(WEEK 3-4)


By Muntradamus



It’s been a rough season for a lot of the BEAST DOME NATION.



Week 1

No expert Ranked Ray Rice higher than me this preseason, then TMZ ruined everything. The situation would have been beautiful in Baltimore as Bernard Pierce cannot stay Healthy. OUT FOR THE SEASON.

Week 2

No expert Ranked RGIII higher than me this preseason, injured in 1st Quarter ruining all BEAST DOME users. OUT FOR A MONTH+.

Week 3

Arian Foster hamstring injury came back to life. Left a lot of Fantasy Teams bone dry hours before kickoff. Not to mention another early QB injury to Josh McCown. I guess that is mentioning it.

Now we head into Week 4

Teams can be 0-3 looking strong as ever. All that matters is you make the playoffs.

Do not panic and get trade raped.

If you want to see original VIP Teams follow link below and read the comments.


Week 3 proved to be magical as I somehow was able to overcome Josh McCown and his .9 Points, as well as Arian Foster and his late scratch.

TEAMBD5While many can argue the MVP goes goes to Martellus Bennett who scored a huge 22+ Points when I needed 16 from him on Monday Night to win. The real MVP award goes to Shonn Greene who was a final second sub-in for Arian Foster. With Greene and the Titans down 33-0 in the 4th Quarter, Shonn Greene scored the most worthless 1 Yard TD run in the 33-7 Tiants Loss, which proved to be the difference in my first win of the season.

For all of those still waiting for Win #1. The feeling is truly amazing. Imagine taking Britney Spears out on a date when she was in her Prime and she decided to come in for Coffee at the end.

Fantasy Football

That’s what it feels like to win game #1. Which reminds me

Time to hit the Waiver Wire and add Garrett Graham.


Someone went way over their budget to get Lorenzo Taliaferro. A player that will likely become laughable and known as Mr.T especially when the Ravens turn into a 3 Headed Monster with Pierce and Forsett in the picture. Roy Helu Jr. was a nice add, but my team is good enough where I just want an extra option at TE in case something were to happen to Martellus. See you later Josh McCown thanks for the Bust in Week 3.


I am holding onto Ray Rice until I see what happens with the Adrian Peterson situation. If AP is allowed to play, would it be crazy to think the Ravens re-sign Ray Rice? Ya it is a little crazy, but then again it is not even Week 4 yet and I cannot afford to let someone else add Ray Rice and play him against me. Call me paranoid. He is still next man up to be cut if I need him to be.

Now we move onto Week 4. Team BEAST DOME got a nice break in the Fantasy Schedule as I face Peyton Manning’s Team during his Bye. He also owns Julius Thomas.



A lot of people will critcize my selection of Ryan Fitzpatrick over Kirk Cousins after 1 Week into the competition. Are people still feeling that way after Thursday Night?

How about in Week 5 when Fitzpatrick is @Dallas while Kirk Cousins has to face the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football.

We will hear about RGIII and his return date all week as the Redskins cannot wait for RGIII to somehow save this season for Washington. Kirk Cousins was a wreck looking like Eli Manning circa 2013. The offensive system should help Kirk from time-to-time, but in general this is RGIII’s job when he returns. Make sure RGIII is not a Free Agent, and roll with Fitzpatrick for the time being.

The best part about having Ryan Fitzpatrick and Arian Foster on my team is, I would not feel like it is the end of the world if Arian Foster had to miss Sunday’s game. If Arian does not play, I can expect Aaron Rodgers, sorry I meant Ryan Fitzpatrick who has nearly the same amount of Fantasy Points as Aaron Rodgers/Drew Brees/Matt Stafford to continue his momentum from last week. Going up against his old Buffalo Bills this week, I am looking forward to seeing what he can do.

TEAM BEAST DOME is 1-2, but the season is still looking strong and I am as optimistic as ever, especially after seeing the Kirk Cousins disaster that easily will put him on every waiver wire after this week.



