It is the Halfway Point of your Regular Season in Fantasy Football before Playoffs Kick-Off.  What better way to start the second half by sending me a Thank You.

I understand a lot of you have Montee and Gronk stashed away.  While those picks have not helped you in the lower middle rounds, the RB Picks in Round 1 is a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

While most leagues Projected C.J. Spiller/Doug Martin/Trent Richardson as the possible #2/#3/#4 RB to get after AP.

BEAST DOME set you up with Marshawn Lynch and LeSean McCoy as no other site had these guys at #2 and #3.  Without these two RBs, your team could be looking in terrible shape.

I am sure a lot of you own Julius Thomas, or just recently traded him away after his 2nd 100+ Yard/2 TD game.



In the famous Words of Lady Gaga, “I Do It For the Applause.”


Thank You BEASTS





*7 of the 8 Fantasy Baseball Owners Who were VIPs Made the Playoffs*

*5 Of them Were in the Championship*

*4 of them Won Their League*

Here are a Few of Their Stories. More To Come.



– CARL Edwards/Started the Season 0-6

Well, I came into this fantasy baseball season with the advantage of already having BEASTDOME access. So I went into the season very confident. “Muntradamus and his advice will not be needed” after all I was the champion.  Evidently, everyone in my league did their homework and did it well. After the draft per the usual everyone was happy with their team. And so the season began.

Week 1 (0-1)…Week2 (0-2)…Week3(0-3)… Week4(0-4)…Week5(0-5)…Week6(0-6)

As you can see, with each passing week I could see my back-to-back championships fading away. From the very beginning of the season Munt was giving me solid advice and we were making subtle changes to my team.  After losing to my twin brother in Week 6 by 6pts, I was actually starting to get a little upset with my team. So, I emailed Muntradamus basically saying that my team is crap and if we win this year I’m all in on Beastdome VIP. Over the next sixteen weeks I received plenty of personal season changing advice and my team finished the season with a (11-5) record. Securing the 5th playoff position and finishing the regular season with a record of (11-11)

“All you gotta do is make the playoffs…” that was the recurring theme that he had for me.  We did. We won. I got my back-to-back championships(against my biggest rival).  While Munt has only been around for two years he has helped me collect a few championships. Since I’ve been asking Munt for advice I have won:

*Back to Back Baseball Championships (2012,2013)

*2012 Fantasy Basketball Championship

*2012 Fantasy Football Championship

I’m all in on VIP experience, no other site can compete with the one on one advice.

Spreecast is unique and unlike any other site, and not to mention the VIP members that you can chat with are also very knowledgeable.  I will continue to support Munt as he changes the way fantasy football advice is given. He is a force to be reckoned with and I’m glad I get my information from him.  

*Google Chat /Skype and Email are also great ways for him to respond to you.

*He makes it personal in a world that very impersonal.







– Mo/Wanted a Hanley But Got A BJ


Wire to Wire
Few teams are able to pull it off. It takes a team that not only got it right during the draft. But a team with an owner hungry enough to keep pushing and making deals and staying on top of the eb and flow of the market.  An owner that has a good core team, but isnt too good to make adjustments.  An owner that has the best co-owner possible.  After my amazing run at fantasy football last year. I of course went with the assistance of Muntradamus for baseball. And from the start of the season never looked back.  I won my Division by 31 Games. And won both my playoff match ups to take home the 2013 Fantasy Baseball championship.  I consistently used the daily pitching logs to ensure I was using my starters best, but also to make claims for great pitching matchups of the day.  I also flipped players as they were plateauing for players that were on the rise. Munt called such awesome sleeper draft picks as Chris Davis, Jacoby Ellsbury, Alex Cobb, Victor Martinez, Wilin Rosario.  Come playoffs it was clear I had the best team, and people were throwing games to avoid having to play me.  It was an awesome feeling and one that feels almost as good as the championship.  This championship has left me hungry for more and I am back using Munt’s VIP service to chase back to back championships.  And I am well on my way at 4-1 With a team that is strong at the most important and hard to find consistent scorer positions.   Get the VIP service and find out what its like to be the smartest person in your league.









