(WEEK 11)

By Muntradamus


Raise your hand if your season started 0-2 or worst.

Raise your hand if you thought all hope was lost at that moment.

Raise your hand if your team made a comeback and is now in playoff contention.

Raise your hand if you still believe.

If your team is anything like TEAM BEAST DOME, which most of them are. Your team is going through a very nice upswing that has put your team right back on the map. Whether it was the 4 TD game from Marshawn Lynch last Sunday, maybe it was the Mike Evans breakout party the last two weeks. Regardless of your situation, your season is never over until you are eliminated from the playoffs.



Fitzmagic helped rebound my squad from 0-2 to 6-4. Even though he did not play three of those games, his veteran leadership as well as nice breakout 49 yard rushing game in Week 9 has propelled my team to playoff contention, and now RGIII returns. I now stand two games out of the playoffs, my opponent this week is Kadubec (7-3) followed by Trillest (8-2). When I win both of those games, I should be right in the hunt with a big last regular season game on Week 13 for a playoff spot.

Since it is now or never for this team, and my opponent going through a lot of Bye Week Blues. I decided to snatch up the Waiver Wire even if it meant crossing my budget.


I know Montee is going to be the RB soon for Denver, but like I said. It is now or never for my team, and it is important I snatch up all of the weapons off the Waiver Wire so my opponent has to be dry. Because of my moves to grab Miles and Woods as well as overspend for C.J. Anderson. My opponent now stands like this.


With DeMarco Murray on a Bye. The only move left for him is to start Tre Mason at RB, which leaves him on an all or nothing with Andrew Luck and the Colts offense. Going up against my BEAST SQUAD.


Giving the keys to my team back to RGIII. First time since Week 2 which seems so long ago. RGIII and ‘Ride or Kai’ Forbath are the key to my team moving forward. As long as they combine for 30+ Points my team is money.

I have to bench Arian Foster, which allows the C.J. Anderson move to be that much more important. My WR’s this week are a little risky. Mike Evans has been nothing but a PURE BEAST. No expert ranked him higher this preseason outside of myself.



Most interesting thing about my team this week is my benching of a star.



I have to bench Andre Johnson this week against Cleveland. Joe Haden is too good of a DB where the risk is not worth the chew. To make things worst, Ryan Mallett and his first start leaves a lot of uncertainty. The fact Arian Foster is OUT could lead me to be more inclined to start Andre because of the potential, only throw the football mentaility. It is still not worth the risk. I would rather get the safe 6 Receptions and 60 Yards from James Jones than the potential BUST OF THE WEEK performance in Andre Johnson. Joe Haden + Ryan Mallett first start, in a must win game. I will take my chances with James.

My matchup looks good, and as long as my QB/K with some rushing TDs and the occasional WR TD, my team will BEAST another week.

*NOTE. Murray will be subbed out for Tre Mason.*





  1. Griffin is working out well. I’m glad I wasted a 4th round pick on the guy. He is definitely the qb to take my team to the playoffs.

  2. Rg3 got can’t predict that, and you can’t predict whether that Redskins team would abandon Rg3 altogether man…it didn’t work out, but there are plenty of backup qbs you could have picked up throughout the year to keep you going and making it to the playoffs. Stop the whining. I thought the Gruden system would be perfect for RG3, but no on realized till today, that RG3 does not put in the extra work to become a great qb. Munt even said he will not get Rg3 based on his injury history from now on, but even I saw great potential w/ all these weapons. Some calls work out, some don’t, which is why I like Munt’s views because he goes all in on something he believes in. I dont put any blame that Rg3 did not pan out. He has been money on many calls. I am doing well just following his rankings. Mike Evans turned beastly, so did Steve Smith Sr, Jeremy Maclin, Arian Foster…told us to avoid Shady McCoy due to Sproles, Cj Spiller due to 3 way committee. Look at Forsett doing well…that should be RAY RICE. So seriously dude…stop hating.

  3. I am always amazed when people call out one individual ranking or prediction and ignore the rest. You can’t pick and choose and call out one bad call and ignore the rest of the advice, which in this case was largely spot on and made up for the Griffin pick imo.

    You also clearly didn’t read or listen to his advice and just took one specific piece of information and ignored the rest. It was very clear and obvious there was a method and a strategy to follow. The strategy wasnt “draft RG3 at all cost” Munt went out of his way to tell people to pair RG3 with a late round QB who would outplay his ADP like Cutler, Ryan or Brady, because of Griffin’s injury risk. If you actually followed his advice, you would have a great back up (in my case Cutler,who has 5th most Fant Points for a QB in my league).

    If you followed the rest of his draft plan you should also have Foster and/or Lynch (went in 2nd round, is top 3 in Fant Points), Smith and Maclin (late round steals), amount others. You would also have avoided the early round busts also.

    If you followed his weekly free in season advice you would also have both Mike Evans and J Gray at this point.

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