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Every fantasy player that has any implications on any lineup will be listed in this article.  This is my perspective of what is currently going with every player.  If you have a question about a player, and a player only I will share my opinion on him.

For those that are new to the site, I spend hours upon hours of research and I man handle multiple high stakes fantasy basketball leagues at once.  I am here to help you win your league.

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Coming on the first day of February is the new RANKINGS for each position.


Al Horford is down.  3-4 months will feel like an entirety.  This opens up the flood gates for; Jeff Teague, Joe Johnson, and Josh SmithAll three of those guys should put up valuable numbers consistently, as the Hawks need those three to carry this team.  Marvin Williams should be good to go when he is 100% again, while Zaza Pachuila is debatably the worst starting center in the NBA.  He will still get you low-end #2 Center numbers.


Boston is having trouble finding their identity, mainly because Paul Pierce is having trouble finding the bottom of the net with his jump shot shooting a career low 37%.  Ray Allen had two games with less than 10 Points.  Sir Fantasy Drake recommended you sold him high.  Rajon Rondo is essentially the team, even though he is not a consistent scorer.  KG is showing his age, while Brandon Bass has made his way into the starting lineup for now.  He is starting to look like a 10-10 guy.


One of the most inconsistent fantasy teams in all the NBA, the Bobcats have managed to maybe find a center that should be starting on all fantasy teams.  Byron Mullens has scored 15 points or more in the last 4 games.  He won’t give you much more besides points and a handful of rebounds, but as a center you will take it.  Kemba Walker is red hot after playing 39 minutes and scoring 23 points, the night before he scored 16.  His value will be high when the Bobcats realize they will not make the playoffs.  DJ Augustin is still holding his own despite not getting those 20 point games.  He is making up for it in other ways, such as assists and 3PTM.  Tyrus Thomas is still getting healthy, and still has a lot of upside, though he still has to battle with DJ White for minutes.  Gerald Henderson is the #1 scoring option on the team, while Boris Diaw is a pass first, pass second, shoot third type of player.  Last Monday against the Knicks was the last chance to get great value for him.


Derrick Rose has been battling the injury bug lately.  He was forced to miss Monday’s game with a toe problem that could continue to be a problem.  Carlos Boozer is inconsistent, while Luol Deng continues to be the #2 fantasy player to own on the Bulls with his surprising 7.6 rebounds per game.  Joakim Noah was also another excellent Sell High candidate that Sir Fantasy told you to get rid of going into the second week of the season.   Rip does not do anything besides score, and 12.4 points a game is not good enough to get it done.


Kyrie Irving was a scoring machine for the Cavs getting 4 consecutive games of 20 points or more.  The most minutes he played in any of those 4 game was 29 minutesThis guy has HUGE upside in all fantasy leagues.  Ramon Sessions, the kryptonite of Irving is still averaging a solid 10 points, 4.6 assists.  But his value is due to drop significantly once they release the reins on Irving.  Anderson Varejo is always solid for a 10-10 type of game.  Antwan Jamison continues to be the glue for the team and is doing everything to keep his fantasy owners happy including yours truly.


Dirk Nowitzki has had a down season and has not eclipsed 20 points in a game since January 4thJason Terry has scored 17 or more in three straight games, his fantasy value may be the highest of any Maverick because of his 2.5 3PTM/game.  Lamar Odom has no value and once again was another great sell option by Sir Fantasy Drake.  Jason Kidd and the rest of the Mavericks are all waiver wire friendly.


Danilo Gallinari is the best fantasy option to own on Denver simply because he is shooting the ball consistently and will get multiple 3PTM, and steals.  It does not hurt that he is shooting 88.9% from the free throw line on 72 attempts.  Ty Lawson value is still high, but now would be a good time to try to move him as his shot attempts are starting to go down with all the options the Nuggets have on offense.  Andre Miller showed that he can handle the role (12 Points, 12 Assists) in first start.  Nene Hilario is healthy again playing 30+ minutes in his last 4 games.  Al Harrington is starting to come back to life, which means an inconsistent fantasy option.


This was test out Brandon Knight and see what he’s got week.  And what they got was a guard who was pretty solid, but still has some inconsistency.  He has played 35+ minutes in 7 consecutive starts, and his best game totals were (20 Points, 5 Assists, 5 3PTM, 3 Steals) so somewhere in that inconsistent fantasy player is a stud who will be a great player to own down the stretch.  Greg Monroe went into beast mode with a 32 Point game, and followed that up with a 19 and 25 point game.  He is an elite fantasy option.  Tayshuan Prince, and Jonas Jerebko will be hit or miss and are not safe fantasy starters.  Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey are competing against each other to play along with B.Knight.