– Dave K/Bonewagon (VIP USER)



I wanted to thank you for a great year in Fantasy Baseball!!! Your time, patience, great calls, trade advice and availability to answer my many questions though out the long season was very much appreciated. Did I win the championship? No…more on that later, but I was able to take home half the prize by winning the season.

Autodraft day was interesting I manipulated ESPN’s rankings to yours so when I woke up the next morning, I had the Team I wanted. I was testing my own strategy to draft Batters and RP saving all SP to the last 5 players picked up. The plan was to use your daily articles to Stream Pitchers all season (Too many great waiver wire pitchers where everyone was laughing at me at first, but then I was one the laughing in the end).

The strategy was flawless up until Championship Week. The Team was 18-1-3 all season, 2-1 in the playoffs. My batters from Draft Day, with a few minor pick ups for the season were 1st in R (50 above 2nd) HR’s (75 above 2nd), RBI’s (160 above 2nd) and SB (60 above 2nd).



Then the injuries started….ouch…then Teams started resting players…double ouch. With my plan to Stream pitching I left very little to compensate for half my team either injured or sitting.  It started in the Semi’s, your Daily rankings pulled me through to the Championship but I was limping going in. First Rosario, then Segura, Hanley Ramirez, Cespedes, A-Rod, Ellsbury, McCann (Rosario’s replacement). Even with the team depleted I still had a shot on Sunday. It was close I lost 6-4…it was a great run, enjoyed the year. I’m very much looking forward to joining the VIP next year.










My first full season as a VIP with Muntradamus was a total success. I finally won a fantasy baseball championship!!!

Muntradamus was there to help me every step of the way this season. Draft day (the most nerve wracking day of the season for me) Muntradamus had a plan(Chris Davis!!!!!!!!!!!), and was there to guide me through every pick via Skype screen sharing. This VIP feature is worth the price of the entire VIP package to me. After draft day I felt very comfortable with the team he helped me build.

With Muntradamus’ help i always felt reassured that I was making the right moves with my team. The inevitability of player injuries is there every season, and you need to quickly grab replacements that will keep your season’s momentum going. I had a few key players get injured over the course of the season. Muntradamus was pretty much always available through Skype chat to help me keep my team strong. I find that the hardest aspect of playing daily fantasy baseball is deciding which players on your team can be waived for those replacements that will make your team better. For the second season in a row he helped me grab a few crucial speed guys down the final stretch of the season in order to gain ground in stolen bases. This ultimately won me my championship.

I really can’t praise him enough for his help. Muntradamus is clearly obsessed with playing fantasy sports, and helping me win a championship became his obsession as well.











  1. Seriously, there are “experts”, and there is Muntradamus. The guy is a freak of nature when it comes to fantasy football predictions. My brother and I are in a shark infested 14 team league, $200 buy in, and right now we are 4-2 thanks to Munt advising us during our draft day. We were the 8th pick and right away, 1st round we were told by the almighty one to get Shady Mccoy. We snatche him up. 2nd round: Sjax, 3rd rd: Gronk. 4th, 5th, and 6th: Run Dmc, Jordy, and Stafford. With other supporting roles on our team such as Denarius Moore, adding crucial waivers such as Willis Mcgahee, Munt has helped us to being in 3rd place, while again, missing sjax, and gronk. We still have jstew to lead the way, as well as Lamborghini Percy Harvin, and maybe in the end, the best in Bowe will show up. Teams are terrified of us, thanks to Muntradamus expertise. I RECOMMEND everyone to get the VIP experience, where you get your questions answered via Skype, buy low articles on, and 1 on 1 draft day help. Beastdome Nation Rise up!!!

