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Every fantasy player that has any implications on any lineup will be listed in this article.  This is my perspective of what is currently going with every player.  If you have a question about a player, and a player only I will share my opinion on him.

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Let’s get to it..


Kobe Bryant– He is the #1 guard in all of fantasy basketball.  Congratulations if you took him high with the wrist injury.

Andrew Bynum– Bynum is starting to easily play like the #2 Center in fantasy basketball.  No reason for him to not put up monster numbers every night.

Pau Gasol– Gasol is playing solid, his scoring is not there, but he does enough of everything else to keep you happy.


Rudy Gay- Gay had a terrible game, but then covered it up with a  solid week.  Nothing wrong with Rudy except for the fact he will lose some value when Zach Randolph returns soon.

Mike Conley- Is starting to play like a fraction of the potential he has every night.  I expect him to bounce back and retain his value with his steals, assists, and 3PTM.

OJ Mayo- Mayo consistently is seeing good minutes off the bench and is starting to produce very well.  The problem for Mayo lies within Tony Allen always playing ahead of him.

Tony Allen- If there was a time to sell high on Tony Allen it would be before Zach Randolph returns.  His offensive outburst is nice, but you cannot expect that to be solid throughout the season.

Marc Gasol- Is always a threat for a double-double with solid block and steal numbers.  His value also looks to take a hit when Zach Randolph returns as he will not be needed nearly as much offensively.

Zach Randolph- Make sure this guy is not on your waiver wire.  When he comes back he is an automatic fantasy star.


Lebron James- Continues to play like the 1st overall pick in all fantasy leagues.  Always a threat for a monster night.

Dwayne Wade- D.Wade is still playing well, fantasy owners want more but eventually as he gets healthier those beast numbers will be back.

Chris Bosh- Has taken a fantasy basketball hit with the return of Wade.  You can either hold onto him or try to acquire a star who is on his way up such as; Zach Randolph or Dirk Nowitzki.

Mario Chalmers- Chalmers has value some nights, but for the most part this guy should either be on your waiver wire or your bench.

Udonis Haslem- You should find him at your local waiver wire.


Stephen Jackson– His fantasy owners cannot waive him because he is too talented.  They also cannot start him because the Bucks will not play him.  For now wait for the trade.

Drew Gooden– Gooden continues to be solid filling in for Bogut.  Every now and then a clunker will come, but to see him bounce back with a 20+ Point effort shows this guy will not go down easy.

Ersan Illysova– Ersan is stepping it up, and is one injury and a small promotion away from becoming a good fantasy option.  Off the bench he is putting up near double-double numbers, and as the season continues I expect those numbers to continue.

Brandon Jennings– All of the Bucks offense lies on the shoulders of Jennings.  He is not good enough to win games consistently for him, but he is good enough for some monster performances like his 44 Point effort against the Heat.

Carlos Delfino– Continues to start, and continues to do nothing.  If you are desperate for 3PTM, and steals.  Then you must have a short term memory because he is not the same version of himself since the concussion last season.

Mike Dunleavy– The potential for Dunleavy to be a good fantasy option is still there.  They just have to figure out what they are going to do with Livingston and Delfino, because Dunleavy is probably the best of the three.

Shaun Livingston– He starts, get good minutes, but I would still leave him on the waiver wire.

Luc Richard Mbah A Moute– Will continue to see heavy minutes because he is an excellent defender.  Not a great player for your fantasy basketball roster.


Michael Beasley– Still keeping up that pace of one shot for every two minutes played since his return.  Problem is he has been missing fairly consistently.  I would use this as a good opportunity to buy low.  The guy is a great scorer.

Kevin Love– Continues to arguably play like the 2nd best fantasy basketball player.  After Durant’s big week, I may have to say 3rd.

Nikola Pekovic– Pekovic is the next Marcin Gortat without the blocks, which makes him a great fantasy add.  He should not be any waiver wire.

Ricky Rubio– Rubio starting to play very well recently as the steals are now coming in bunches to go along with his great assist numbers.  This kid keeps getting better for the T-Wolves and looks to be the early leader for rookie of the year.

Luke Ridnour– Luke is doing just enough to stay fantasy relevant.  Just when you think his next stop is the waiver wire, he puts up a 22 point game and continues to start.  It is hard to justify dropping him.

Derrick Williams– D.Will has enough potential to be a great fantasy player one day.  With Martell Webster and Michael Beasley healthy, he could be left on the bottom of your bench or the waiver wire.  His minutes are not there, and this two game stretch of no Kevin Love will defy his worth.


