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You know, I once used to give away all of my information for Free once upon a time. From my Weekly Rankings, to my Waiver Wire pickups. Even Draft Strategy.

But a lot has changed, I no longer do that and I know it is right in my heart to withhold all of this information and only give them to my MVP Clients.


Last Football Season not only did I call MVP Matt Ryan and Breakout WR star Terrelle Pryor, but I also Qualified for 2 Seats in the DraftKings Fantasy Football Championship. Year after Year I can talk about my calls, and Year after Year I produce results that really put me in a level that no Expert can ever compete with.

What I will do for free is this.

Look at other Experts who give away Free Information and completely bash it for being ridiculous.

Now I know it is bad to compare yourself to others, treat everyone as you would treat yourself etc etc. But if I don’t do any of my shameless self promoting, then nobody will. FantasyPros doesn’t even let me write articles for them anymore and rejected my Fantasy Baseball article where I talked about Giancarlo Stanton being this years HR Champion. Not to mention I am the highest Ranked Expert on Aaron Judge +30 ECR (Expert Consensus Ranking).

Enough about Baseball.

Lets Look at the Lord Of The Sheep

John Paulsen from 4for4

John wins FantasyPros awards year after year. Whether it is ranking Jamaal Charles the consensus #1 like the sheep that he is, or ranking Toby Gerhart as a Top 10 RB. The FantasyPros people continue to shower love for the boring John Paulsen.

I am sorry John. You are Boring AF. I dare you to listen to his last podcast I could not make it past 58 Seconds.

One time I listened to him a couple years ago, and I felt the same exact way trying to listen to him now.

The only thing he gives away for free is his QB Strategy.

Okay so first of all.

You say your QB of the year is Andy Dalton, but then you also say you can stream your QB2 if Andy Dalton has a tough matchup.

Great confidence John. Draft your highest scoring player (QBs score more than any position) but make sure you have a good backup to bench him in case the matchup is tough.

Great John just great.

Then he goes onto to talk about Matt Stafford as a guy you can platoon. Hmmm Matt Stafford, you mean the same Matt Stafford who was the poster QB of BEAST DOME back-2-back Years.


But then hey. Let’s be even more of a Sheep and follow the pack of Marcus Mariota as a Top 5 QB. A QB that has never produced Top 5 numbers and an offense that heavily relies upon it’s running game.


Absolute Garbage and Filth. I guarantee you if you follow this strategy above from John Paulsen, the Playoffs are not in sight and your season is just about over.

The Lions Offense is not nearly the offense it was 2 Years Ago when Stafford had Megatron. Stafford is no longer the 400 Yard QB we want him to be, and nobody here wants to see Jim Caldwell go straight to his running game on 1st and 2nd down the second the Lions have any lead.

If you rely on Andy Dalton to be your QB. Another team that is fine running the Football to win games. Be my guest. BEAST DOME NATION will destroy you.





  1. While a I agree that dalton and Stafford are pretty poor picks I do agree that taking qbs late is always a solid strategy. You can stream qbs off the waivers all year if you really want. But only the MVPs know who the right ones are to draft :)

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