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When do you think it is appropriate to pick up high quality players who are in the waivers but are injured? For example, I have Manu Ginobili, Brook Lopez, and Zach Randolph sitting in my waivers. I want to pick them up before someone else does. How early should I pick them up?

So here is the answer to your question…

By: Muntradamus

First let us analyze each player.  If you have any questions of what players you should drop for who.  Feel free to ask any questions, and an expert will be there for you.

Player: Manu Ginobili

Return Date: Mid-Late February

Role Before Injury: Easily the best player on the Spurs, he would fill up the stat sheet.

Spurs During the Injury & Moving Forward: Kawhi Leonard has come out of nowhere to become a 10+ Point, 6+ Rebound threat.  While Richard Jefferson did not take advantage of his opportunity, case and point last night (0 Points in 30+ Minutes). Manu Ginobili has been missed and is easily the far more effective player than Leonard.  When Manu returns he will resume his role. 15 Points, 2 3PTM, 1 Steal, 5 Assists, will be a great sign if he returns with a line like this.

When to Pick him up: If you have a solid player, but someone who is inconsistent such as a Richard Jefferson or even a Carl Landy.  I would drop them for Ginobili now.  You want to drop someone who is not a clear cut starter, or someone who has to fight with a lot of other players to stay fantasy relevant.  Manu can give you numbers in one month that completely change your team, so if you can suffer for a month with a role player while Manu sits then you got to make the move NOW.


Player: Brook Lopez

Return Date: Early-Mid February

Role Before Injury: The #2 Scoring option on the Nets behind Deron Williams.

Nets During the Injury & Moving Forward: No center on the Nets can replace Brook Lopez.  But what did happen is Kris Humphries has gained a lot of confidence as a capable PF to continue to rip rebounds away from Lopez when he returns.  MarShon Brooks out of nowhere came onto become the new #2 scoring option.  When Brook Lopez comes back he will resume his spot as the center for the Nets, and they will try to have a capable team now that other guys have stepped up.  15 Points, 7 Rebounds, and 1 Block, would make his fantasy owners happy when he first returns.

When to Pick him up: If you are in any league you should pick up Brook Lopez NOW.  He has the chance to be a solid #1 Fantasy Center who can easily pass Greg Monroe in the rankings.  He is less than a month away from returning and will make a huge IMPACT on any fantasy basketball squad.


Player: Zach Randolph

Return Date: Mid-Late February

Role Before Injury: The beast of the team down low.  20 Point, 10 Rebound games expected on the reg.

Grizzles During the Injury & Moving Forward: Marc Gasol has stepped up his game to a whole new level with Randolph out.  During that 9 game span of no Randolph, Gasol has played less than 40 minutes only once.  He has scored two 20+ games, and has had double digit rebounds every game.  Rudy Gay has found his confidence and is back to being the Fantasy Beast he was before the injury of a season ago.  Mike Conley has stepped up his game as well, and is now heading in the right direction to being a top tier PG in the NBA.  Marreese Spreights has filled in very nicely becoming a solid low post scorer.  When Zach Randolph returns, he will resume his role as the starting PF.  But his touches may not be there as often as you would hope with the emergence of his team around him.  16 Points and 8 Rebounds, will be a good starting block for Randolph to build off of when he comes back.

When to Pick him up: Randolph is an elite talent, who now has some competition for touches.  Though he is one of the best post players in the NBA and can go off any night.  So if you have a player like Tyler Hansbrough on your bench, somebody who is inconsistent and just has pure potential as your worst player.  Then drop him for THE BEAST who will dominate down low.  The Grizzles need him to be elite so they can make it to the next level of winning the Western Conference.  Add him NOW.


Player: Baron Davis

Return Date: Late January- Early February

Role Before Injury: Washed up PG who has one last glimpse of hope playing in the bright lights of NY, with superstars Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire.

Knicks During the Injury & Moving Forward: They started the season rolling with Toney Douglas, who was quickly replaced by Iman Shumpert who is now a fan favorite.  On top of that Mike Bibby, is also on the Knicks bench and his role is already small enough as is.  Then when Baron Davis comes back he has to fight for shot attempts with Carmelo Anthony, and Amare.

