FANTASY FOOTBALL WAIVER WIRE: How The West Was A RBBC (Charcandrick West)


How The West Was A RBBC

(Charcandrick West)


By Muntradamus


With a Waiver Wire so thin this week due to no major injuries outside of Jamaal Charles, today’s Waiver Wire is going to be more of a BEAST or BUST and talk about what we should expect from the Kansas City Chiefs and their running game moving forward. First the two candidates.


Knile had every chance in the world to win the clear #2 RB job for the Chiefs. He was “Thee” guy for the Chiefs during the Preseason. He even vultured a TD from Jamaal Charles during the Week 2 Thursday Night Football game against the Broncos. Despite his average performance so far this season, Knile Davis has been demoted behind Charcandrick West. Watching Knile Davis and his 2 carries last week, Knile still looks like a strong back who can fall forward when he is hit, but I also see what Andy Reid see’s in Charcandrick.


This guy is actually more special than I originally thought. He is very quick, he is bigger than most people think, and like the famous Pokemon Chamander, Charcandrick comes standard with a cut. When Charmander goes out for a pass, it is tough for linebackers to cover him as he jukes one way and goes the other. When Charmander takes a handoff up the middle, he has the ability to cutback and bounce it outside for a nice gain. I do not want to say Charmander is a Superstar, but he is a bigger/stronger Shane Vereen, and that is exactly what the Chiefs need right now.

Before I go off and say that Charcandrick is a BEAST, we do have to take note that the Chiefs are bringing in Ben Tate and Pierre Thomas to round out that backfield. No matter what RB they sign, either of them are more talented than Charcandrick from what we have seen last season, and instantly this would turn into a RBBC. I do expect the Chiefs to go as far as to sign one of them as it would seem foolish to rely on two RBs who do not have the experience of a Vet, nor the Superstar name that defenses have to respect.

In the end once the Chiefs sign a RB.


As for Week 6 goes, Charcandrick makes for a good RB3 in Deep Leagues. After Week 6, his future is undecided.




  1. I value your logic on C. West and follow you. However, I am respectfully doing the opposite with the #1 waiver position this week I’m going to pounce. You normally hit on every bust call. But if this guy turns into gold I will be kicking myself. Numberfire’s metrics say Kniles Davis was top 5 weakest runners in the NFL last season per carry. I know he had a couple good fantasy games but the guy is weak sauce effectiveness wise. Andy favors West heavily. West out touched Davis by a lot last season. Even if they bring in free agent there is a reason they are a free agent going into week 6. West’s SPARQ test they say is very promising. I’m taking the chance on him.

    I have Dion Lewis who is completely killing it in PPR. If West is a stronger Vereen in Reid’s rb pass heavy O I just cant pass that up.

  2. C West looks talented and he fits the system. If Tate and Thomas are more talented then why are they free agents and West no2 on the roster? I see that as a move for depth not for a starter. Reid has made stars out of backup RBs before…remember that’s how shady got started in Philly.

  3. Kenny Stills and Davante Parker are only getting more involved. I did end up giving Landry more love before the Final Rankings were due because of all the screen passes he gets, but still no TDs this season (besides a Punt Return)

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