Muntradamus: FANTASY PLAYER UPDATE Prt.1 (Week 7)


BY: Muntradamus

(Player Update Part 2)
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Every fantasy player that has any implications on any lineup will be listed in this article.  This is my perspective of what is currently going with every player.  If you have a question about a player, and a player only I will share my opinion on him.

For those that are new to the site, I spend hours upon hours of research and I man handle multiple high stakes fantasy basketball leagues at once.  I am here to help you win your league.

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Let’s get to it..


Josh Smith- Despite being a bit inconsistent at times, he is still an elite option at the forward position.  The Hawks need him every night.

Joe Johnson- The Hawks are 11-1 when Joe Johnson scores 20 Points or more.  When he does not they are 5-7.  Despite being a bit inconsistent that stat alone shows you how important he to this team and there is no reason to panic.

Jeff Teague- Teague has been very inconsistent lately, but he always seems to break out for a big game to end the week which keeps his fantasy value as a starter.  This week he had 21 Points and 6 Assists on Saturday night.

Zaza Pachuila- It seems as if he is getting worse and worse every week.  The Hawks need him to perform, but he does not look to be a great fantasy option.

Marvin Williams- Your team is having a lot of problems if you are looking to this guy for solid production.


Rajon Rondo- Rondo is back, and it looks like he is going to be fine.  Getting 14 assists on Sunday was the perfect way to head into his first healthy week since January 9th.

Paul Pierce- Pierce continues to play at an elite level and is easily a top 5 forward with the way he is playing.  No reason to think his pace will slow down even with Rondo healthy, Pierce is still a beast.

Kevin Garnett- KG was so close to gaining center eligibility before Jermaine O’Neal came out of nowhere to take it away.  KG is still playing a lot better than most people expected and is reminding us of the KG who first played for Boston.

Ray Allen- 3PTM, FT%, and maybe some steals is all you are getting with this guy.

Brandon Bass– Now that Jermaine O’Neal is back, Bass has lost a lot of value.  Combine that with the fact he now has a sore left knee and all of a sudden Bass should be on every bench in fantasy basketball.


Kemba Walker- With no D.J. Augustin or Gerald Henderson, Kemba will be asked to be the only playmaker in this offense to make something happen.  Based off the Bobcats 3-21 record, he is capable of anything.

D.J. Augustin- The foot injury continues to get worse.  His value looks to take a huge decline, because when he comes back the Bobcats could already be eliminated from the playoffs which gives them no reason to force their star guard to come back early.  That’s not good that I have to refer to D.J. Augustin as a star.

Boris Diaw- Diaw will continue to rack up the starts for the depleted Bobcats.  It is not likely he will do much with them, but at least he has some value and will not hurt if you throw him in a trade.

Gerald Henderson- The injury bug caught up to Henderson who may not have nearly as much value when he returns and see’s that Derrick Brown or Reggie Williams has taken his spot.

Byron Mullens- Waiver wire material.

Tyrus Thomas- Thomas has the chance to be a major part of this offense for Charlotte.  If there was ever a time for him to step up his game and show the NBA what he has.  This is his time.  Even if he does not step up offensively, the minutes should be there for the blocks, steals, and rebounds.

Reggie Williams- Worth keeping an eye on after a breakout performance starting for Henderson.  He has the potential to be a good fantasy option, but he could also prove that this game was a fluke.  If he has another strong game like he did Saturday night, 21 Points, 7 Assists, 6 Rebounds, 39 Minutes.  You could pull the trigger as the Bobcats are desperate for some offense.

Bismack Biyombo- Bismack had a huge night in his first start grabbing 12 Rebounds, 2 Blocks, 1 Steal, 11 Points in 36 Minutes of action.  He was their lottery pick for a reason, and even at the age of 19 if he continues to start, he must be snatched in your fantasy league as the Bobcats really have nothing left to play for.


Derrick Rose– D.Rose is looking like the MVP he was a season ago.  This guy is unstoppable and is playing like the 1st round pick he is.

