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Lamar Odom/ Shawn Marion

With Dirk Nowitzki shut down until January 29th (Next Sunday) the Mavericks will need a hero to save their season.

Not one player on this Maverick Roster will be enough, with Shawn Marion now getting the opportunity to play consistently 30+ minutes a game.  Plus the addition of Lamar Odom now expected to fill the void that Marion was holding.  Both of these players are must-adds in all leagues for the time being.

The Mavericks were 9-7 when Dirk exited the lineup.  Saturday night in their first game without Nowitzki the Mavericks edged out the Hornets 83-81 on the road.

Shawn Marion: 36 Minutes, 14 Points, 12 Rebounds, 1 Steal.
Lamar Odom:  25 Minutes, 16 Points, 4 Rebounds, 1 3PTM.

Shawn Marion has been playing very well all week, averaging (9.5 Rebounds, 13.75 Points, 1.5 Steals, .5 Blocks) but the most important stat of all was he played more than 33 minutes in each game (4 games).

Lamar Odom on the other hand brings you the potential 3PTM per game, with good assist and rebound numbers.  He can also put up points quickly when his shot is on.

Both players are great Adds for the week, and should not be on any waiver wire at this moment.


  1. Hi Muntradamus,

    I have the chance to acquire Stephen Curry for Jose Calderon and Iman Shumpert. Should I go ahead and take this deal? Like you said, Calderon is declining. Shumpert should be sold high as his production might dip.

    On the other hand, Curry is injury prone, but I feel like his numbers when healthy are just too good to ignore. What do you think?

    I am taking a chance by selling high on Calderon and Shumpert and buying Curry low. Curry is very injury prone, but his stats when hes healthy are just too great to ignore. What do you think? Maybe once I acquire Curry, he would be a great trading piece for a good SF/PF, as I have some decent guards already.

    Here is my team:

    G Kyle Lowry
    G Jose Calderon
    G Ricky Rubio
    G Jason Kidd
    G Iman Shumpert
    G Marshon Brooks

    SF Caron Butler
    SF Al Harrington
    SF Evan Turner
    SF Antawn Jamison

    F Udonis Haslem
    F Blake Griffin
    F Shawn Marion

    C Javale McGee
    C Ryan Anderson
    C Byron Mullens

  2. You can go ahead and make that trade.

    You are giving up a lot in getting rid of Calderon and Shumpert, but both players are not heading towards greener grass. Shumpert deals with B.Diddy coming back, Calderon deals with J. Bay-Bay coming back.

    Steph Curry like you said is too valuable when healthy, and he does have the potential to play like a 1st round guard when his game is on. The ankle has not been mentioned all weekend meaning he is ready to go and only time will tell when he see’s 30+ minutes a game again.

    Good Trade, and check out my new article where I go over every fantasy situation for every team.

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