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This preseason I offered a lot of Free Content to help you steer clear of driving your team off the side of the Cliff. I mean if you were not going to signup for my FREE Preseason BEAST information, the most I can do for you is tell you where the land mines are.


Back in May, maybe the second or third article I wrote this preseason. I explained that while Mostert was a superstar BEAST to close out last season. However, his brand new 2020 campaign would not go as planned.

PS Do not invest in Jerick McKinnon cards. The only reason I used his card as his image is because I posted a Mostert card as the featured image, in Mostert’s article back on May 14th. I would not pay more than $2 for that McKinnon and that would just be a waste of $2.

While Mostert outshined Tevin Coleman, you still cannot deny the relationship Head Coach Kyle Shanahan has with his former RB from Atlanta. Mostert is still the guy, but Tevin would come in and spell him more frequently than his owners would want.

Instead of writing more about it, here is the piece of the article that will say exactly what I am going to say.

With all the injuries after just two weeks into the season. We are about to see the three headed monster in full force to close out the season. Making Mostert a waste of an early Draft Pick.

While Jerick McKinnon will be a good Waiver Wire add for maybe this Sunday against the Giants, and possibly one more game. Mostert is not expected to be out long, while Tevin Coleman can be back within a month. Once all those guys are back together, none of them will be useable in Fantasy Football.

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