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By Muntradamus

Horrible news for the entire BEAST DOME NATION when TMZ released video footage of Ray Rice knocking out his girl.


It’s horrible that TMZ is getting involved like this.  They are not ESPN, they are not YAHOO.  This is TMZ.  TMZ is supposed to be talking about the iCloud scandal, not showing footage that is going to ruin a NFL players career right when the NFL season begins.  They have no place to show this footage at this time.  The footage should have been shown at the event of the date, or after the NFL season at this point.

For all of those people who are shocked at my statement above.  We all know he hit his fiancee, now wife.  The police report even claimed he hit is wife, the news claimed he hit his wife.  To show the footage now is 100% horrible and unfair.  They should of released this footage at the time of the event, not just hold onto it and release it 5 months later.  Not the day after Week 1 of the NFL Season, and throw off the Baltimore Ravens with this huge distraction after their 0-1 start and heading into a HUGE AFC North Thursday Night game against the 1-0 Steelers.

I am not saying Ray Rice is innocent at all during this, what he did was and still is horrible.  I am blaming TMZ for getting involved as they care much more about themselves than anyone else, just like all of Hollywood does.







I was all on the Ben Tate train this preseason.  It is sad that a player like Ben Tate cannot stay healthy despite being so young and not even close to hitting his potential.  This season was his chance to show what he can do on the Cleveland Browns, and now we have to wait and see how long Tate is out for.

To grab Terrance West is the only thing a Ben Tate owner can do.  Chances are he is already picked up in your fantasy league late in the draft, and now all you can do is wait and see.  If Terrance West gets the job in Cleveland, I have been comparing him to a young Thomas Jones when I first saw him on the BEASTcast TVs and now he will get the chance to be a Full-Time Thomas Jones.  Isiah Crowell is the goal line RB for the Browns which does hurt, but the upside of Terrance West is too good to pass up.  This is a guy who rushed for over 2,000 Yards in Division III football last season.

With 100 Yards off the bench in his debut, and sparking a 2nd half comeback.  Terrance West will be in the picture all year.




Justin Forsett has always proved to be worthy when his number was called.  In 2009 before Seattle had Marshawn Lynch, and were rolling with a BUST Julius Jones and an over the hill Edgerrin James.  Forsett started the season as the #3 RB.  Eventually Edge was injured and Forsett was outperforming Julius Jones.  Week 10 Forsett blew out of the gate with a 17 carry/123 yard/1 TD game.  The Seahawks gave the job back to an ineffective Julius Jones, who lost the job to Forsett who blew up for 23/130 Yard/2 TD game in Week 12.

Forsett ended up being the starting RB heading into 2010.  He struggled early failing to record a game over 70 yards.  Then Marshawn Lynch was recieved in a trade.  He played as a backup in Seattle for one more season before going to the Texans.

In 2012 when he was on the Texans he was the 3rd string RB behind Ben Tate and Arian Foster.  There were games he even outrushed Arian Foster on the same amount of carries.  Even had the historic 81 Yard TD run on Thanksgiving.


In 2013 Forsett was playing with a hurt foot as the backup to Maurice Jones-Drew.  Eventually his foot broke at Week 12 and is now declared 100%.

In 2014.  Ray Rice is now off the Ravens.  Bernard Pierce who should run away with the job suffered a concussion in the preseason during Week 3, and has not looked the same since.  Opening Sunday he was afraid to hit the holes hard and fumbled early in the game finishing with 6 carries for 14 yards.

Pierce and the concussion he suffered along with early season problems is a good reason to expect a BUST season.  Pierce will get a chance to get his job back, but he also has to prove he is worth it as he clearly trails the 28 year old RB from CAL.  For all of those Ray Rice owners out there looking for revenge.  Grab Forsett to win the job in Baltimore.  If it is a Blind Bidding league, bid 9.7% of your money to grab Forsett. Hopefully you own Carlos Hyde and Shonn Greene for Depth and this move of losing Ray Rice does not even effect you.  TEAM BEAST DOME was no so fortunate, as well as losing out on Carlos Hyde very early in the draft.




Make it Rainey has the potential to rip off a TD at any moment.  Looking at this injury from a distance, and the time of the injury.  It seemed the Buc’s were throwing in the towel at the time of the Doug Martin injury as this offense was not moving the ball against a Carolina Panthers Defense that was hitting HARD.  The injury should not keep Doug Martin out for a while as he was not limping, and I expect him to be back possibly next game.  If Doug Martin were to miss time, Bobby Rainey would be splitting carries with Mike James.  If Rainey gets all the carries to himself like he did last week, I would be shocked.  Rainey is too small of a RB to handle the load, but he definitely will have the edge in the carry split (14/6).