My advice to you if you are 1-2 or 0-3 and your team still looks strong but not having a QB put up statistics for three straight weeks keeping you down. Time to sit back, relax, and Sing.




    1. My FantasyPros Rankings are not updated on FantasyPros until 3 minutes before Sunday Kickoff. The Rankings you see now are Official Thursday Night players mixed with ECR.

      Bad week for all Redskins, did not expect Cousins to forget how to play football.

  1. It’s a little crazy to think that Ray Rice might play again at all this season. It’s completely bananas to think that the Ravens will be the team to re-sign him. They bought back his jerseys and took his name and image out of all stadium decor and promotional material. If the league lets him play at all again this season, it’ll be for a team that’s desperate enough for a talented RB to brave the PR firestorm that signing him will entail (and probably no playoff aspirations). JAX? OAK? TB?

    1. I will take any of the above. Like I said, he is next to go on my team, I will continue to holdout hope as we have never seen this type of legal activity in a Fantasy Football Season.

  2. Munt-Am I rolling with Flacco or Bortles this week? I could also pick up Teddy. Not any other options out there worth mentioning. Fitz was just dropped but can’t pick him up till next week. Thanks

  3. RECORD (0-3)
    PPR is screwing me over

    QB: Cousins, Flacco

    RB: Foster, Ball (S

    WR: Roddy, Steve Smith, Mike Evans

    TE: Gronkowski

    K: Bryant

    D: Falcons (rotating)

    BEN RB: TRich, Rainey, Moreno

    BEN WR: Brian Quick

  4. RECORD (3-0)

    QB: RGIII/Matty Ice

    RB: Foster/Ball/SJAX/TQUIZZ/Hyde

    WR: Roddy/SmiffSr/Larry Fitz/Mike Evans/JGordon

    TE: Niles Paul (for now)

    K: Phil Dawson

    D: Pats D

  5. Beast Reunion Show (lineup as of week 4)

    1st League, 10-man, 0.5PPR, 2-QB (drafted 1 week before regular season)
    RECORD (1-2)

    QB: Brees + Cutler

    RB: Richardson, Thomas

    WR: Cobb, Djax

    RB/WR: Andre Johnson

    TE: Kelce

    K: Cody Parkey

    D: Bills or Texans D/ST [pending matchup]

    BEN: Ball, Hyde, Bengals D, Crowell
    (max bench is 4)

    2nd League, 10-man, 0.5PPR, 2-QB (drafted before preseason)
    RECORD (1-2)

    QB: Rodgers + Cutler

    RB: Morris, Bell, Robinson

    WR: Edelman, SSS

    RB/WR: White

    TE: none

    K: Parkey

    D: Bills or Texans or Colts D [pending matchup]

    BEN: Marshall, Ball, Hyde, Cameron, Bengals D/ST, Sjax
    (max bench is 4)

  6. RECORD (0-3)

    QB: Kaepernick
    RB: McCoy, Foster (if playing)
    WR: A. Brown, Garcon, Roddy White
    TE: Kelce
    K: Bailey
    D: Patriots

    QB: Romo
    RB: D. Martin, Vereen, Rainey, Ingram
    WR: D. Hopkins
    TE: Donnell (sooo many bench points)

  7. Record (0-3)
    QB: Cutler
    RB: Foster,Ball
    WR: Cobb, Welker
    TE: Witten
    FLEX: Le’veon
    K: Gould
    DST: Texans
    Bench:Brown, Asiata, Hyde, Djax, Senior, Gordon

  8. Record (0-3)
    QB: RGIII/Fitzpatrick
    RB: Foster/Martin/SJax/TRich/Greene/BTate/McKinnon
    WR: Andre Johnson/SSS/Bowe/Britt/JGordon
    TE: JGraham/GGraham
    D: Hou

  9. RECORD (2-1)

    QB: Matty Ice
    RB: Foster/Ball/Asiata/Richardson/S-Jax/Vereen/Hyde/Bell/Moreno
    WR: Julio Jones / Roddy White / Josh Gordon
    TE: Niles Paul
    K: Bryant
    D: Denver

