Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: You Sanuze You Luze (Week 13)

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire:

You Sanuze You Luze (Week 13)

By Muntradamus


First of all.  Props to Mr.Tebow666 who called the Knowshon Moreno in the BEAST DOME NATION before anyone.  Continue to help each other out bring home the championship.



Hopefully you have been keeping up with the BEAST DOME Waiver Wire all season.

1st Half Waiver Wire Calls

Week 9 Waiver Wire Picks.

Isaac Redman (One Week Play).
Mark Ingram (Scored a TD).
John Skelton (sleeper QB)

Week 10 Waiver Wire Picks.

Marcel Reece.
Joe Flacco  (Sleeper QB of the Week)

Week 11 Waiver Wire Picks.

Beanie Wells.
Danario Alexander (DNX #RideOrDie)
Brandon LaFell

Week 12 Waiver Wire Picks.

Bryce Brown
Bilal Powell
Pierre Garcon
Julian Edelman
Justin Blackmon



You will find most of these players were all listed Last Week.  Hopefully you stayed on top of the Waiver Wire articles.



He probably is not a Free Agent in your league, but Kaepernick sure can get fantasy points quickly.  If you need a QB this week, Colin has a great matchup against a Rams defense that has fallen asleep against the pass at times.  Regardless he can run for big points.



The Bills are becoming a running football team more and more by the week.  This week the Bills face a Jaguars defense that they should have success against through the air, just matters if Fitzpatrick can do more than throw to Stevie Johnson who is by far the best pass catching option on the team.


Henne knocked down a good matchup against the Titans with some late TDs, this week he has a semi-good matchup against the Bills.  Both of his WRs are hot, which in turn makes him a decent start regardless.  Just a matter of him performing on a tougher stage than usual where the Bills defense has a lot of momentum.



Matt Forte may miss a game or two, which means the ultimate handcuff automatic RB#2 Michael Bush becomes the #1 Waiver Wire priority in Fantasy Football.  He can simply dominate when in the game.


Once again Props to Tebow666 great call.

Moreno looked good as the starting RB against KC.  While it was not an amazing performance that makes you think he will be ELITE.  It is the right steps as he should be trusted as a RB#2 moving forward.  One TD though and his value will sky-rocket.  Have to love RBs in a Peyton Manning offense.


He is back on this list.  The man who just won’t go away has a tasty matchup against the Saints.  The Falcons are using Quizz frequently as Turner continues to lack explosiveness.  Quizz was also getting redzone and goal line carries as he took a 5 yard pitch play for a TD.  We all know it’s coming, it’s just a matter of how consistent and when.

Good RB#3 if you need one against the Saints.


Bilal was on this list last week and is already proving to be a redzone threat.  He is a low-end RB#3 but it does help that he gets the redzone looks.


Bryce Brown was on this list last week, and although he looked great.  The Panthers were not covering running lanes well at all, leading to huge runs which made him the Fantasy MVP of the week at RB.




Mohamed Sanu was my #25 ranked WR this week.  If you saw it, you would have been happy.

Sanu is everything A.J. Green cannot handle.  He even took a carry on 3rd and 6 and pulled out a good run where he looked like he was going to lose yards.  They throw to him in the redzone often, definitely a player to own.  Especially if you already own A.J. Green.


Blackmon was on this list last week.  J-Black attack is back and looking dominant thanks to Chad Henne’s Resurrection this season.  As long as Henne is throwing the ball well, Blackmon is an easy #2 Fantasy WR with his size and speed.


Broyles is now the #2 WR in Detroit, which means he is a WR you want to own in all 12 team leagues.  Titus Young could return at some point, but right now ride the Broyles ship while he is hot.  If he emerges for Stafford as the first #2 WR in some time, Stafford can be Dangerous.



Julian was another player on this list last week.  He is exactly what the Patriots need opposite of Wes Welker.  He is the same, but different.  Tom Brady likes it, and if Brady likes it, so will you.



Pierre was recommended on this list last week.

He is back to being the #1 WR for RGIII.  Which means he is an automatic WR#2 the R.O.S.  Add him with confidence as he could easily end up with 80 Yards or more in a game.



