packers in 2019. Then Boyle beat out Jordan Love his Rookie season of 2020 to be the backup. Of course, this all meant nothing in the eyes of the NFL as he was behind Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Known as the Human Victory Cigar, Tim Boyle would always take the kneel downs at the end of the Packers game and everyone loved it.

With Jordan Love being the guy the Packers were going to trust in 2021, and beyond. Tim Boyle took a 1 year $2.5 Million deal to be the backup to Jared Goff and the Lions, rocking the #12 to be TB12, grew up in UConn Brady was his favorite. After an impressive preseason, Boyle injured his thumb in the last game which required surgery. As soon as he came back from surgery in November, the winless Lions, yes zero wins, needed a starter for Goff who was beat up. Boyle rushed back faster than the expected recovery time and was thrown into a game against the Browns. Josh Reynolds sold out on Boyle on a deep pass, led to an INT in the 1st half. The Lions did not throw the ball again. Just when it seemed over for Boyle, Jared Goff tested positive for Covid so Boyle got another start. This time against the Falcons he played a great game, scored an early TD, and then the Lions decided not to throw the ball again. They let the Falcons come back and take the lead. Boyle led the Lions down the field and threw an INT on the last play of the game. Devastating. Goff could not be cleared for Covid the next game, and the Lions let Boyle loose as he had maybe the nicest throw in the NFL over the last decade against the Seahawks (Video Clip above) to go with 250+ Yards and 2 TDs. Also want to mention all three starts came on the road.

In 2022, Tim Boyle signed another 1-year deal with the Lions. He had a good preseason until the last game against the Steelers starting Defense in Pittsburgh. The Lions hyped up David Blough way more on Hard Knocks because his wife was a track athlete in the Olympics. Blough looked nowhere as good as Boyle, still Boyle was cut and then re-signed as a practice squad QB. Blough was cut as well. Late in the season when Trevor Siemian went down for the Bears, the Bears brought in Boyle from the Lions practice squad (No coincidence that Siemian and Boyle paths matchup again with Trevor coming to NY). If it was not for Trevor Siemian getting injured, Tim Boyle would not have played a snap in 2022 and maybe not even in the NFL in 2023. After three weeks on the practice squad, Boyle played in the season finale. Led the Bears on a nice TD Drive and was taken out of the game.  Threw some bad INTs but he never practiced with those players until the last week of the season/split 1st team reps with Peterman, and they were clearly on different pages.

Have to also mention there were a lot of INTs in his brief appearances. While not all of them were his fault at all, a few have bounced in the WRs hands or chest and was picked off. However in his position where he gets the smallest window of opportunity, there was a lot of pressure and while he did not thrive, there was also a lot to like. He is a commander out there has a gun and can move the chains down the field faster than most starting QBs in the NFL today. He is much more mature now and ready for his moment, those mistakes are done you can tell watching him this preseason. In life you have to experience the bad to receive the good, it is all uphill from here.

In 2023, Aaron Rodgers tells the Jets to sign Tim Boyle. These two created a great connection in Green Bay, when you look at the back of a sports card you expect to see stats, and maybe a fun fact about a historic game. For Boyle it reads on the back of his rookie card.

*Yes the college stats are terrible, but like we all know by now his College situation was terrible. The fact that he rised from the ashes despite the circumstances he had to deal with to now hours away from getting his main moment in life is a priceless story.

Boyle has a great preseason in 2023, 2 TDs alone in the 4th Quarter against the Giants on two drives, and 2 TDs against the Panthers in the second half. Any die-hard Jets fan who watched every minute of the preseason Football would tell you Boyle looked better. Way better than Zach Wilson who had one deep throw on opening night, and one long run that was a highlight reel. Besides that Wilson looks exactly the same during this season as he did in the preseason. Yet here we are, the Jets not knowing who their QB should be when he is right in front of them. The Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, Aaron Rodgers guy, also worked with Tim Boyle all those great years in Green Bay. Boyle knows his system. Boyle was part of the NFC Championship 2020 Green Bay Packers, and witnessed Aaron Rodgers MVP season! He has his main supporter at every game standing on the sideline cheering him on. Boyle is confident and ready to roll, and soon just like when the Patriots called Tom Brady’s number to replace Bledsoe, and Brady led the Patriots to a Super Bowl. Tim Boyle will do the same for the Jets.

This is the next Tom Brady story. Tim Boyle is going to be a household name and a player that you will roster on your fantasy teams in the future. The disrespect that the entire world trying to figure out who the Jets QB should be from Carson Wentz to Matt Ryan to Colin Kaepernick to Trevor Siemian. The answer is right in front of them, Tim Boyle.

How Much Do I Believe in Boyle?

I have been buying his Rookie Cards on EBay since they became available

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