START OF THE WEEK 12: Jonathan Stewart & DeAnglo Williams

START OF THE WEEK 12: Jonathan Stewart & DeAnglo Williams

By: Muntradamus


So far this season DeAnglo Williams and Jonathan Stewart have been nothing but #3 Fantasy RB’s at best.  These are the same running backs that both ran for over 1,000 yards each in 2009, and now are nothing more than role players in the #5 Offense in the NFL.  Between Cam Newton stealing 9 rushing TD’s, and D. Will and J-Stew splitting time like Paris Hilton and Tara Reid with a random guy at a night club.  It’s time to start both of these Running Backs.


Through 10 games D.Will and J-Stew are having terrible seasons to their standards.  J-Stew is only averaging 7.4 fantasy points per game, while the mega millions winner D.Will is averaging a mere 5.6 points per game.

Though things change when the Panthers score 25 points or more.


Chicago- 10 touches 82 yards

New Orleans- 9 touches 115 yards 1 TD

Washington-  10 touches 35 yards

Detroit- 11 touches 105 yards

Averaging 9.5 points in standard leagues

D. Will nearly doubles his fantasy total when the Panthers offense is on.  And is always capable of ripping off that 70 yard run.

J Stewart

Chicago-  12 touches 85 yards.

New Orleans-  7 touches 33 yards

Washington-  14 touches 68 yards 1 TD

Detroit-  14 touches 109 yards

Averaging 8.25 points in standard leagues

While J-Stew put up’s low-end RB2 numbers, J-Stew is usually the one who will get the goal line carries and the receptions.  Don’t be fooled, D.Will is capable of both.

The Colts have given up an average of 30 points per game, and only three times all season have they given up less than 25 points in a game.

Carolina is coming off an impressive performance against Detroit and is going to Indy to play the 31st ranked Run Defense.  Which has been a source of fantasy gold.

Past performances by RBs vs Indy in 2011.

M Jones Drew 137 total yards 1 TD.

Turner 80 total yards 1 TD

Javon Ringer 102 total yards

Ingram/Sproles/Thomas 329 total yards 2 TD

Benson 62 total yards 1 TD

Battle 140 total yards

Blount 141 total yards 1 TD

Hillis 117 total yards 2 TD

Tate/Ward 155 total yards 2 TD

Every single game this season at least 1 running back has gotten over 10 points against the Colts.  And that trend will continue as Cam Newton has been nothing short of spectacular in his rookie season.  The Panthers will move the ball with ease leading up to big running opportunities for both Panther backs.

If an injury were to happen to either J-Stew or D.Will, the other would go from RB#3 value to RB#1 value in a Lindsay Lohan minute.

So get on your computers, check your fantasy lineups, and make sure you’re a) playing a Panther running back, b) the team you’re playing against doesn’t have a Panther running back or c) if somehow you can pickup a Panther running back (does not include Mike Goodson).  Both J-Stew and D-Will should get near 100 total yards with the chance to score.  Solely on the fact that the Colts run D is as easy as marrying a Kardashian.

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