    I think I may have too many RB’s lol

  10. Record (1-2)
    QB: Cousins(WAS)
    RB: Ridley(NE)/Richardson(IND)
    WR: Brown(PIT)/Jones(OAK)
    TE: Daniels(HOU)
    FLX: Martin(TB)
    K: Suisham(PIT)
    D: Lions(DET)
    BEN: Bradshaw(IND)/Rainey(TB)/Davis(KC)/Vereen(NE)/Greene(TEN)/Harvin(SEA)

  11. RECORD (0-3)

    QB: Cutler

    RB: Foster/Bradshaw

    WR: Cobb/Hopkins

    TE: Bennett

    K: Ryan

    D: Stealers

    BEN: Ball/Hyde/Blue/T.Richardson

  12. RECORD (1-3)

    QB: Cutler
    RB: Foster/Ball
    WR: Marshall/Andre
    FLEX: Maclin
    TE: GGraham
    DST: Pats
    K: Gould
    BENCH: RGIII/SJax/Hyde/Vereen/SSS/Gordon/Evans

  13. RECORD (0-3) (most likely 1-3)

    QB: Cutler

    RB: Martin/S Jax/Tate/Peterson/D Brown/K Robinson/Hyde

    WR: A Johnson/Steve Smith/White/Gordon/Bowe

    TE: G Graham/Cameron

    K: Gould

    D: Texans

    IDP: M Williams/P Worrilow/B Church

  14. Record 1-3

    QB: Fitzpatrick
    RB1: Foster
    RB2: Ball
    WR1: Jordy Nelson
    WR2: SSS
    Flex: RB3 S/Jax
    TE1: Witten
    D/ST: NE
    K: Bullock
    Punter: Colquitt KC
    Head Coach: Saints

    QB2 RG3
    RB4 Greene
    RB5 Tate
    RB6 Adrian Peterson
    WR3 Colston
    WR4 Mike Evan (TB)
    TE2: Graham

    1. Teams currently at 95 points with NE D/st and KC’s Punter going tonight. I would beat 8 out of 11 teams this week. Went up against Aaron, Jimmy Graham, Terrance Williams, Gore and Blair Walsh this week….

    2. Teams currently at 95 points with NE D/st and KC’s Punter going tonight. I would have beaten 8 out of 11 teams this week except I went up against Aaron, Jimmy Graham, Terrance Williams, Gore and Blair Walsh this week….

        1. nah…I had colston in place of Ball.

          sometimes when you ambulance chasing it doesn’t look so good, but it will come around. Peterson was a wire pick up waiting on his news. look like he’s done for the season.

    3. busy week…. now have the Seattle QB/K combo

      QB: Russell Wilson
      RB1: Foster
      RB2: Ball
      WR1: Jordy Nelson
      WR2: SSS
      Flex: RB3 Tate
      TE1: Witten
      D/ST: (GB week 5)
      K: Hauschka
      Punter: Colquitt KC
      Head Coach: Saints

      QB2 RG3
      RB4 Greene
      RB5 West
      WR3 Colston
      WR4 O. Beckham Jr. (flyer of the week)
      TE2: Reed
      D/ST: NE

  15. Record: 1-3

    QB: Cutler
    RB: Foster/Hyde/Ball/Trent/Knile Davis
    WR: Cruz, Tate, White, Allen Robinson
    TE: Jordan Cameron, Antonio Gates
    DEF: Denver
    K: Robbie Gould

  16. Record 0-3 (soon to be 0-4)

    QB: Fitz/RG3
    RB: Foster/Montee/S-Jax/T-Quizz/C.Hyde
    WR: Roddy White/Andre Johnson/SSS/Colston/Welker
    TE: A.Gates/Reed/N.Paul
    K: Bullock
    D/ST: Chicago

  17. QB: RG3 / Cutler / Fitzmagic
    RB: Foster / AP / SJAX / TQuizz
    WR: J Nelson / SSS / J Gordon
    TE: Whitten / Garret Graham
    K: Bullock

    Beast it!

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