This is the third straight Week LaFell has been on this list (Week 12 Waiver Wire).

I put him on this last week 11 as well.

This is your last call.  He’s seeing no coverage as teams continue to keep Steve Smith frustrated and yelling at everyone.  Steve Smith is the most emotional football player in the game.  Everything from spinning the ball on a 4 yard reception.  To getting in fights against three players at once.




The Jaguars are passing the ball with confidence again, which makes Marcedes Lewis a good low-end #2 TE.  He may not be the best name on your waiver wire, but he will be productive more often than not and is a redzone TD machine when he gets going.  Chad Henne is not looking bad, making Lewis a good risk as he will be in the top 20 more often than not.



Rankings are not finalized. There will be a sleeper on your waiver wire when the Rankings are done.


You can start picking and choosing from this list.



Might not be the sexiest matchup against a hot Jaguars offense that is getting Maurice Jones-Drew back.  This is still a matchup that looks good enough on paper as the Bills are starting to play at the level owners expected them to.  On top of that, Mario Williams is getting hot which can only mean good things.  The Bills also have the best R.O.S schedule of any D/ST Fantasy Football team.


Thank you all for participating in the BEAST DOME NATION. Together we win Championships.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.  To check his Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings Click HereHe also won a 1,000 person tournament in Fantasy Football to qualify for a trip to Vegas to play for $500,000 in Prizes. To Check his Week-By-Week Progress to being the #1 Expert. Follow the Journey.



  1. He is mentioned more in the Haiku.

    Go with Broyles for now with his upside. Titus Young will eventually come back and Broyles will lose some consistency.

  2. I need a DST for For Week 14.
    I have Texans vs NE (not the best matchup) on my roster.

    Two DSTs (available of WW) can be considered:
    1. Browns vs KC
    2. Bills vs STL.

    Guys, pls help!

  3. Go with the Bills vs JAC. The Jags have NO running game and will have to rely on Henne to throw heavily. That means INT’s and sacks deluxe.

  4. Who to play this week?

    First post gents. Have to pick two of:

    Ahmad Bradshaw
    Ryan Matthews
    Danario Alexander

    (0.5 PPR)

    Am leaning toward Bradshaw and Moreno atm. I was in the UK on Sunday and on my plane when I logged into my site to see that Knowshon was going to start. Nabbed him from under everyone’s noses and got home late at night to see he had an impact and could shake up my roster.

  5. Neither D is a great choice on its own, but I would go with the Browns since KC probably has the worse of the two offences.

  6. Also for week 13, my wrs are : Blackmon fitz amendola Moore and mike williams? Should I pick up broyles or sanu ?? If so , who do I drop? I’m 6-6, if I win I’m in . Lose and I go home

  7. I just read that there’s a solid chance young wont be back the rest of the year, opening the door for broyles to be a playoff stud, making both him and sanu good high-upside pickups

  8. Is Mendenhall dropable now with the time share? Or think he will have value when Big Ben gets back? Can pick up Bryce Brown, Quizz, Garcon, Sanu, or Blackmon for him.

  9. Packers over Giants. But, do you have the Bengals, Cowboys, or Panthers available on the wire? I think those are all better plays for the week.

  10. I dropped him, He’s now 3rd on the depth chart and just taking up space on my roster. I would take ANY of those guys over him right now. As you know anything could have and he might end up starting again but I’m willing to take my chances.

  11. Should i srop Austin or Maclin for Garcon? both of them consistantly make me regret owning them even though ppl keep telling me to hang on to them.

    Other WR on the team is Colston, Cobb and Amendola who are all staying on.

  12. So I am sitting in the 4 hole with 2 weeks to go and I am on a 3 game losing streak. Hook it up with some help. I need a running back, 2 wr’s and a flex.

    I have Beanie, Sproles, Cecil Shorts, Greg Jennings, Vincent Jackson (Champ Bailey is going to cover him this week), Eric Decker and Ryan Broyles.

    I am in a standard scoring league.

    Also, Luck or Stafford. I’m leaning Stafford. I think Luck is wearing down from the long season.

  13. maclin, at least austin has bryant drawing coverage, desean is out which makes maclin the man to cover in philly

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