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Out of nowhere, Raheem Mostert became a household name in Fantasy Football. Mostert was busting out long runs for TDs, he was outshining Tevin Coleman, he single handily lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl as the 49ers had no balls to throw the ball during the playoffs. He even scored a TD in the Super Bowl.

The card you see as the main image, that is about a $250 card that is a very risky investment. First of all that card should be graded, would push its value to $600 and possibly be the #1 Mostert on the market, for now. Regardless, would not take the chance after what you are about to read.

I got way into sports cards and memorabilia now run that want investment advice with sports cards, I am your guy. We will be tying in sports cards more and more as we go on this journey.

With the 49ers offense going in the right direction with signings like Trent Williams, and journeyman Compton on the offensive line. Replacing the aging Emmanuel Sanders with the young fresh Brandon Aiyuk. The 49ers offense appears to be explosive.

However Raheem the Dream has more competition that is seen. Tevin Coleman and Kyle Shanahan go way back to their days in Atlanta. While Raheem is better, Tevin Coleman should still get 30% of the snaps on a bad day. The real addition that could hurt Raheem is the return of Jerick McKinnon. Do not forget I was high on the McKinnon bust Bandwagon before things even got started.

Yes Henry was a BUST that year as well. All of them were.

Back to McKinnon. While he is not that good of a RB to begin with, McKinnon is paid a ridiculous amount of money, so the 49ers will find a way to get him involved. Let us say 10% of the snaps goto McKinnon until he can prove that he is worthy of playing, then it goes to 20% Max. Raheem will get his 50-60%. Tevin will get his 30-40%, McKinnon will get his 10-20%. That is the expected breakdown, until there is an injury or a fumble.

The stakes are too high for the RB spot as all three weapons can have a strong day at the position. There is no doubt potential at the position, but the slightest incident would be a big step back for any of these guys making Mostert a risky investment. I will not be promoting him as part of the BEAST DOME Draft Guide.

Raheem’s Super Bowl Run was a Dream, for now at least in SF. Injuries would change that, but heading into the season you cannot count on him to be anything more than a RB3 with RB2 upside.

One last stop on our NFC West Tour. Here are your three clues.

The city where you cannot get any sleep.

You’ve got mail.

Ken Griffey Jr.


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