The RGIII Strikes Back (WEEK 16)


By Muntradamus



This is the last week for TEAM BEAST DOME. The story book season of RGIII leading my team, and all BEAST DOME teams to an early 0-2 record. Ryan Fitzmagic was the savior to battle from 0-2 all the way back to 8-5. Joe Flacco was in the mix, Josh McCown got a game in there, and now it all comes back to where we started.




RGIII. How perfect is the situation for him to comeback and lead all of your fantasy teams to a Championship in the end. He has arguably the best matchup a QB can ask for, and is home on National Television for Saturday Night Football. All of his weapons are 100% healthy ready to rock, and this is the last opportunity for him to show what he can do.

Not only is this an audition game for RGIII, but this much larger than that. This is his audition game to be the QB for the Eagles in the Chip Kelly system in 2015. IF RGIII explodes on Saturday, you can guarantee that the Eagles will grab RGIII and re-birth his career.

What makes RGIII such a dynamic fanasy QB is how quickly he racks up points. 20 yard throw here, 8 yard rush here, 15 yard throw there. RGIII gets quick fantasy points, and this is his first opportunity to be the QB since his disaster performance on the road against San Francisco. This is arguably his easiest matchup as well in what should be a high scoring game.

With the matchup being right, let your story book season end the way it was supposed to. RGIII being your QB and leading your team to a Championship, the reason you come to BEAST DOME in the first place.



A lot of people are swaying away from starting Andre Johnson. Unless you have good WRs who have been BEASTING all season long, great go with that option. But if you are trying to get fancy and avoid using Andre Johnson because he is going against the fierce Ravens D with Case Keenum at QB. You first have to look at how Andre Johnson did with Case last season.


There is enough upside in those breakout performance and consistent 10+ targets where you have to take the chance and roll with Andre. Ravens Secondary is not the greatest, Case loves Andre Johnson. I am going with Andre Johnson. Plus it won’t bother me when Arian does not get the carry, hopefully Keenum connects with my guy.




100 Points behind 1st Place. Never say never, but it is going to take a RGIII historic game.



  1. Although I am not in any Finals, I am starting Rg3 and am also going to see what could have been this year… This might be too early to ask but IF the Eagles do snag RG3, would you still think he is too big of a risk to grab? If there is a lesson learned that I think we can all take from fantasy football Team Beastdome, it is to not use injuries as the first priority of drafting a player. I learned that even from you Munt. Look at what happened with Gronk this year. None of us wanted to touch him with a 10 foot pole, but now is absolutely killing it this year. Same with Demarco Murray hell even Sjax.. So shouldn’t we feel the same way about RG3 next season, or is he in the Run Dmc category of injury prone?


  2. Was getting reading to sit Eli and roll with Alex Smith when I checked Team Beast Dome site. RG3 will win you your championship LOL. He didn’t play bad, just bad luck the RB’s got all the touchdowns. The only guy I drafted that you recommended that didn’t pan out. You are still the best source of advice. The QB/K strategy is gold. Thought about sinking his battleship with Novak but Rivers scored all TD’s until OT. Rolled with Kai Forbath and if it weren’t for RG3 taking that sack in the first half the combo would have been okay. Still have Foster, Forte, Gordon, Olsen, Hill, Panthers and a mystery WR to go. (Hilton and Hopkins hurt) I just have to decide between Jarvis Landry and Harry Douglas in a 1 pt PPR. Rolling with Jeremy Hill over Joseph Randle in my flex. Good Luck to all who are in your championships this week and thanks for another great year Munt.

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