Deron Williams– Is still playing like a 1st round value fantasy player, once Brook Lopez returns expect those assist numbers to increase.

Brook Lopez– Brook should be back anytime within the next two weeks, and once his there look for him to be a top option for the Nets who desperately need another scorer.

MarShon Brooks– Value continues to go down as he sits with the foot injury, and the rumors are that his coach Avery Johnson said his minutes will be limited the rest of the season to around the 25+ range.  I would trade him immediately while he still has some value, or you can trade him once he returns and puts up one big game.

Anthony Morrow– Morrow had a huge game with 8 3PTM, and 42 Points.  He will always be a threat to be a major player in the 3PTM category in fantasy.  He will not score 20+ often especially when Brook returns, but he will continue to knock down the 3.

Kris Humphries– Week after week Kris is a double-double machine who will stand to lose a lot of value once Brook Lopez returns.  It would be wise to sell high on the Ex Kardashian Lover.


Jarrett Jack– Jack was doing fine until his injury could lead to the fall of Jarrett Jack’s fantasy value.  Greivis Vasquez has looked great as the PG for the past week+, and if the Hornets decide that Vasquez is better coming off the bench for Jack then starting at SG.  Then you are looking at a bad fantasy situation.  Either way Jack will lose some value as another capable ball handler will be on the court with him more often.

Greivis Vasquez– The Fantasy Stealer, is Vasquez’s nickname now that he is stealing the value away from Jarrett Jack.  Vasquez is a more than capable PG who had a huge run with Memphis during the post season.  He could be the backup PG or starting SG once Jack returns.  Either way, he will not be on your waiver wire for long.

Eric Gordon– Continues to rest his knee for another month if not more.  Bad situation for his fantasy owners, if he is a free agent and your league is a weekly lineup league, I would snatch him quickly.  He will make an impact in the fantasy basketball world immediately once he returns, which should be before the fantasy playoffs.

Trevor Ariza– Ariza has been Mr. Very Inconsistent since his return from his injury.  After his breakout performance of 26 Points on 9/12 shooting, the time to sell him is now.  Shooting the ball 75% successfully in a game will not happen for Ariza often, unless he takes 4 shots.

Emeka Okafor– Okafor has really gone downhill these past couple of weeks.  Maybe with no Carl Landry coming off the bench Okafor will be more consistent out there.  Chances are his time to sell-high has already sailed away.

Carl Landry– With the injury to Landry that could sideline him for 3-5 weeks.  It is hard to keep that roster spot full for a guy who sometimes see’s 14 minutes a game.  If you need to cut bait, go ahead nobody will be using him anytime soon, if at all.

Chris Kaman– Kaman is back with the team, and his timing could not be better with Landry hurt.  If Kaman is lurking on your waiver wire, the team is now to pick him up.


Baron Davis- Saw another setback.  You can leave him on the waiver wire as there is no time to know when he will return.

Iman Shumpert- What’s for Shumpert?  That is the fantasy question that people will ask as his role diminishes if Jeremy Lin starts to perform well.

Jeremy Lin– Could be the fantasy story of the week if he continues to perform.  The Knicks desperately need a PG and for the first time since Shumpert was good to start the season, it looks like they have an option.

Toney Douglas- Waiver wire material if Jeremy Lin plays well.

Amar’e Stoudemire- Amar’e had an excellent week, and there is no reason to think his fantasy value will continue to go in the right direction.  He did miss Monday’s game, which I guess is not the right direction.  But he is still an elite option when he is on the court.

Carmelo Anthony– Melo is really having trouble being the fantasy superstar he needs to be.  If his team is going to keep losing can he at least put up elite fantasy numbers every night?

Tyson Chandler-  Chandler has found a home in NY and looks to be a very solid option at the center position every night.  As the Knicks continue to lose, Chandler will get more shot attempts.


Kevin Durant- Durant started to take his season to the next level this past week.  The rebounding numbers are way up this year from 6.8 to 8.3 a game.  Eventually his scoring should get closer to the 30.0 range.

Russell Westbrook- Wesbtook continues to fill up the stat sheet even if he is not putting up an elite game.  Still a 1st round pick value player in any league, so if you trade him make sure you get that in return.

Serge Ibaka- Ibaka had a 10 Block game this week.  The potential for that kind of night makes him almost a must-start fantasy player.  Only if his rebounding was more consistent, and his scoring could be in double-figures more often.

James Harden- Is looking like a lock for 6th man of the year.  If an injury occurred to Durant or Westbrook, James Harden would have must-start status and be a top 2nd or 3rd round value player.  The potential for a lot more is still there for the young guard out of Arizona State.  He had a solid weekend averaging 21.5 PPG.


