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Easily the worst trade in NFL history, there has to be something we don’t know that happened between Percy and the Seahawks. I am personally leaning towards a Jason Richardson/Steve Nash type of scandal, but not exactly that. Regardless, the Jets grabbed Percy Harvin for nothing, and the Seahawks just made themselves a team that will barely get into the playoffs with a quick exit, if they even make it.

The fantasy player that will get crushed the most by this news is Russell Wilson. With no true #1 WR, the Seahawks officially have the worst passing offense in the NFL. Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kerase, Ricardo Lockette are all players who would barely see the field on any other NFL team. Even the St.Louis Rams would probably never use Doug Baldwin as anything more than the #4 WR. Still, Austin Pettis is better.

If you own Russell Wilson, time to trade him away for anything you can get. Unless Wilson plans on rushing the ball for 80 Yards each week, he will not be close to the QB1 range. In fact, my boy Fitzmagic will probably outscore Russell Wilson from Week 7 forward/per game.

The next player you have to worry about in this trade is BEAST MODE. He should be fine moving forward, the Seahawks have 2 losses this season, both of those losses came when Marshawn Lynch did not get his healthy share of carries, moving forward there is no reason for Seattle to forget about Marshawn Lynch. The defense will however bring the safety up in the box now that Percy Harvin and his deep threat are no longer a factor. Teams will trust their corners to shutdown Jermaine Kearse on deep balls, and Doug Baldwin has enough trouble beating one-on-one coverage as is.

The player we all should turn our attention to is Percy Harvin. Now going to a New York Jets team that is heading in the wrong direction quick (depsite the almost huge win on Thursday), they may be able to salvage a nice 2nd half of the NFL season. Geno Smith is looking better than he did to start the year, and the running game for New York will defintiely keep the opposing team on it’s toes. The most important factor for Percy is how quickly can he learn the playbook. Percy has the chance to be a deep threat in this offense that really has not had one since Stephen Hill, who is arguably not even a deep threat.

The Seahawks stopped utlizing Percy like a true WR that he is. Every single route after week 1 that Percy ran was either a screen pass or a comeback route, barely enough deep shots for someone with his speed. The Jets offense is usually playing from behind which will create a lot of garbage time moments and more pass attempts down the field as Percy is finally in a situation where he is not playing with thee BEAST RB in the NFL. In Minnesota he always had to watch Adrian Peterson get his carries, in Seattle he had to watch Marshawn. Now in New York, he can get his targets and more recieving yards.

In the end, Percy Harvin Fantasy Football owners won in the trade. When Michael Vick is QB and ready to go with momentum, Percy will jump another level and be a BEAST WR.


Broncos will win the superbowl easily with no competition. MUNTRADAMUS PRESEASON PREDICTION.

Russell Wilson fall outside of the top 18 fantasy QBs.

Marshawn Lynch will get his carries again.

Percy Harvin will do better as a Jet as soon as he learns the playbook.

You are kidding yourself if you think Doug Baldwin or Jermaine Kearse are playable fantasy options.

Seattle Seahawks will lose in the 1st round of the playoffs. If they even make it.






  1. I need g tate this week but if he does well and i win will be 3-4. My wrs are g tate, sss, andre johnson, and d adams. My tight end.is wright. Would u trade g tate and asiata for harvin and witten? Just hesistant due to harvin learning a new playbook, cant afford taking less pts due to him not producing for a few weeks from learning a new scheme. Kick ass article munt keep beasting bro :)

  2. Good thinking Munt. I think BeastMode will be fine. I’m hoping Percy has a couple down games and then I can swoop him up for pennies.

    I’ve got two questions. My first is what do you think of Roddy White. I feel he will be okay and will start coming on very soon. I’m getting a little worried though.

    Secondly, who to start at 2nd RB position in PPR this week – Pierre Thomas, Jerrick McKinnon, Jonathan Stewart or Ronnie Hillman?

  3. Hey Munt, I at WR I have Andre/SSS/VJax/Gordon/Holmes/Evans – would you trade away VJax for Harvin?

  4. Munt and BEAST nation,

    If i can trade for Percy should i?

    Michael Floyd, Andre Johnson, Brian Quick, Andre Holmes, Mike Evans, Josh Gordon
    Arian, Trent, Montee, jstew, Hyde

    Also – who should i start in my flex, jstew or Brian Quick?

  5. What’s the take on Decker at this point?

    And also, harvin was supposed to play Sunday now he doesn’t play at all. Any good WR fillins?

  6. As a Harvin owner, I feel screwed — a must win this week for me and I lose him. Already had a Bye with SEA and now he’s got another in week 11.

    I’ll take some solace in NYJ might be a better situation, but I think this is a lost season for Percy.

  7. Decker will thrive now that he does not demand the attention he was demanding all season long. When Decker gets 1-on-1 he should be a fantasy threat every week.

  8. I have Peyton, RG3 on my bench. Need a RB and depth WR. I trade Manning once RG3 is healthy? If so, who do I target?

  9. Jeno Smith has the 6 most pass attempts so far this season, and now he gets a better version of Tavon Austin(college teammates) at his disposal.

  10. Will I be giving up too much trading Garcon and Roddy White to get Megatron? I also have G Tate, D Hopkins, Michael Floyd, and Josh Gordon.

  11. Munt,

    H8er alert ^…any thoughts on Doug Baldwin going forward after his performance?

    Should I start Andre Johnson or Baldwin week 8? 1 point ppr

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