Carlos Boozer– Deng is back which makes Boozer the #2/#3, or even #4 option in this offense.  Hopefully he remains consistent, though if you just traded Booz away for some quality.  You definitely improved your team.

Rip Hamilton– Rip is ready to come back from his thigh bruise soon which gives the Bulls another offensive weapon.  They have so many as is.

Ronnie Brewer– Waiver Wire material especially when Rip comes back.

Joakim Noah– After having a great week last week, Joakim reminded all of us that he is still a very inconsistent raw fantasy player.  At least he should be able to put up near double-double numbers with the intangible steals and blocks almost every night.

Luol Deng– Deng is back and had a huge performance scoring 21 Points in 41 Minutes.  That is enough to get him back on everyone’s good side in fantasy, which makes him an excellent sell high candidate as you can get some great value for him.  Nights like this will not happen very frequently when Rip Hamilton is playing.


Kyrie Irving- Kyrie is starting to get consistent playing time over 30+ Minutes.  His numbers look great as he is scoring at a high rate, and is getting great assist numbers.  The sky is the limit for this kid who somehow led his team to a victory over Dallas.  Bright future in Cleveland.

Antawn Jamison– Jamison bounced back in a big way this week throwing together some solid games to end the week.  His momentum is high, you could sell him now or hope that he continues to play at a high level that the Cavs need him to play at consistently.

Anderson Varejao– Varejao continues to get better every single week.  After double-doubling against Dwight Howard and then putting up a 17 Point and 17 Rebound performance the next night, he is averaging 16 Points and 17 Rebounds a game in his last three.  Dwight Howard is envious of those rebounding numbers.

Ramon Sessions– Ramon continues to rack up assists.  Once he gets traded to a team that uses him consistently for 30+ Minutes such as the Lakers, he will be must-start material.  Add him now if he is still loitering on your waiver wire.


Dirk Nowitzki- Dirk broke out with two big performances to end the weekend.  Including a 30 Point game Saturday which pushed his averages to 27 Points, and 7.5 Rebounds for the weekend.  You could sell high if you want to, but he is still averaging 18 Points a game so make sure you are getting a lot of value in return.  Maybe DeMarcus Cousins or David Lee.

Shawn Marion- Marion will continue to see a lot of minutes because he is so athletic and talented defensively.  Though with Dirk playing like Dirk, his offense is not needed nearly as much which should cause owners to look for someone else to fill his spot.

Lamar Odom- Odom is slowly rotting away on the bench as he now has no immediate fantasy impact.  The only reason he does not get waived right away is his name.

Jason Kidd- Kidd should be returning soon, and let us not forget he had a couple double digit assist game before he went down with the injury.  The team is stacked, but he is worth the risk if he sitting on your waiver wire.

Rodrigue Beaubois- Waiver wire material.

Jason Terry- The Mavs are all of a sudden very deep at the SG position.  Although Terry is the first man off the bench, he will have a lot of clunkers in his lines.  His leash is a lot shorter this year, than it has been in the past.  Especially when Kidd returns.

Vince Carter- VC is on his way down after starting off his week very nicely.  When Kidd returns there is too much depth to consider Carter a good fantasy option.  A four point performance Saturday night as a starter against Cleveland could have spelled doom.

Delonte West– First he bangs Lebron’s mom.  Now he is creating a log jam at the PG/SG spot for the Mavs.  This guy is trouble, and although he looks great at times, he cannot be trusted on your fantasy roster as anything more than a reserve.

Brendan Haywood- Remains inconsistent, but his fantasy potential with rebounds and blocks could help you out if you are desperate for a center.  Very desperate.



Ty Lawson- Lawson has bounced back from his injury and immediately is back to being the starting PG.  That really was not a big surprise, but the big surprise is how many more minutes he is getting than Andre Miller.  Either way you look at it, fantasy owners are expecting a lot more.