Dwight Howard– #1 Fantasy Center by a long shot.  Not much left could be said, except expect a trade to a different team by the time the trade deadline comes along.  It is highly unlikely he re-signs with the Magic.

Ryan Anderson– The consistency is not there the former Cal star.  However with a Dwight Howard trade, those shot attempts and better shots, should be coming more frequently.  Now is a good time to buy low on the a player who is capable of 20+ every night when his confidence is rocking.

Jameer Nelson– Jameer is back, but supposedly his minutes will be limited until he proves he is in good condition.  The good news for his owners is, Chris Duhon did nothing in his absence.

Jason Richardson– Richardson is starting to catch fire over the weekend averaging 18 a game.  It is hard to trust J-Rich though with his bad stretch of games this season, and his inconsistency that started ever since he was traded to this team.  Don’t forget J.J. Reddick is his backup.

Hedo Turkolgu– Is starting to play like his former Magic self.  He has some good low-end fantasy value, however his consistency remains a problem.


Jrue Holiday- The 76ers want him to perform.  Jrue wants to perform.  But for some reason his consistency is not there.  It could be due to the fact that Andre can handle the ball at the SF spot, and the plethora of guards who want to touch the ball when they are in the game.  But the fact remains, Jrue Holiday has huge break out potential and if you want to see it, you’re going to have to be patient.

Louis Williams- Still is the leading scorer on the team!  I can’t believe we are deep into the season and I still get to write that for Lou. However the guard situation in Philly is so deep that it is hard to trust.  I would feel much better about trading him for a weakness on my team, than expecting his production to stay this consistent all season.  At some point Evan Truner is going to turn the corner.

Evan Turner- Is the next Dwayne Wade when he gets the 30+ Minutes consistently.  Of course he will not put up the Wade type numbers, but he gets the intangibles with the rebounds, blocks, and steals from the guard spot.  For now leave him on your bench and make sure he is not sitting on the waiver wire.

Andre Iguodala- Mr. Almost 3×2 is solid and despite not shooting the ball consistently, he will rack up the numbers in all the different categories.  Great fantasy option especially if your team is looking for assists.  Not many forwards can match his production.

Elton Brand- Brand is now being outplayed by Thaddeus Young, he also has Spencer Hawes back.  On top of that he is fighting an injury…If there was a time to throw Elton Brand as a throw-in for a trade to upgrade another player.  The time is now.

Spencer Hawes- Spencer Hawes is back, which means his low-end #2 Center numbers should be back as well.  Owners should scoop him if he is available, but they should also be looking to deal him if he starts to play well.

Jodie Meeks- Continues to do enough damage to be in the starting lineup and play major minutes for the 76ers.  However he is not consistent enough, or does not do enough damage to warrant being a starter on your fantasy roster.

Thaddeus Young- Easily the best PF on this team, Thaddues Young is going to find his ways to get more minutes as the season progresses.


Steve Nash- Nash needs better players around him to be an elite option.  For now Steve Nash is a fantasy stud who should give you solid production every game.

Marcin Gortat- Gortat is one of the most consistent fantasy centers in the NBA.  He will not score a lot of points, but the double-doubles are expected every night along with a block or three.

Jared Dudley- 3/3 good starts for Dudley, and he will look to fight a thigh injury to continue that streak.

Grant Hill- He may get decent minutes fairly consistently, but he is not a good player and is only a fraction of what he use to be.

Markieff Morris- Looks to be behind Channing Frye for good if Frye continues to shoot the ball well.

Channing Frye- Frye had one breakout performance this week, and if he continues to shoot the ball well he has to be in the lineup.  Coach Alvin Gentry is rooting for Frye to deserve his playing time.


LaMarcus Aldridge– Fantasy superstar.  Even in blowouts this guy will put up a solid game.

Marcus Camby– Camby has been a block party machine all week before grabbing 20 rebounds on Saturday to remind us that he is an important part of the puzzle to any fantasy championship.  His frail frame could be a problem as the season progresses.

Raymond Felton– Starting to get his assist and steal numbers up, Raymond Felton still is not at his New York Knick days.

Gerald Wallace– Wallace did not take advantage of the no Nicolas Batum time.  The next chance I have to sell high on this inconsistent overrated fantasy star, I would.  Eventually he will break out for a huge game.

Wesley Matthews– His value is at an all-time low as he is proving he is a pretty worthless fantasy player with all this depth around him.

Nicolas Batum– Batum came back for a huge game with 9 3PTM and 2 Steals in 24 Minutes.  His potential to be a fantasy star is there, but for now he is a great bench option in fantasy leagues.