Stephen Curry’s ankle injury is still a concern.  Brandon Rush, and Dorrell Wright are both doing a nice job filling in the shot attempts.  Warriors might like Brandon Rush’s upside more.  Monta Ellis continues to be the best offensive option, while David Lee has turned into a top quality forward as he is playing a ton of minutes and grabbing a ton of rebounds while scoring around 18 a game.


Kevin Martin has to step it up as the 20+ Point per game guy this team needs.  Kyle Lowry is Jason Kidd 2.0 and will fill the stat sheet in every category.  The Rockets need him to start shooting more and his fantasy value could continue to rise.  Samuel Dalembert is in the front line to start at center with no playing time competition from Jordan Hill after having the dominating 21 Points, 16 Rebounds, 4 Blocks against DeMarcus Cousins this week.  Luis Scola is slowly remembering how to rebound after back-to-back games with 10 rebounds or more.  Chandler Parsons has too much competition to be a reliable fantasy option.


Roy Hibbert is a lot more consistent this season than he has been in the past.  His numbers are very solid averaging 14 points and 10 rebounds a game.  His FT% is slacking at 64%.  Danny Granger continues to be inconsistent and was another good sell high candidate by Sir Fantasy Drake last week.  George Hill is ready to take over Darren Collison, he should be added in all deeper formats.  Tyler Hansbrough reached his peak and is not a consistent fantasy option at 26 minutes per game.  David West is suffering with Hansbrough coming off the bench only leaving him with 25 minutes.  One of those two need to get hurt for the other to thrive.  Paul George is getting the opportunity at 31 minutes per game, but is only averaging 11 Points.  He is not quite there yet.


Blake Griffin continues to be a beast averaging 23 Points, and 11 Rebounds per game.  He still is suffering at the free throw line shooting 57%.  Chris Paul is currently day-to-day with a leg injury and still has room to grow in his comfort level with the team.  Chauncey Billups and Caron Butler  are both solid options getting you around 16 Points a game and a couple of 3PTM.  DeAndre Jordan is starting to look like a fantasy disappointment, but he is too young and too talented to be on any waiver wire.


  1. 1. Sell high on Tyreke Evans?
    2. Should I improve anything on my team?

    G Deron Williams
    G Kobe Bryant
    G Jose Calderon
    G Ty Lawson
    G Tyreke Evans
    G/F MarShon Brooks
    G/F James Harden

    F Kevin Durant
    F Antawn Jamison
    F Josh Smith
    F/C Amir Johnson
    F Danilo Gallinari

    C Marcin Gortat
    C Byron Mullens

  2. Yes Tyreke will be covered in Part 2.

    Marcus Thornton will be returning soon, and Evans will not be seeing as many shots. Thornton is still the leading scorer on the team, and Tyreke has climbed all the way back to basically the same value that he was drafted for. Pull the trigger, as you remember how inconsistent he was to start the season.

    Team is solid I do not see any problems with any of your players.

    Marcin Gortat is featured in the trade market article that can be read here:

  3. I was offered Kyle Lowry, Andre Iguodala, and JaVale McGee for Kobe and D-Will. Should I pull the trigger?
    And who do you suggest I trade Tyreke Evans for?

  4. No Deal.

    Kobe and D-Will are the two best players in that trade.

    Iguodala will have consistency issues all season when the 76ers are 100%. Lowry is great, but I rather have D-Will because of the scoring potential and McGee has been a bust all season and is showing no signs of life.

    Try to trade Tyreke for Lowry.

  5. Bad.

    I own Jeff Teague in one of my leagues, and he is a great fantasy option. He will rack up steals, and give you handful of assists. However he will not score consistently and his FT% is nothing to brag home about.

    Tyreke on the other hand has superstar type value when he is on his A game. He will have some big nights, and the fact that he almost triple doubled with Thornton back shows that he is still a high quality fantasy guard. If I could get Evans for Teague I would make that deal knowing that I potentially got a 2nd round value pick for someone I snagged very late in drafts.

    You gave up a lot to receive Teague, who should not let you down. But Evans has a lot more potential any given night.

  6. Good.

    In the long run you will be glad you made this trade.

    Calderon should put up solid numbers for about another month before the Raptors change direction and start using Bayless more and more.

    Thornton on the other hand has potential to put up 30 Point games with a lot of steals and 3’s.

    I like the trade for your favor.

  7. My lineup is the same as the above, but with Kyle Lowry, JaVale McGee, Thornton and Jeff Teague instead of Deron Williams, Calderon, and Tyreke Evans.

    Should I try to trade for someone else?

  8. Your team is solid moving forward. Four new players on your roster in less than a week, see how it plays out first for a couple of weeks before making too many more major moves.

    Antwan Jamison could start to lose value if Tristan Thompson has a breakout game, but Antwan is very solid right now and you can only trade him if you’re getting a high caliber player in return.

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