For all of those looking to make a trade on a RB to buy LOW.  Doug Martin is your guy.  I would negotiate the trade now while we wait to hear the results of the injury.  To me it seemed as the Bucs were out of the game and their main goal was to keep Doug Martin healthy moving forward against a Panthers Defense that rocked the Buc’s boat.

When Doug Martin is healthy, Rainey is not a factor at all and can be dropped.







The Antonio Gates show is ending quicker than we think.  The fact he is not playing Week 1 means that the Ladarius Green show will definitely be having it’s own PRIMETIME spot this season.  When Antonio Gates is out, Ladarius is a Top 10 option at the position.  When Gates is playing, Ladarius is a risky option who can leave you empty handed.  The fact that Gates is QUESTIONABLE with a hamstring in Week 1, means Gates will definitely not be playing a full season and could miss weeks at a time.




Tyler Eifert is down, Jermaine Gresham is now 100% locked and loaded as the BEAST TE for the Bengals.  Eifert is only expected to miss a few weeks, but those few weeks are enough time for Gresham to run away with the job and make a HUGE impact.  Gresham would be a Top 15 TE easy if Eifert was not on the team, now is the time to prove that statement.




He dropped a crucial 2nd Down reception late in the game with the Falcons trailing.  All of that is forgetten now with a Falcons win.  Levine is going to have the green light to be the athletic BEAST he can be.  Levine is a player to target on all waiver wires this season as the high-powered Falcons offense could easily give him the chance to put up a really poor mans Tony Gonzalez numbers.  No other TE on the roster is competiting for playing time.  Same cannot be said for the two above.  Last week he had 3 Receptions for 19 Yards and a TD.  Games of 50+ Yards will be there for him, and the redzone option is always a threat.





  1. I think my favorite part of having football back is getting Munt’s post game analysis. I’m always excited to see a new article has been posted. Thanks Munt!

  2. ” Rainey is too small of a RB to handle the load ” – Forsett is about 20lbs smaller than Rainey.

  3. I’m not really on Forsett. To me, he’s a lot like Rainey…Good change of pace guy but not a guy that can handle a heavy workload game in and game out. I think with Rice gone, the Ravens will be looking for somebody that can be their feature RB in the years to come. Forsett clearly isn’t that guy….And Pierce really hasn’t shown that he can be that guy either. I think Taliaferro will be given a chance and could excel in that zone blocking scheme. He was a monster in college running for over 1,700 yards and 27 TD’s last year in 15 games…sick numbers…

  4. Gates is vintage. I regret writing the Ladarius Green comments as it was originally posted when it was looking doubtful for Gates to play.

    With Gates healthy, he is vintage and Ladarius Green is Waiver Wire play and that is it.

  5. He is okay. Just don’t drop anyone valuable. If it means keeping a better waiver wire position for next week or adding Lorenzo. I’m going with the Waiver Wire position for next week.

    All three Ravens RBs will be on a tight leash. One accident from Pierce, one accident from Forsett, everything will change week-to-week.

  6. ok so what to do about Trich? he looked just like last year and Bradshaw looked better.
    he was drafted as my 3rd running back and I dropped Bradshaw for Boykin.
    Should I get him back or look to grab Forsett or Ivory or maybe Taliaferro?

    Just not feeling good about this guy!

  7. Ray Rice owner here. My team consists of: RG3, Lynch, Foster, R. Bush, J. Jones, D. Jax, G. Olsen, M. Colston, Boykin, Cutler, Hyde, Greene. Top guys available on WW are: Bradshaw, T. West, Forsett, T. Smith. Who should I get?

  8. 8 team league
    Lynch ball Doug martin s jax Tate vereen
    Dez Roddy maclin colston Gordon

    Who to drop for Steve Smith?

  9. Update- Tate says on twitter his knee is nothing big
    – coach lovie smith says Doug martin injury is minor

  10. Hello Munt, this is a great site, I have been following your write ups for the past 3 years, and so far I have championed twice … to the point that they kick me out of my league this year.. lol

    so here is my question… who of these should I drop to get Gresham or Toilolo as a backup TE (i am a Jordan Reed owner) Boykin, Hilton, Palmer. Other names on my bench are Ellington, West, Jones-Drew .. thanks a lot for all your write ups and advice.

  11. 14 team league — I’ve got

    Fitz/Maclin/Ter Williams/Nicks/John Jones

    Should I consider dropping a TE to pick up Gresham? RB is questionable for me with Martin now nursing a “minor” injury. Should I be looking for someone else and maybe dropping a WR or Ridley? Thanks in advance

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