Jamal Crawford– Crawford is always a lock for consistent playing time, especially when Nicolas Batum is down.  Crawford is probably the most offensively talented player at the guard postion for this team.


Tyreke Evans– With Thornton back, the consistent 2nd round value that Tyreke once had will not be there every night.  Sometimes Tyreke falls to a passing option when Thornton is red hot.

Marcus Thornton– Thornton is back, and right away he is the go-to-guy in this offense.  If I had to pick one guy to score the most points every night it would be this guy.  He is a great player to own in fantasy, and I would not worry about the inconsistency.

DeMarcus Cousins– Cousins is a monster, and as long as he stays out of foul trouble every game, he is a top 5 center in the fantasy world.  The 20-20 games will be there as he becomes more of a NBA veteran.

Jimmer Fredette– Jimmer has no real value, and even if Thornton goes down again, it would be hard to trust the rookie.

J.J. Hickson– Waiver Wire material.

Jason Thompson– Thompson is looking strong as a starter.  He is a double-double threat every night, and I expect the Kings to continue to use their young stud.

John Salmons– Is starting to play a little better in this Kings system.  Though now that Marcus Thornton is back, that consistency will not be there.



Kawhi Leonard– Waiver Wire material.

Richard Jefferson– Waiver wire material, or bench option in deep leagues.

Tim Duncan– Duncan continues to show his fountain of youth with Kevin Garnett.  Duncan should be a good sell-high candidate if you can some value from him.  Those DNP’s will start coming as the season starts to bunch up once we get past the All-Star break.

Tony Parker– Parker’s fantasy value is elite at the moment, and now is the time to sell high as 42 Point games do not come frequently when Manu Ginobili returns.  In fact 20 Point games will not be frequent enough.

Dejuan Blair– You can safely drop him.  Tiaggo Splitter is a better player and Blair has zero consistency as is.

Tiaggo Splitter– Is easily the best big man on the Spurs, but continues to eat minutes off the bench.  Once the Spurs start giving him 30+ Minutes a game, or if Duncan/Blair get hurt than expect the Loch Ness Monster to perform consistently.


Andrea Bargnani- Continues to sit with his calf injury, his return date is uncertain and it is too early to drop him.

Jerryd Bayless- Bayless is starting to play like a star and the Raptors can feel it.  He should not be on any waiver wire as this guy has huge scoring potential.

Jose Calderon- Calderon looks to be on his way up after a huge performance against John Wall.  We all know his value can go down at any moment if Jerryd Bayless continues to dominate.  I would sell high.

Amir Johnson- You get the feeling the Raptors want Amir Johnson to be their guy, and at times he plays the part, but other times he reminds you he should be on your bench in fantasy leagues.

Ed Davis- Not getting consistent opportunities to shine, Davis is best left for benches.  His potential is too high for him to be on waiver wires in deep leagues.

James Johnson- Gerald Wallace 2.0 is starting to slow down.  It’s not like he lost his skills, and the minutes will continue to be there.  I like him to bounce back as he can block 6 shots in any game which would get him right back on everyone’s fantasy radar.

DeMar DeRozan– DeRozan is playing pretty well for Toronto.  Every night the team needs him to be the leading scorer, and that is enough to make him a must start option as Andrea Bargnani rests.

Leandro Barbosa– Still playing great, but still playing behind Bayless and Calderon.  The potential for Barbosa to see more minutes is still present, and if that were to happen he would be a must-add.


Al Jefferson- Big Al shook off the ankle injury to have a very nice week.  He could be the most talented center offensively in the NBA and is an elite option in all leagues.

Paul Millsap- Always has the potential for the 20-10 game, but those games come a lot easier when Al Jefferson is not in the paint sucking up all the shot attempts.

Devin Harris- His name and contract alone is keeping him the starting gig.  Earl Watson could probably lead the team better than Harris, but the Jazz will not admit that.

Earl Watson- Potential for big nights are there, but his potential to sit on the bench is there as well.  If the Jazz give up on Devin Harris, Earl Watson would become a must-start fantasy basketball option.

Derrick Favors- Has proved he is fantasy worth when given the opportunity.  That opportunity only comes when Jefferson or Millsap are hurt.

C.J. Miles- Waiver Wire Material.

Josh Howard- If your team is looking for a shakeup with a potential player who has proven himself before, Josh Howard makes an interesting option.  Some nights his minutes will be limited, others he could see 40+.

Gordon Hayward- As good as he has been, I would still leave him on the waiver wire unless I was desperate for some shooting.