  2. And you get access the the VIP nation in the spree cast chat. The amusement there alone is worth $25 nevermind Munts game changing advise.

  3. ahhh…BEAST Appreciation Day!!!
    (glad I wore purple)
    After a successful Fantasy Baseball Season, your guidance and assistance has taken me to the top this Fantasy Football Season. The Team is tied for the top at 5-1 and is ready to coast into the bye weeks.

    The Team was set to succeed after the draft, but your trade advice over the past several weeks has made the team that much deeper, I hardly notice that Bradshaw first got replaced and is now is done for the season. The draft strategy to go RB first won’t cause me to miss Murray this week and set me up with late WR gems like Gordon and Nelson now heading to the top of the rankings.

    Your help and assistance answering my (MANY!!!) questions is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Thanks again, wishing Good Luck to all the rest of the season.

  4. Munt is the best. It’s that simple. I don’t personally get the VIPs only because I am very confident in my own game and like to challenge myself against my friends, whom I usually beat. But I’m considering entering big money competitions in which case I would definitely invest in Munt.
    It’s like this. It is impossible to predict everything in fantasy sports. There will be bad calls and completely random outcomes. But this guy right here has proven to me over the last couple years of me knowing about him, that he is just the closest it gets to making all the right predictions.
    Your a true BEAST Munt. Much respect and thank you for the hard work and sharing of your gift.

  5. Hey Munt, wanted to give you a great big thanks! I am 4-2 and would be 5-1 if I didn’t get a combined 2 points from Jimmy Graham and Megatron this week after trading Murray and DJAX for them. Just wanted to correct you on one statement though… numberFire had McCoy at #3 for the draft as well (although I think Lynch was #4 whereas Foster was #2) ;) You and numberFire are the only two sites I trust and led me to grab McCoy! Thanks again.

  6. Thank you Munt. Ever since I stumbled on your site last year I’ve improved my rankings. Currently I’m 5-1 and strong for the playoffs

    I have the strongest RB’s in the league.
    My late round WR’s are turning into consistent WR1 points.
    Julius Thomas was a steal, an absolute steal.
    Your other recommendations like Blackmon, Harvin, and Kansas City are winning me games.

    Thanks for everything. If I come out in first I’ll donate because just your free advice alone is getting me wins.

  7. Muntradamus is the only fantasy expert I trust. I subscribed to the VIP here on BeastDome and it has already paid dividends. I highly suggest anyone wanting to BEAST their fantasy leagues to become a VIP. In Muntradamus We Trust!

  8. Munt is the man when it comes to anything Fantasy Football related. Calls like Julius Thomas (when he was a relative unknown), J Gordon, Blackmon, R Bush have virtually won me weeks and I am now 5-1, with an injured Gronk/ S Jax coming back shortly. The attention he gives to each team is unmatched and the VIP is worth every penny and then some!

  9. for every 1 remark you get from a dissatisfied reader, there are many more readers out there who are “silently” happy. Today is Muntradamus appreciation day and I thank you for your work.

  10. When you absolutely, positively have to own your league there is NO better site than The Dome. I’ve been faithfully following Munt for years now, and I can easily say that I am MUCH better off under his tutelage. My level of understanding has blown up over the past few seasons and I owe that to The Dome.

  11. The VIP package has been worth every penny and more. Right from the beginning Munt gave a draft strategy that helped me get off to a great start in both of my leagues. I am currently 4-2 and 5-1 with GRONK on the bench in both leagues waiting to come back and push me for a championship run. With the VIP package I am always aware of rest of the season player values. This is great, because it helps me to coordinate trade moves that allow me to cash in on low buy players. Start/Sit question? Who has time to analyze ever facet of the game? Not I, I can tell you that much. (ex. I am asking Munt who I should stream for TE this week, he analyzes my team via skype chat, looks at my team gives me the answer than goes above an beyond and says, you can go ahead and sit Anquan Boldin too. It might have been obvious to some that Patrick Peterson might shut him down this week, but was it on my mind? Was it a difference between a win and a loss this week? The answer to that is YES! The greatest satisfaction over everything has been the level of communication. Munt has beastcasts where questions never go unanswered, and he’s almost always available on Skype (not sure if he sleeps or not). I am sure I am missing something. The fact is, if you are not on board yet, you are missing out.

