The Future of Daily Fantasy Sports

The Future of Daily Fantasy Sports


By Muntradamus


When I moved to Las Vegas in 2013, I set three goals for myself.

  1. Grow BEAST DOME into a larger company. Site has doubled in profit every single year.
  2. Qualify and Win Daily Fantasy Sports Championships. I have Qualified for 5 Major Fantasy Championships since 2013. 9 Total in my career which started in 2012.
  3. Complete BEAST FRANCHISE and have it ready for the public to play. Game is complete, but no funding makes it very hard to get the word out.

While I can say that all these goals have been accomplished to some degree, all of these goals could also be heading in the wrong direction thanks to a stupid (no other word to use) DraftKings Employee in Ethan Haskell who opened up the flood gates of drowning Daily Fantasy Sports with his leaked information of Inside Information with Roster ownership %. Ethan won $350K on FanDuel one NFL Weekend, and he raked in a ridiculous amount of money consistently during the MLB Season, while playing on FanDuel as an employee of DraftKings.

A few of the biggest/most successful players in the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry, are employees of DraftKings. Which makes you wonder how much information all those guys had as well. Regardless of all that, the Industry is taking a HUGE hit and the fate of everything could be decided on a court date the day before Thanksgiving in New York. Giving DraftKings and FanDuel one last chance to prove that Daily Fantasy Sports is a game of Skill, and not Sports Gambling.

While I will not comment on whether or not Daily Fantasy Sports is Gambling, I will say that if you put me up in a ring against a bunch of clowns who think they know sports. I will take them out one by one by one 9 out of 10 times. There is always that 1/10 times where things will not break my way. As far as consistently making money in Daily Fantasy Sports, that just depends all on strategic planning with your money as far as how much you play, and what contests. I have been around a lot of gamblers living in Las Vegas at the Sportsbook and have learned a lot of different methods on how they gamble. I will say I know one that does work and sounds legitimate, but you need a bank account to back it up. Anyways back to the topic..

Once New York State Bans DFS, which seems more likely than not as FanDuel and Draftkings refuse to license BEAST FRANCHISE from me, (Tried E-mailing Nigel and Jason again) which would help prove Daily Fantasy Baseball is at least more skill with the Batting Order aspect. The other major states of California and Florida will follow quickly. Which will then trigger all the other states to the point where “it could be” banned in the US.

I have talked to a few Gaming Lawyers on the Topic who are interested in handling my BEAST FRANCHISE, all of them have told me once the Government can figure out how to get their cut, they will legalize DFS again like nothing happened. While they sound optimistic, I for one am starting to realize that this journey in Vegas is about to hit a Crossroads. Without Daily Fantasy Sports, BEAST DOME can really only make good enough money during the Preseason of NFL and MLB as Season Long Fantasy Basketball is a very small audience. Which means BEAST DOME will have to adapt. How it will adapt will be announced when the time comes, but I have plans in mind.

While I hope for the best for FanDuel and DraftKings to win their case the day before Thanksgiving, and return Daily Fantasy Sports to the time where none of this scandal ever happened.
I am also going to play the rest of 2015 like it “could” be the last time I will ever play Daily Fantasy Sports, because that reality is a possibility.

Luckily there will still always be Player Props on Bovada. Which in a small way is Daily Fantasy.


  1. There’s a website where you can win money playing fantasy football??!?!?!!? And you can change your team EVERY WEEK??!! Why have there been no commercials about this?

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