COMING 1.11.23


The Season is done I guess? What a weird way for the season to end. At least Damar Hamlin is alive. Amen for that.

Playoffs is a whole new BEAST and next week BEAST DOME will have new content for a new journey. Hope to have you all part of it.

Text Message or E-Mail, or comment below your 2022 Fantasy Football Testimonial

Will reward a Free Breakdown of one game during the Playoffs or Discount on Package.




  1. Muntradamus is the go to site for FF.
    I’ve been with him the last 12 years and only missed the playoffs twice. The first year I was 0 and 4 and done with FF until I found him on the website. I came all the way back and made it to the playoffs( so pumped) . Won the superbowl this year . To this day I can’t wait to see what he has in store every year!!!!!! So fun and entertaining!!!!!!
    You will not regret using him as your Coach!!


  2. No one in this industry is more accurate than Munt. Year after year, he gets It right. He spends so much time watching tapes of all NFL games like no one I have ever seen. No one in the industry can compare to his ability to accurately put together a draft guide that always finds you in the championship. His ability to foresee future players on the waiver weeks before anyone else is a thing of beauty. I have won many leagues over the years due to his expertise. I always find myself in the playoffs with his guidance. For example, he predicted Josh Jacobs. No other expert in the industry had him high on the draft board except Munt. The steal of the draft, and he saw it a mile away. If you want to win your fantasy football league, having Munt on your side is like having a cheat code.

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