  12. This is my 3rd season playing fantasy football and my first season visiting the site and becoming a VIP. All I can say is that I wish I had found Munt sooner as this year I’m doing a lot better in the leagues I am in. It’s like night and day. The VIP package is well worth ever penny! Become a VIP and Beast your leagues! I can’t stress that enough!Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t thank you enough for everything Munt! I don’t plan on going anywhere else.

  13. I was a VIP member for the second half of last season and I did not purchase the VIP package during the start of this season. But I was following beastdome site before draft and just by following that, I was able to draft good teams and I am 5-1 in couple of leagues and 4-2 in the rest. Almost all my teams include Gronk, Montee, Julius and Gordon… I still am holding on to Montee in few leagues where I can afford to. Now I am a VIP member and I am sure it’s worth the money spent.

  14. Like his great ancestor Nostra, Muntradamus is an amazing forward thinking analyst. He consistently sees the big picture that helps you win championships not just your weekly match-up.
    His unique strategies and insight into situations never fails to amaze. You should have seen the virtual mouths drop in my league after that first game of week 1 when I dropped
    Julius Thomas into my starting TE slot in place of Gronk. JT went off and the rest of the league was wondering, “.. how did I know?” Beastdome baby! Munt is THE MAN!

  15. Last season I started out 0-4 in my league before I found Muntradamus and the Beast Nation. With Munt’s help I was able to completely reoganize my fantasy football team and win my next 7 games on the way to my first fantasy football championship.

    This season has been even more successful having followed the Beast Draft Strategy from Day 1, I am currently on cruise control to the playoffs making sure my roster is ready for those last 4 weeks. Thanks again for all of your hard work Munt!

  16. Last football season I stumbled upon and good thing I did. I drafted what I thought was a monster team but traded most of my good picks away because I was said to have the worst draft ever…I mean I had AJ Green, Lesean McCoy, Andrew Luck, Willis McGahee, Peyton Manning…only to trade them away for at the time Fantasy Name Brands. I started off pretty good but then I hit a rough patch. I stumbled across Beast Dome and started taking the advice of “Muntradamus” and ended up finishing 3rd in my rookie season of a 20 team league culminating with me winning Rookie of the Year. This year I am a VIP and have Munt on speed dial. He really gives you honest feed back and saves you from yourself and the over thinking which I do a lot. Thanks Munt!!

  17. I am thankful for all the Hard work and Long hours you put in Muntradamus. Far and away the best there is for advice

  18. Muntradamus always has a fresh and interesting take on match ups, and roster moves. It is great to be able to get advice from someone that isn’t being regurgitated by the other popular ESPN outlets. Munt’s analysis is precise and for the most part spot on. And one of the best parts about the VIP subscription is that he wants you to win and will try his hardest to give you the tools to make it happen. Beast-Domer for Life

  19. Munt is under appreciated. Dude is a BEAST! He has helped me win my basketball championship, some draftstreet contests and I am on my way to winning my football championship! This needs to be Munt appreciation week! Thanks again Munt! From all of us VIP BEASTS

  20. Munt truly does work his butt off for this site and his VIP’s! I’m so thankful for everything he does and the money he has helped me win! Through the thick and thin I don’t ever think I could turn my back on the DOME! If you have yet to experience the VIP treatment you are missing out.

  21. I got the early bird special on the VIP package and after experiencing Munt’s insight first hand I must say that it feels like highway robbery! The amount of time Munt puts into his rankings and articles is mind blowing. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a real expert who isn’t afraid to go against the grain and make bold calls with his rankings rather than just following the crowd.

