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The Chip Kelly offense has always been an entertaining topic to talk about, which usually ends with “That system does not work in the NFL.” We saw Mark Sanchez run it like a pro. We have seen Sam Bradford and Nick Foles run it to the ground.

Regardless of what we have seen or not seen over the weird Eagles days.

We now see a QB who used to be a mockery in the league, now into a semi attractive Fantasy Option. Blaine Gabbert is not a great QB. He can make some throws yes, but he can also be more inconsistent than you would want him to be. What he can do..he can run. Not very quick, but Blaine Gabbert has attempted 29 attempts in 4 games. Cam Newton, 29 Rushing attempts this season.

So what am I getting at with all of this?

The 49ers offense actually looks decent for the talent they have.

Gregg Popovich runs the Spurs system to a T. Mike Shanahan produced 1,000+ Rushing Yard RBs to a T. And Chip does not belong in this conversation. He belongs in a conversation with Mike D’Antoni who runs runs and runs. Not saying Gabbert is a good Fantasy QB, but you know what you are getting with him as far as a QB who can run the ball. Now if Kaepernick was playing, things would be exciting. But he will not.

The Cardinals are coming off of a very disappointing loss to the Rams. The team is 1-3 and losing games they really should be winning. Going up against the 49ers seems automatic, however with Carson Palmer not playing on Thursday Night the Cardinals are going to rely on Drew Stanton, who is not very accurate. The guy can throw a deep ball, but what is a deep ball going to do on a semi-windy night in San Francisco. On the eave of a Huge GIANTS win against the Mets, a Golden State Warrior blowout against the Clippers, and now the Triple Crown. A Thursday Night Football Win against the Cardinals is within reach.

Arizona will have to plug David Johnson 30+ Times against the 49ers Front 7 who just lost Navorro Bowman. You would think that sounds easy, but you know the team is going to rally and bring out another level of Loading the Box to do their best, on national TV. Which means Drew Stanton has to throw the ball, which is good for Larry Fitzgerald, bad for John Brown. Stanton and Brown is going to be all or nothing on one deep ball. If I was a betting man, I would bet against it just because Stanton is really not that good, and John Brown is pretty small. Brown can outrun the secondary, but he cannot go up and get it.

49ers Defense is going to have a nice game. Setting up Blaine Gabbert to do his HB/option read with Carlos Hyde. If it is not there he will toss it to Celek or maybe catch everyone sleeping and hit Torrey Smith deep. Both Smith and Kerley are the Top Dogs for the 49ers but whoever Patrick Peterson is guarding, that player will not receive any targets. Blaine and Hyde are going to control the clock. Drew Stanton reveals the worst fears of this Cardinals offense and turns into an INT Machine.

With that being said. I would never throw money on Blaine Gabbert in my life, and neither should you. Just watch this game out of pure entertainment, or not since there are only a few key Fantasy Players in this matchup. Or take the under 42.5.


49ers 17

Cardinals 13


2016: 4-0
2015: 13-3


David Johnson (100+ Total Yards/TD)

Carlos Hyde (100+ Total Yards/TD)

Larry Fitzgerald (8 Catches/70+Yards/TD)

Deone Bucannon (10+ Tackles)

Calais Campbell (1 Sack)

Chandler Jones (1 Sack)

Eric Reid (1 INT)

Ahmad Brooks (7 Tackles/1 Sack)

49ers Defense (3 Sacks/2 INT)

Cardinals Defense (4 Sacks/1 INT)


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