John Wall- Wall can still breakout for that occasional huge game, but when the Wizards lose, his fantasy owners lose as well.

Nick Young- Continues to be a solid source of Points, Steals, and 3PTM.

Javale McGee- The inconsistency factor is there, but the breakout candidate factor is somewhere in there too.  His block shot and rebounding will keep him as a good fantasy starter for now.

Andray Blatche- Out 2-4 More weeks.  I will be grabbing him off my waiver wire if the opputrtunity comes, guys as talented as this find their ways into a lot of playing time.

Jordan Crawford- Crawford has been starting to see some good minutes with plenty of shot attempts.  He was the fantasy MVP of the playoffs last year, and if the opportunity comes for consistent minutes he could repeat.

Rashard Lewis- Will give you a couple 3PTM and that is about it.


  1. Hi again Muntradamus and Sir Fantasy Drake,
    Here is my new and improve lineup:
    PG Kyle Lowry
    SG Kemba Walker
    SF LeBron James
    PF Kevin Love
    C Dwight Howard
    G Chris Paul
    F LeMarcus Aldridge
    UTIL Greg Monroe
    UTIL Pau Gasol
    UTIL Ricky Rubio
    Bench: Drew Gooden, Danny Granger, and Dirk Nowitzki
    I feel like this is the dream team, however, my Shooting Guard is looking a tad week, and this team is very forward heavy. Do you think I am over critiquing my team (lol)? Should I keep my team this way, or should I search for some more Shooting Guards? Will Kemba Walker hold the fort for now? I am in a head to head league with eight people, and change my lineup daily. Thanks again for your fantastic advice in advance.
    Kind Regards,
    P.S. To anyone new to this incredible website, Muntradamus and SFD clarify accurate trends, and remarkable analysis support in order for anyone to construct the ideal team in any league (as I hope to show in my team). Furthermore, I vouch for this site’s Fantasy Football as well; in fact, I won my league in Fantasy Football as well am tied for first place in my basketball league at the current moment. On another note, all look forward to the One million Dollar Fantasy Football “the Perfect Challenge” coming up as shown during a Super Bowl commercial: (for all the info).Thanks again for your enlightening tips!

  2. What should I do with Ryan Anderson? It seems like this question keeps coming back haha.
    You recommend buying him low and seeing as I already have him, should I keep him despite knowing Dwight’s leaving?

    For example, right now I have the option of trading him for someone like Iguodala, would this be worth it?

  3. Hey M,

    What are your thoughts on Trevor Booker? Does Blatche get the start when he’s healthy?
    Also, how long do you think Jeremy Lin lasts? I’m almost tempted to drop Calderon for Lin. How does Lin’s value compare to that of Vasquez?

  4. Thank you for the kind words Garret. You should be happy to know that Beast Dome will also be covering Fantasy Baseball, more on that later this month.

    Your team is beastly, although Kemba Walker is your weak position. I do expect him to be a up good numbers in an offense that lacks any identity. If you want to upgrade that position you can trade Dirk Nowitzki and his all of a sudden high value for a great quality guard such as Joe Johnson.

    Besides that your team is good-to-go and the countdown for your championship begins.

  5. That is an excellent trade for Ryan Anderson.

    You are getting a 3rd or 4th round value player for Ryan Anderson who is only an intriguing option because of his 3PTM and rebound numbers. Andre will not only carry your team to a new level in the assists department as a forward, but he will also bring you the intangibles that Ryan Anderson does not give you. He is also playing for a competitive 76er team that seems to be in close games almost every night.

    I would make that trade.

  6. I like Booker as a player. It is hard to trust any Wizard fantasy player because there will be a lot of blowouts, with the Wizards being on the wrong side of them. Blatche does not get the start when he comes back, but he will get the oppurtunity to prove that he deserves to be a starter. If you need a short term replacement, Booker is a good option.

    Jeremy Lin will not be on any waiver wire if he has another big performance. With no Carmelo Anthony for a week or two, the big performance for Lin should come. I would not drop a player such as Calderon for him unless you are in a 8 team league or less. IF I had to pick either Lin or Vasquez, I would pick Lin for the short term since it is a bit uncertain what will happen to Vasquez once Jarrett Jack returns from the knee injury. With Lin, you know you have the Knicks savior as of now. He is a lock for 30+ Minutes every night until he proves otherwise.

  7. I would not make this trade.

    Danny Granger is a great option at a rare position such as forward.

    Ray Allen is good, but he is not a great option and Granger holds much more value as he fills up the stat sheet way more consistently than Ray Ray.

    Hold onto Granger.

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