  22. I have used Munt for the past year in fantasy baseball, basketball, and football. I just became a VIP before this football season and I can say it’s totally worth it. I have yet to finish out of the top 3 in any fantasy league. In addition, I’ve been able to offset under-performing studs with sleepers only Munt predicted before the season. Thank you Munt, you are truly a gem in this sea of overrated “expert” analysis.

    started using his site last year (I was a rookie too) and i was able to get to the finals. I didn’t win, but I pulled some amazing WW grabs to get me to the finals.

    This year, I followed some of his advice (drafting) and got some nice WWs pick ups. I’m in 2-leagues with 5-1 at each league. My teams are pretty solid and playing very consistently every game. Trust is in Munt, he will lead us to victory!

  24. Munt is the man! Just signed up for the VIP service earlier in the week, but have been following beastdome since last year. I have learned so much from you, thank you for all that you do. The VIP service has been well worth it so far, timely responses and good advice. Thanks for all that you do man, 4-2 right now due in large part to your advice. Lets keep BEASTING!


  25. Becoming a VIP was totally worth it. Munt has given me some excellent advice. So much so that everyone in my league is dying to know where im getting my info. Of course it’s my little secret. I look forward to his advice each and every week for my fantasy league. So glad I finally found a REAL expert to get me through the season. Thanks Munt. The only one I trust to get my information from.

  26. Great site, great advice…made it to the semi-finals last year with the Beastdome and with Munt’s continued support and expert analysis for us VIPs, looking to go all the way to championship! Thanks for all you do Munt, much appreciated!

  27. Looked real hard at BeastDome last year, and followed this entity called MUNT. This year I looked close at results; this guy is a Beast! Got connected with the VIP this year, and listened, not just heard, but listened to all Munt’s advice this season…
    At times Munt was the ONLY one dropping certain names, and I trusted his call, despite what the rest of the so-called pros predicted. Left the rest of the scabs in the dust! Beast your league with the Beast himself!! Thanks Munt, Black n Gold ’till I’m dead n cold, support Beast Nation and the trophy you will hold!! BEAST!

  28. Lets see… Julius Thomas, Desean Jackson Munt had ranked higher than most experts, Josh Gordon, Justin Blackmon, Anquan Boldin, Shady Mccoy, had Jordon Cameron higher than most, Jordy Nelson..

  29. First time VIP for football this season. The difference between my draft last year and this year is remarkable. Muntradamus’ ability to spot undervalued and overvalued players is one of the most useful tools I’ve used in fantasy competition. I got DeSean Jackson in the seventh round of my draft. I got Antonio Gates around the 9th, in a 2TE league. I have gone from a 1-6 start last season to a 5-1 start this season. I’ve won close matches thanks to amazing performances by waiver wire pickups Munt recommended.
    Fantasy sports is about giving yourself the highest number of chances to win. Muntradamus has helped me find the most, by far, and in places other owners in the league scratched their heads at.

  30. Thanks munt for your help from following the beast draft strategy all the way to the Waiver wires. I was able to win against Peyton Manning during week 1 following your strategy. I also love how much attention and care you put into your Vip casts. The time you take to clearly answer our questions is Definitely top notch. I was skeptical about the Vip program at first, thinking to myself “can’t I obtain this from anywhere on the Web?” Man was I wrong, you truly feel appreciated when you can Skype or gchat munt about your teams questions and get a response back. Also I do enjoy reading the creative articles he produces on a weekly/daily basis. I know with munt and the beast dome nation we will all get to the championship. Can’t thank you enough munt.

  31. From a man of few words,
    If you just payed attention to what Munt has been telling us
    from day one (draft strategy) your sitting pretty ready for
    the BEAST run into the playoffs. I strongly believe this man
    has only begun to show me/us what he knows.

