(WEEK 1 – WEEK 2)


By Muntradamus



It is not how you start, it is how you finish.  Key words to remember moving forward in what will be a very long (too short) of a Fantasy Football Season.  It is all about the journey.

Rough Week 1 for the entire BEAST DOME NATION as RGIII was running for his life and throwing off of his back foot more than we would hope for.  We saw RGIII start every possesion inside his own 20.  We saw RGIII throw with accuracy completeing 27/35 passes (converting a lot of key 3rd Downs).  We saw RGIII go up against a Texans Defense that is as good as advertised.

Am I worried about RGIII.  Absolutley not.  Am I worried about the QB/K Combo with Kai Forbath.  Absolutley not.  The Texans Defense is for Real, they are going to make a lot of QBs look like garbage this season.  It is tough to drive the ball 80+ Yards, Shane Lechler is a future Hall-Of-Fame Punter as he really pins teams deep in their own territory.

TEAM BEAST DOME started out the season






Just when I thought things were at their low.  I woke up Monday morning only to find out I lost Ray Rice for the season.




I decided to put in a bid for Josh Gordon (22.1% of Budget).  I decided to put in a minor bid for Justin Forsett not really upset if I did not pick him up.  I did not want to break up this team, too much talent.  Not enough talent really on the wire to begin with.  I waited.  I waited.  Finally the Waiver Wire Deadline hit Wednesday night.


Just like that.  I learned I missed out on Josh Gordon.  It is okay, I still have faith in my WR core.  Now I head into Week 2 with the same team I have in Week 1.  I have my BEAST RBs in Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch who I am loving more than ever.  I have my BEAST Andre Johnson, and I have the great TE Sleeper pick with Martellus Bennett.  I just need RGIII to play like RGIII, which I am expecting against a Jacksonville pass rush which will give RGIII his time to make big things happen.

TEAM BEAST DOME rolls Strong.  All the confidence in the world with my squad heading into Week 2 with a Base that nobody can touch.


Tune in next week to see what players I went with, as well as the results.



  1. Hey Munt,
    I want to keep believing in RGIII but do you think I should play Matt Ryan over him in Week 2?


  2. Thanks to you being high on Steve Smith and low on Cam and Cordarelle, I’ll pulled the following BEAST Trade Rape:

    Gronk, Patterson, Cam (dude its totally a Pats homer, and apparently risk averse)

    Manning and Steve Smith Sr.

    my roster is now:
    Manning, Foster, Lynch, Smith Sr., D-Jax, A. Morris (flex), and Rudolph at TE with a bench of Hyde, CJ2K, DeHopkins, C. Palmer, and Boykin.

    Should be a good year! thanks Munt!

  3. No, RG3 has hurdled one of two difficult match-ups this year. He has jacksonville at home while matt ryan is one the road against the bengals defense. Confidently start RG3.

  4. Gave up: joique bell & kyle rudolph
    Got: Hyde & T-rich

    roster = Lynch, Montee ball, Roddy White, Michael Floyd, T-rich, Hyde, RGIII, Britt, Rueban Randle, Ertz, Andre Williams, Wheaton, McCown, rich rodgers,

  5. Wasn’t able to pull off trades for Marshawn and Dougie, but was able to pull off Steve Smith Sr. for Trent Richardson since I still needed RB help. Crossing my fingers for a T-Quizz bounce back despite everyone saying he’s fading when he had to go against the Broncos D Week 1 and the Colts all but abandonded the run.

    Team now:

    QB: Rodgers/RG3
    RB: Foster/S-Jax/T-Quizz/Hill/Hyde
    WR: Johnson/White/Maclin/Evans/Boykin
    TE: Gates
    K: Crosby
    DEF: Texans

  6. My main league, started with:
    RG3, Cutler
    Foster, Ball, LeVeon, SJax, Hyde
    Harvin, Maclin, Nicks, Hopkins, Austin
    Witten, Reed

    The Restructuring Began:
    Preseason Trade 1 – Give Nicks, Get Smith Sr. (BEAST)
    Preseason Trade 2 – Give LeVeon/Witten, Get Rice/Andre (BEAST until Rice news)
    NFLPA News – Dropped The Unicorn for Gordon minutes before TNF game (BEAST)
    Reed hurt, Picked up Gresham
    Boykins dropped in waivers, schemed 2 for 1 trade to make room for Boykin
    Week 2 Trade – Give Harvin/Hopkins, Get Brandon Marshall (BEAST)
    Picked up Boykin

    Revamped Team:
    RG3, Cutler
    Foster, Ball, SJax, Hyde
    Marshall, Andre, Maclin, Smith Sr., Boykin, Gordon
    Reed, Gresham

    Still bummed about Rice, but WRs underwent complete turnaround from BUST to BEAST

  7. Send Ben Tate and Pierre Thomas
    Receive Steven Jackson, and Mike Evans

    10 man, normal league.

    My team is Jay Cutler, Jimmy Graham, Carlos Hyde, DeMarco Murray,Antonio Brown, Jeremy Maclin, Buccaneers D/ST, Robbie Gould, Robert Griffin, Ben Tate, Bishop Sankey, Terrance Williams, Jarrett Boykin, Pierre Thomas, Kai Forbath

  8. 14 team: Rg3, Foster, Bush, Andre Johnson, G.Tate, S Smith sr, Gresham, Sjax as flex, Houston def, freese (sink his battleship)

    Bench: Hyde, Forsett (had rice), james jones, nicks, flacco, J. Reed

    would like on who to buy low… thx. Hope sjax still beasts…

  9. RGIII, Cutler
    Foster, Montee, S-Jax, Hyde
    Marshall, Andre, Maclin, Smith Sr., Boykin, Gordon
    Reed, Gresham
    Patriots DST

    Munt, Should I try trading a WR for an RB or stay put? Or package S-Jax and WR for RB upgrade?


  10. Thanks for all the advice Munt. 12 man 1 pt PPR started 5th pick yahoo Forte, Ball, Foster, Vereen, RG3. Not so great after that, Torrey instead of Romo, Foles, then took Hilton instead of Maclin or Decker then in the 8th my biggest mistake forgot to take Hyde where I practiced taking him, took Olsen instead and lost Hyde 2 picks later, missed Boykin took Hopkins a few picks earlier in the 12th, reached for Denver in the 11th (mistake).
    Starters RG2, Forte, Ball, Foster is my Flex (LOL), Kendall, Hilton, Olsen, Forbath, Denver
    Bench Vereen, Jeremy Hill, McFadden, Torrey Smith, Hopkins, Gordon.
    Weak at WR but beast the rest of my team. Gordon in the playoffs will help. Trying to trade McFadden for Matt Ryan. Maybe Vereen for a stud WR.

  11. Beast need your help,
    league 1
    Cutler or RG3 – I like RG3 with Jacksonville better.

    League 2
    J.Locker or RG3.. feel like should start Locker on this one.

    Also, should i drop Green for Asiata?
    I have Ball, foster, t.pain, and bradshaw. I cant drop any one else. Alternative is bradshaw . But his my t.pain back up.

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