Andre Miller- Miller was consistently getting around 30 Minutes off the bench when Lawson returned, only to find himself play less than 20 in his last game.  That makes him a huge fantasy concern coming into the week, but you still got to love him for his assist potential.

Danilo Gallinari- Danilo may be the icon of inconsistency in the fantasy basketball world.  20+ Points is almost guaranteed to be followed by a clunker with him.  There is still hope he gets it all together at somepoint this season, and at least he is looking more confident when he is out there.

Nene Hilario- Nene had a rough week as the team played against some talented big men.  Now would be an excellent time to buy low on the Brazilian.

Al Harrington- Medium AL had his one random outbreak of the week.  That is usually all you can depend on him for and is best left as a reserve on your fantasy roster.

Aaron Afflalo- Afflalo the leader, is leading you to last place if you are using him.  Great NBA player, worthless fantasy basketball player.


Austin Daye- Daye’s fantasy arrow is heading down now that the Pistons have Tayshaun Prince back in the lineup.  There is still no reason to panic and drop him as he has shown that he could/and will be, an elite fantasy option at somepoint this season.

Greg Monroe- Is starting to put together some monster lines consistently.  Greg is an elite option at the center position because of his rebounds, points, blocks, and steals.

Brandon Knight- After some shaky performances, Knight is back to looking like a great guard who racks up a ton of minutes every night.  His performance out-dueling Brandon Jennings this week was the highlight of his NBA career so far.

Rodney Stuckey- Stuckey is not playing so great lately, but he is still getting his opportunities with Ben Gordon out.

Tayshaun Prince- Tayshaun looked great all week and is definitely the leader of this team.  How that translates in the fantasy basketball world=he will get consistent minutes every night.

Ben Gordon- Shoulder injury does not look good at all.  If you want to waive him for a good up and coming fantasy option, I do not blame you at all.

Jason Maxiell– The potential to find a double-double guy on the waiver wire could be Jason.  Though I want to see a lot more consistency before waiving anybody with quality for him.


Stephen Curry- Curry has looked good lately, but every now and then he is going to give you a hiccup as he is dealing with a bad ankle.  At least when he plays bad he still fills up the stat sheet.

Monta Ellis- Monta is still getting back to the level he once was at, it was nice to see him score 33 against Utah earlier in the week.  His chemistry with Steph is not what it once was.  There is still time to correct that.

Dorrell Wright- Dorrell having big games every now and then was at it again Saturday night with a 4 3PTM, 24 Point performance.  If he was more consistent he would be an excellent fantasy option.

David Lee- His numbers have not been as elite since Steph Curry has returned, but he is still a double-double threat every night he steps onto the court.  If you want to sell him now, make sure you are getting a talented PF in return such as Chris Bosh.

Brandon Rush– Best left as a waiver wire option.


Kyle Lowry– Jason Kidd 2.0 is back, and even ended the week with a 24 Point, 11 Assist effort.

Kevin Martin– Kev Mart was scoring very consistently before throwing up a two spot Saturday.  I would not panic as he is one of the best pure scorers in the NBA.  If you want you can this as an opportunity to buy low when the chance comes.

Luis Scola– Scola put back-to-back solid games that reminded us of the old Scola.  Is he finally back now that Dalembert looks to be in decline?

Samuel Dalembert– The minutes are down, the rebounds are down, the blocks are still there.  He is looking more like Theo Ratliff than Samuel Dalembert lately, which is bad news for his fantasy owners.

Chandler Parsons– Never a consistent fantasy option, Parsons will have some nice games mixed here and there.  He remains only valuable in the deepest of the deep fantasy leagues.


Roy Hibbert- The Pacers are getting too talented offensively to leave Hibbert as a consistent fantasy option.  He will still be on the court long enough to rack up the double-doubles, but the 20 Point games will not happen frequently.

Danny Granger- Danny Granger is still a 3rd round fantasy talent in my eyes.  If I can get him cheap I would.

Darren Collison- Collison had a decent week as George Hill continues to sit with the foot injury.  He is definitely not the Hornets version of himself, but he still is a threat for assists and steals every night.