    Thanks Munt, VIP Bob

  32. First time VIP… 2nd year member. Didnt find beastdome and Munt until week 8. My team was 3-5 and struggling to break 100. Following weekly rankings and asking lineup questions, Munt had me winning 3 of the last 5 games putting me at 6-7 and a playoff birth. … then we rolled, round 1 – 153, round 2- 119, and then a 130pt championship.
    Fast forward to this year, VIP with pre-draft rankings… followed draft day strategy and a couple moves later…
    Peyton, McCoy, Charles, Lynch, DJax, J.Gordon, Julius Thomas, Prater on the same team… 6-0 900pts scored… blowouts weekly!
    So to keep it interesting ive taken my game to Fanduel… im hooked. Using Munts rankings and doing a little research ive netted $300 the past 2 weeks!
    Its nice to be in Beatdome Nation!
    gotta respect the dome!
    Thanks Munt

  33. Munt is A BEAST. His insight in player skill set and talent is unbelievable. I drafted following the Final RoS and I’m kicking ass with 4-2 only losing because the other teams blew up. My only regret is that I didn’t bid harder for the Gronk burger, and now the owner wants an arm and leg for him. If I had stay true, I would be owning harder once week 8 comes rolling. I’m still learning to fish so I’m glad I get the opportunity to learn from one of the best every Thursday night on THE BEASTCAST! Thanks for everything, Munt.

  34. Can’t agree more Mouserat. I’m in the same boat. First time as a VIP and the first draft I did with Munt following along. Pulled off a great draft, was a waiver hawk the first few weeks and made a couple trades.

    The end result:

    QB: Peyton
    RB: AD, McCoy, Murray, Moreno, Le’Veon, Montee
    WR: Welker, DJax, Gordon, Nicks, Harvin
    TE: Gronk
    K: Crosby
    D/ST Carolina

    The team is 4-2, with the losses coming by a combined 9 points. I’ve played the last 4 weeks without a TE, K or D/ST. Weekly 6 on 9 matchups and am sitting at first place in the league. That’s what Beasting the VIP experience can do for you…

  35. I win quite a bit and have done so for the last 6 years that I’ve played Fantasy Football. I do a lot of research, I go to a lot of games (season ticket holder, plus I usually try to visit at least one new stadium a year), and I pay attention to the ebb and flow of the game.

    I’ve also had the pleasure of chatting with a variety of experts in my time. Muntradamus is the cream of the crop. You more than get your money’s worth. His weekly sleeper picks alone are worth the price of admission for VIP. It almost feels like you’re cheating when you get one-on-one advice and it makes you wonder just how this man is able to squeeze so many hours out of the day.

    Not every sleeper is going to hit, not every pick is going to wow, but what is important in fantasy sports is the reasoning behind the decisions and the picks. If that is sound then the rest will flow and more often than not you will be correct. I can confidently say that Munt has the reasoning and the logic down when it comes to the X’s and O’s of his predictions.

    Whether you’re a grizzled and seasoned vet like myself who wants to have a personalized caddy to help you run through your line-ups (I’m currently managing 11 teams with $2500 invested on the season and last week alone won 9 of my games which is insane) or if you’re new to fantasy football and you need a helping hand to get you started.. Munt is the man.


  36. been coming here since game 6 of last season (1-5), i went from 13/14 to the playoffs by reading these articles and utilizing the strategies (ex-QB/K) + picking up waivers long before others knew what happened. Finished in 4th place last year in a very competitive league.

    this year, i’m in 2 leagues and absolutely dominating one with Munt’s advice. the other is much more competitive and i started with a big disadvantage at the draft (no 2nd or 3rd round draft pick – traded away). it is no accident i’ve got the team that has everyone double checking their lineups in both leagues. beastdome is where it’s at.

