Fantasy Football Strategy Special: TDs A Make Them Dance

Fantasy Football Strategy Special:

TDs A Make Them Dance

By Muntradamus


I want you all to win your fantasy football leagues, so I’m going to share a little strategy I just maneuvered in my league.  My team was hurt by the Cedric Benson Tragedy of Week 5.  I have developed a strategy where I can quickly replace my star RB, and not give up an ounce of the core to my team.

Call it the…

“TDs A Make Them Dance”

On a lot of waiver wires there lays Mike Williams, and Josh FreemanMike is coming off of a game where he had over 115 Yards on 4 Receptions and 8 Targets. Josh Freeman is coming off his strongest game this season, and the running game is starting to fall apart. This week they are coming off a bye, which means they should be sharper than ever with two full weeks of practice.  Then the fun begins.

Week 6: VS. KC  – Brandon Flowers will shut down Vincent Jackson, or at least limit him which should create a big game for Mike Williams.

Week 7: VS. NOJust ask Robert Meachem or James Jones what it’s like to be a #2 WR playing against the Saints.

Week 8: @ MINBest run defense in the NFL.  Mike Williams should be busy.

Week 9: @ OAKWorst pass defense in the NFL by a long shot.

Those next four games are going to escalate Mike Williams and Josh Freeman’s value quickly.  Which will allow you to turn your RB problem around sooner than you thinkAdd these two guys on your team.  Watch their value increase each week, and owners will be giving you Alfred Morris/DeMarco Murray type value to get them as a combo.  

Especially as we get deeper into Bye week season and teams need a QB to fix their Phillip Rivers/RGIII/Joe Flacco problems.  Because in reality, this is all it takes for 10 quick Points.

Good luck to you all Sunday.  I will be LIVE on the chat Sunday at 11:00am EST.

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  1. Munt,

    Would you drop Garçon and D. Henderson to pick up Williams and Freeman. 10 team league, standard points. Current Roster:
    R. White
    S. Smith

  2. Say I make this move. What if later in the season nobody wants to trade for the combo? Is this something that could last the whole season?

  3. i don’t remember seeing this article up 3 days ago. is this the kind of site where you write articles after the fact and adjust the date to make it seem like you “predicted” it? i call BS.

  4. Ok, Would you pull the trigger on a trade of

    Thinking of offering
    McGahee/Green Ellis/Williams

    Worth it?

    Freemans on the waiver

    I have

  5. Hi Munt,

    I have Flacco and Romo as my QBs. Freeman is available via waivers but I’d have to trade for Williams. Is it worth dropping one of my QBs to attempt this strategy? If so which one?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. It’s a strong duo. Their value will be at it’s highest now and the next four weeks.

    There are games where they could let you down, but for now you can roll with them if you need them in your lineup.

  7. I will take this comment as a compliment.

    Although I can alter the date of the post, I cannot alter the date of the comments.

    I was hyping up Mike Williams all week in the BEASTS article, and my analysis was not even spot on as Vincent Jackson still got his numbers.

    “Week 6: VS. KC – Brandon Flowers will shut down Vincent Jackson, or at least limit him which should create a big game for Mike Williams.”

    Trust me, I do not change/alter any of my articles. If I am wrong about a pick, I own up to it. Out of all the FantasyPros experts, I am one of the few who will not change my Thursday picks after getting them wrong in the rankings.

    Also everyone who has posted on this comment before you can back up that this post has been here all along.

  8. Anonymous poster is a troll. This article was up last Wednesday Oct. 10. I remember thinking I already have and start freeman in a 3 Qb league.

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