David West- Just when David West started looking good again, Paul George became a bigger part of the offense which pushes West to just another scoring option.  The inconsistency will still be there with West.

Paul George- Paul George had an excellent week and had another breakout performance this week scoring 30 Points.  He should not be on any fantasy waiver wire, but he is also not the safest of options to start in fantasy leagues.  You could do a lot worst.

George Hill- His foot injury should put him on the waiver wire as he is expected to miss at least another couple of weeks.

Tyler Hansbrough- Had a nice game off the bench against Orlando Saturday.  The bench is still his home, and then when he comes in there are very few touches left for Hansbrough.


Chris Paul- In games the Clippers are competitive, CP3 will put up elite numbers.

Blake Griffin- Blake is a threat for monster performances every night which keeps him at a 1st round level.

DeAndre Jordan- Jordan is looking great out there, and even as his offense develops the rebounds and blocks are there every night.  He is a great fantasy center to own.

Caron Butler- Usually is good for a big 1st quarter than quietly disappears.  The 3PTM, and steals is what makes Caron special.

Chauncey Billups- Inconsistency is Billups middle name this season.  The clips are just too deep of a team to depend on Billups every single night for good fantasy performances.  Still a formidable starter in fantasy leagues, but more of an elite bench option.

Mo Williams- Mo can still explode for big fantasy games, but Randy Foye deserves more minutes and if that hurts anyone.  It hurts Mo Williams.


  1. Are Samuel Dalembert, Michael Beasley and Andre Miller worth dropping now? I need a PF

    This is what my lineup looks like as of tomorrow:

    PG Jason Kidd 2.0
    SG Kemba Walker
    G Steve Nash
    SF Durantchula
    PF Michael Beasley
    F Future 6th Man of the Year: James Harden
    C Marcin Gortat
    Util Anderson Varejao
    Util Roy Hibbert

    Bench (Not playing tomorrow): Kobe, J-Smoove, Gallo, Andre Miller, and Dalembert

  2. Your team looks outstanding.

    I would not drop Andre Miller as he is an assist machine and it would take a full week of him not playing good minutes before I considered benching him.

    Michael Beasley is still shooting the ball at will, and that is good enough to stay on my good side in a fantasy league.

    I am a bit worried about Samuel Dalembert, but I want to see someone step up and take his spot before I would consider dropping him.

    For now keep going with your solid team, I do not see any weakness except for a consistent 3rd scorer behind Kobe and Durantchula. Your assist situation is great with Lowry and Nash. Miller is a great bench option.

  3. Should I target a short-term power forward replacement while Gallinari is out? Thaddeus Young, Luis Scola, and Kris Humphries look pretty good. Tim Duncan might also be worth it, since I could sell high later…

  4. Luis Scola is playing red hot right now, and will continue to as long as Dalembert continues to get benched.

    Kris Humphries should have nice consistent fantasy value while Brook Lopez sits for a week or so.

    Tim Duncan is playing the best basketball in years, his value is great now but as the season progresses teams are going to be playing heavier weeks which means more DNP’s for the veteran.

    By the time the season is over, I would think Luis Scola is the most productive of the three.

  5. What are your thoughts on Kyle Korver? He seems to be playing more minutes on the Chicago Bulls and looks to have it together with fantasy value. Is this going to remain consistent or will he lose major value?

  6. If you are in a weekly league, and your team can holdout with Danilo I would keep him. When he comes back which should be a month, he will probably be one of your top options at the forward spot, and you do not want to face him in the playoffs.

    Wait to see an official timetable for his return, for now..keep him.

  7. As the Bulls get to 100% when RIP Hamilton returns, Kyle Korver will be nothing more than an inconsistent 3PTM option in the fantasy world. His playing time will not be consistent, and he will be competing with Ronnie Brewer for minutes off the bench every night.

    I would not pick him up unless I was very desperate for 3PTM, but I do not think he will be a reliable option.

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