When to Pick him up: If you have a weak-link on your team, someone that you would never consider playing.  Then you can make the move now.  Baron Davis does have some potential, but he has a tough road ahead to see consistent minutes, and consistent production.  He could be worth the gamble, but if you have players on your roster who are giving you solid production.  I would wait to drop one of those and see Baron prove himself before joining my fantasy roster.

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  1. What about the value of Marshon Brooks (who I have in my leagues) when B Lopez returns? Will Marshon lose touches? Is it wise to sell Marshon high?

    1. MarShon may lose some touches, but he will still be a vital part of that offense.

      It does not hurt to shop him and see what player you can get in return. Maybe you can land another rookie stud like Kemba Walker.

  2. Will Marc Gasol’s value potentially go down when Zach Randolph returns to action? Also, should I sell Marc Gasol value right now for Kevin Durant or hold off for now? I have LeBron James, Kevin Love, MarShon Brooks, LeMarcus Aldridge, Greg Monroe, Nene, Antawn Jamison, and Samuel Dalembert (as my potential forwards, and centers of right now).

    1. Potentially his fantasy value will go down. But Marc Gasol grabbed double digit rebounds with Zach Randolph in the picture and should always remain solid. If you can get Kevin Durant, who is a top 3 fantasy player, for Marc Gasol. Make the trade this instant. Samuel Dalembert is a great fantasy option to use. You will see his ranking in my upcoming Player Tier Rankings at the end of this month.

  3. Thanks, I will make the trade immediately. Also, are their any elite guards, you think I should try to pick up? At the moment, I only have Ricky Rubio, MarShon Brooks, Evan Turner, and Andre Miller.

    1. All of your guards have a lot of nice upside right now.

      Brooks could lose some touches when Lopez comes back, and Miller will always have to deal with Ty Lawson.

      If you want to package those two guards for a super star guard (Kyle Lowry) that could benefit you in the long run. As waiver wire Guards always come and go for that vacant 4th spot.

  4. My team consists of;
    Marcin Gortat
    Shawn Marion
    Vince Carter
    Nate Robinson
    Stephen Curry
    Jason Smith
    Byron Mullens
    DJ White
    Kevin Garnett
    Kawhi Leonard
    Kobe Bryant
    Anthony Morrow
    Jarrett Jack
    I’m not sure who I should drop for Lopez, I’m thinking either Kawlhi Leonard or Jason Smith, but I’m consistently loosing h2h challenges on rebounds and blocks. Any suggestions?

    1. Definitely drop Leonard.

      He has come back to life and has failed to score 10 Points in his last 3 games. Once Ginobili returns, Leonard will go right back to that bench, if it doesn’t happen sooner for Gary Neal.

      Drop Leonard for Lopez, and your team will be heading in the right direction.

  5. Hey Muntradamus,
    I’m first place in my H-2-H league right now and my team seems pretty consistent except for a few players. I used to have Richard Jefferson but he hasn’t picked up the slack in Manu’s absence so I picked up CJ Watson. He’s doing well but I’m afraid once Rose is back, he’ll drop in production.
    The only two players I see worth picking up in my waiver are James Johnson and Tiago Splitter(Duncan minute problems),
    Should I move Watson for any of them?

    Or is there someone from my team I should package with Watson for a better player?

    Here’s my team.
    Russell Westbrook – PG
    Kevin Martin – SG
    Antawn Jamison – SF
    Pau Gasol – PF/C
    Ryan Anderson – PF/C
    Kris Humphries – PF
    Ricky Rubio – PG
    Gerald Henderson – SG
    Marshon Brooks – SG/SF
    Paul Pierce SF/PF
    Marcin Gortat – C
    CJ Watson – PG/SG

    1. Nick, I was all but ready to make a CJ Watson SLEEPER AD Video.

      And I still may do that, but after seeing Mike James go off for 10 Assists, and knowing that John Lucas is nursing an injury, Watson will see a serious decrease in value once Rose returns.

      I would drop him for James Johnson, as he has turned the corner to make the starting lineup, and will give you Gerald Wallace in his prime type of production with his steals and blocks.

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