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I do not know who deemed August 7th National Sports Card Trading Day, but someone did.

A lot of you may remember the Sports Card Hobby back in the 80s-90s-2000-2010 as pretty much a waste of money and nothing to show for it, but those days have changed. Back in those days, they mass produced so many cards making nothing rare at all. Well there were some rare cards that were printed to a certain number, but those cards are now valued at a much higher value than you probably paid for them back in the day.

Today the sports card industry is booming. They fixed the error of mass producing and now there is a uniform system that the companies have to print a certain amount of cards for each player making them rare.

People are spending $2000 for a Hobby Box of Sports Cards these days, with the chance of not hitting a thing. People are now spending Millions for GOAT Rookie Cards, Brady just sold for over $3Million. Trade Shows are filled to the brim across America, just check out the Nationals in Chicago last week absolute circus.

Here is a video from Topps at NSCC

*You can explore the NSCC IG Page to see all videos

Even I have been at Trade Shows in California where 2,000+ People are showing up at a random Hilton Hotel on a Sunday. The hobby is thriving and there is tons of money to be made. The real reason the Hobby is thriving is because of Ebay. Now you can buy and sell cards on Ebay just as easy as buying something from amazon. There is over 100,000 Cards moved daily on Ebay, I think the number might be more I heard it on CNBC a couple weeks ago.

Tell me if this sounds like you when deciding to signup for a BEAST Football Package this Season

 After telling Adam these two cards are not worth more than $50 combined, he reluctantly signed up for the Package. Then he e-mailed me a few days later.

This could be you.

You could be taking advantage of a market that has easier upside than the Stock Market. Yes there is an injury variable, but with the stock market your variable is dealing with millions of traders that you know nothing about, and 100% gain on any stock would be legendary, with Sports Cards it’s just another big Sunday and the NFL is about to see an explosion that it has never seen before. With the Hobby booming, Football Season will be a really fun ride and you want to be on the BEAST Squad to take advantage of it. I am having Clients buy cards that are worth $100+ now that can turn into $5,000+ when the players pan out.

I even gave all my clients one product that will 40% gain very quickly and 100% gainer once the season starts. Right now that product is currently at 20% gain and it will easily reach another 20% very quickly.

You can get Preseason BEAST (Package 2) for less than $60 Through my affiliates!

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