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Where my Swag at? VOL. III

By BrooklynBums



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As much as it pains me to have to write about players on my favorite team, I think whoever I write about begins to turn it around. Last week I wrote about Rickie Weeks and in the past few days his bat has come alive. We will see if that lasts the rest of the season.




Stats as of 6/4: .223 Average. 1 HR. 10 RBI. 14 SB.


This segment will focus on SS Dee Gordon. Last year when Gordon was brought up everyone watched and waited to see what he was going to do. He was one of the Dodgers best minor league players. Gordon finished the year with a BA of .303 with 24 SB in only 54 games. The Dodgers ended up trading Rafael Furcal to make room for Gordon. On a side note, Furcal ended up going to the Cardinals and winning the World Series.  The Dodgers thought they had their SS of the future in Gordon.


This year Dee has not performed up to his potential. He is only hitting .222 with 1 HR and 10 RBI’s. Now Gordon is not known for his power but being at the top of a lineup that features Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier means you should be getting on base in front of them right? Gordon is on pace to steal 42 bases but in the fantasy world you need to have more then SB to stay in the active lineup. The Dodgers have played Gordon in leadoff and in the 8th hole. Until Gordon can get his average up I would recommend finding someone who can help you in at least one more category then SB.





Ubaldo Jimenez

Stats as of 6/4: (5-4 Record) 5.79 ERA. 1.79 WHIP. 33 Ks in 56 INN.


As I have stated before SP can be very funky. They can go from being dominant one game to giving up 10 runs in the first inning the next game. For pitchers, when they are having a rough time they are skipped in the rotation to get work done on their mechanics. This is true for the next pitcher in our segment. Ubaldo Jimenez at one point was in talks as one of the best SP in baseball. In 2010, while pitching for the Colorado Rockies, he posted an outstanding record of 19 -8 with an ERA of 2.88 and 214 K’s. In Colorado that is very hard to do. Ubaldo was on his way up. The next season he was traded to the Cleveland Indians. After the trade his numbers began to suffer. He finished the year with a 10-13 record and an ERA of 4.68 which was almost double the year before. Ubaldo loved pitching in Colorado and his numbers showed it.


This season he has not done much. In his 10 starts on the season he has a record of 5-4, which is in the middle of the pack pitching wise but his ERA has ballooned to a whopping 5.78. I don’t think the Indians were expecting this Ubaldo when they traded for him. If it was up to me and you have him on your fantasy team I would try to trade him while he still has a record over 500. I don’t know if Ubaldo will ever recover and become the dominant pitcher he once was.




  1. Hey Brooklyn, welcome again to the beast dome community and nice article. Unfortunately I have Dee Gordon on a bunch of my teams where nobody trades so I’m stuck with him or have to drop him.

    If you and Muntz could check my team, I would appreciate it!


    My questions are…
    1. Should I get Wieters from FA for Arencibia? This site is a Arencibia fan site lol
    2. Who would you drop to get Allen Craig (if anyone)
    3. I have been streaming SP and its been working well, I would drop Ryan Roberts for a pitching slot but I need him to play 3B while sandoval is hurt. Do you see anyone else I could drop to make room for a streamer?

    Thanks a ton gang!

  2. After seeing i need power and have a lot of speed i got craig for maybin – hope it works out

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