  37. Beastdome is the single most important website on the Internet in terms of fantasy football. From the articles to the amazing community that makes up BeastNation, you can not go wrong. I found the Dome last year after going on vacation and having a few game losing streak. I signed up for the VIP package and without hesitation, Munt looked over my teams, the wire, and my leagues and just when I thought my season was done, I made it to the playoffs. While I didn’t win it all, his advice turned my struggling teams around. I wish I had found him earlier.
    This is my third year playing fantasy, second year as a VIP, and I have a great feeling about this year because I have Munt by my side. I followed his advice, drafted well, and my teams are balling all by themselves. His VIP program is just that, VIP. He basically is a co-owner of my team, answering questions, giving advice, and somehow predicting the future. The access to his VIP Spreecasts and Skype make him invaluable. Do yourself a favor, pay the man. You won’t be sorry investing in Muntradamus and his knowledge. The only other advice I have to give you, do not tell your opponents.

  38. Munt knows his stuff and his strategies are on point. Is he right 100% of the time…no. But I would ride with his advice 100/100 times. JT and Desean are some gems he insisted everyone grab.

  39. @RKnapp10991

    Munt, thanks for instantly making me the smartest, most aggressive and best fantasy player in my league. I’m like a shark in water w/ the waiver wire and I’m like Scarface w/ trades. Absolutely ruthless. Always 3 steps ahead. Through your knowledge and insight all of BEAST NATION feasts on our fellow owners. 1 Nation Under Munt! Lets win our leagues Beast Nation!

  40. My team is Filthy…
    McCoy, Bush, Jackson, McGahee
    Gordon, Blackmon, Amendola, Boldin, Harvin
    I could go on and on and on about Munt, but ill let my team and it’s 5-1 first place ranking speak for itself. Thanks to Munt ive put up 737 pts this year thats 123 a game folks… thats almost ESPN top 50 leaderboard stuff here.

    Don’t believe in him? Your loss

  41. Seriously – sidney rice…after a barren patch scores a td…..nothing to say reallly….except thanks :)

  42. Hi Munt,

    Saw the twitter post and really need help on revamping my team. Could use your help (@Scotty_Willy) as I’m 3-3 record. This is a 14-man keeper NONPPR league and Doug/Ray hurting my team. Which low priced RBs should I target to improve my roster. We use a 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex (RB/WR) format.

    QBs: Matthew Stafford, Nick Foles
    RBs: Doug Martin, Ray Rice, Gio Bernard, Roy Helu, Andre Brown*
    WRs: Demaryius Thomas, Pierre Garcon, Miles Austin, Danny Amendola, Michael Floyd
    TE: Jordan Cameron,
    D/ST (Streamline: Ravens D/ST
    K: Matt Prater

    Another team with Murrary also has Cobb, J2K and the Chief/Broncos D/ST. What would be a fair trade for either of his RBs and a good D/ST?

  43. Trade Stafford + Garcon.

    Get Michael Vick + AJ Green.

    I have a Foles on my bench. Or should I trade Foles + Garcon for AJ Green instead?

  44. Really just depends on whether you’d rather have the Philly QB or Stafford… If you add up Vick + Foles on the year you have the #2 scoring fantasy QB.
    However on paper, Stafford + Garcon seems like a lot for Green plus an injured Vick. I’d try offering a lesser WR than Garcon first.

  45. Thanks Munt. I greatly benefited from the BeastDome draft strategy. I landed three good RBs in early rounds, Gronk in round FIVE, and DeSean Jackson in 6. I make my judgments based on several fantasy sites, and you definitely added the most value.

  46. Once again, Munt came through this year in a big way. It was the start of baseball fever, and I had two drafts, two teams, two leagues to dominate. And following Munt’s rankings this year, I dominated in a BIG way.

    I not only breezed into the playoffs, but I followed Munt’s strategy streaming pitchers to clinch almost flawlessly.

    I had Chris Davis on both teams, Ellsbury on both teams, Monster bats and rocket arms. I had teams chasing me all season. All the live-long day.

    I was a king in fantasy baseball this year, and I once again owe it to my guru, Muntradamus.

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