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If you have noticed, the BEAST DOME NATION is SWIFTIES this year. Nearly all of us have D’Andre Swift, and if they did not, they did not follow the draft guide to the T. In most leagues, Swift fell to Round 5/6/7. BEAST DOME ranked Swift #10 in the Preseason Rankings.

The ERAS Tour is the name of Taylor Swift’s big summer tour. The Eras is the different Eras of Taylor Swift, so we are doing the different Eras of BEAST DOME. The secret is out, D’Andre Swift was one of the main secret weapons the Draft Guide was holding, BEAST DOME Nation is Swifties get used to it. Everyone now knows what he can do after 175 Rushing Yards and 1 TD, Hurts vulturing two of them.


As well as Week 2 (FANTASYPROS)

Enough about Swift. this weekend we honor a BEAST DOME LEGEND who sadly just passed away. Mike Williams. You might remember hearing about Mike Williams and Josh Freeman in this BEAST DOME TESTIMONIAL.

Hearing that testimonial reminded me of those great days, so let us relive them together as we put to rest one of the first of many sleeper BEASTS.



Fantasy Football Strategy Special:

TDs A Make Them Dance

By Muntradamus


I want you all to win your fantasy football leagues, so I’m going to share a little strategy I just maneuvered in my league.  My team was hurt by the Cedric Benson Tragedy of Week 5.  I have developed a strategy where I can quickly replace my star RB, and not give up an ounce of the core to my team.

Call it the…

“TDs A Make Them Dance”

On a lot of waiver wires there lays Mike Williams, and Josh Freeman.  Mike is coming off of a game where he had over 115 Yards on 4 Receptions and 8 Targets. Josh Freeman is coming off his strongest game this season, and the running game is starting to fall apart. This week they are coming off a bye, which means they should be sharper than ever with two full weeks of practice.  Then the fun begins.

Week 6: VS. KC  – Brandon Flowers will shut down Vincent Jackson, or at least limit him which should create a big game for Mike Williams.

Week 7: VS. NO – Just ask Robert Meachem or James Jones what it’s like to be a #2 WR playing against the Saints.

Week 8: @ MIN – Best run defense in the NFL.  Mike Williams should be busy.

Week 9: @ OAK – Worst pass defense in the NFL by a long shot.

Those next four games are going to escalate Mike Williams and Josh Freeman’s value quickly.  Which will allow you to turn your RB problem around sooner than you think.  Add these two guys on your team.  Watch their value increase each week, and owners will be giving you Alfred Morris/DeMarco Murray type value to get them as a combo.  

Especially as we get deeper into Bye week season and teams need a QB to fix their Phillip Rivers/RGIII/Joe Flacco problems.  Because in reality, this is all it takes for 10 quick Points.

…..Then two weeks later I wrote part two


Fantasy Football Strategy Special:

TDs A Make Them Dance (II)

By Muntradamus


Before Week 6 I gave everyone Fantasy Football Gold with the TDs A Make Them Dance Strategy to help them land a RB if they need one in the future.

TDs A Make Them Dance (I)

The numbers for both Freeman and Mike Williams who were on a majority of waiver wires has been astounding   Not only do the Bucs have the #1 Offense in the NFL since the article has come out.  But they have the #1 Fantasy Football Offense with all-around balance over that span.

Week 6: VS. KC  – Josh Freeman nearly 300 Yards and 3 TDs. Mike Williams 100+ Yards/1 TD.

Week 7: VS. NO – Josh Freeman 420 Yards/3 TDs. Could have been 4 but Mike was out of bounds on the last play.

Week 8: @ MIN – Josh Freeman.  Another 3 TDs. Mike Williams 69 Yards 1 TD.

Week 9: @ OAK – Josh Freeman nearly 250 Yards and 2 TDs.  Mike Williams had one of them.

If you want to trade the duo you can.
But the Bucs have the best playoff schedule in Fantasy Football.  

Week 14: VS. PHI – Eagles Pass Defense is not the same from the past.  Nandi is not even close to the same corner from the Oakland days.

Week 15: @ NO – Already had a big game against the Saints in Week 7.

Week 16: VS. STL – Rams are having trouble defending teams with more than 1 WR.  Mike Williams + Vincent Jackson posses that problem for the Rams.

Week 17: @ ATL – Bucs will have to put up TDs to keep pace with the Falcons in this one.


Option 1

Trade Mike Williams and Josh Freeman for a useful RB.  Ryan Mathews could possibly be on the table.  Convince the other owner that the Bucs have the best playoff schedule.  Because they do.  If you have Freeman and Williams you have a good shot of winning every week.

Option 2

Keep the pair as insurance for your starting QB and backup WR.  Nothing worst than trading these two away only to see your starting QB and WR go down while chasing the waiver wire.

Option 3

Trade your current starting QB.  I have Drew Brees, if I can exchange Brees for Arian Foster.  I would make the move.  If I have to give up Brees and Marques Colston.  For Arian Foster and another solid RB such as Ahmad Bradshaw.  I would do it.  As long as that means Mike Williams and Josh Freeman will now be active, and my weak injured RB staff now has some leverage.


The best option IMO.  Option 2.  You do not want to face Freeman/Williams in the Playoffs.  So why not keep them as the best insurance package just in case you make it.  If your team is desperate for the RB help though, try option 3.  Because a lot of owners in many leagues are still down on the combo.  For no reason at all.  Which means you have to give up your star to acquire a star.  But make sure you are really getting a Star!

Never wrote a Part Three. I just had to look back at what the Bucs did in the Fantasy Football Playoffs.

Week 16:

Josh Freeman 372 Yards/Mike Williams 132 Yards. They connected for a TD

Thank you for the memories Mike Williams.

Much Love and R.I.P. no doubt your Week 16 132 Yards and 1 TD made somebody dance and brought joy into their life.

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