FANTASY FOOTBALL WAIVER WIRE From Steve to Stevie Real Quick (Week 9)


From Steve to Stevie (Week 9)


By Muntradamus


The replace SSS week continues here on BEAST DOME.Tomorrow I will give you a trade target, tonight I give you the Waiver Wire WR players to own to replace our beloved SSS. In order for a player to make this list, they must be owned in less than 50% of ESPN Leagues. The players are ranked in order.

*Like I mentioned in the article last night, DeAngelo Williams is the #1 Priority in Fantasy Football this week off the Wire. But that is basic knowledge and this article is here for you to BEAST the competition.





ESPN: 28.8%

Stevie may be the future for the Chargers and he is most likely to take over the role that Keenan Allen left behind. Floyd is comfortable in his jump ball route running, while Stevie can run all the underneaths like Allen. Stevie does have big time speed and this is his best situation of his young career to have a BEAST rest of the season. Stevie was once the man for Ryan Fitzmagic in Buffalo, now he gets Rivers. Stevie is WR#2 status that can play like a #1.


ESPN: 49.5%

If you have not been following TEAM BEAST DOME and not added LaFell the second he was on the Waiver Wire, you are living under a rock. LaFell is the clear cut #2 WR on a Tom Brady historic offense. He may be the #3 or #4 option in the passing game, but if I can get someone on the field that plays with Brady, I want him. LaFell is an every week low-end WR#2 with upside.



ESPN: 15.5%

Not a WR, but this is where Vernon Davis ranks on the list as far as priority.

Read Vern after reading.


ESPN: 20.6%

Every single week SSS went down. Kamar Aiken has stepped up to put up Low-End WR#2 numbers. With Breshad Perriman still out with a knee injury and has not even practiced with the Ravens yet. It is safe to say Aiken could be the #1 WR for Joe Flacco for the rest of the season. Joe Flacco is a special QB who makes players better than they are, Kamar Aiken will now get that treatment and be an every week WR#2 who should put up SSS. Numbers.


ESPN: 27.7%

Before Keenan Allen was a Charger. Macolm Floyd and Antonio Gates was the 1/2 Punch of a Philip Rivers offense for multiple seasons. Floyd would always make big circus catches, only problem is Floyd continued to get injured. As long as Malcolm is playing, Floyd will get his fair share of 1 on 1 plays that should result into big points. He is a Low-End WR#2 who can play like a WR#1.


ESPN: 29.3%

The second I turn my back on Marques Colston, he reminds me of his vintage days when he was a BEAST DOME Legend. The potential has always been there in a Saints offense that featured Colston in a Jimmy Graham, type role and finally in Week 8 we saw Colston have a vintage 8/114 Yards/1 TD.

You cannot argue that he is worthy of a bench spot this week against the Titans, and his schedule goes downhill from here.



ESPN: 43.6%

Counting down the days Romo comes back. T-Will still has plenty of talent, just no QB to get him the ball consistently. Cowboys against the Seahawks will never look good on paper for Terrance Williams, an easier schedule and more Dez on the field will turn this season around. Right now Williams is anywhere from a WR#3-WR#4. With some good matchups and better QB play T-Will can move to low-end WR#2.


ESPN: 37.9%

Tedd Ginn is turning into the TY Hilton of the Carolina Panthers. Which is actually fine considering that Cam Newton does not have anyone else he is really comfortable throwing to outside of Greg Olsen. Ginn will do well when the matchup is right, but he is as Boom or BUST as it gets. Solid WR#3 who can play like a WR#2, as well as a WR#4.


ESPN: 38%

If you had my CREATE A TEAM for you package you would of had Nate Washington these last two weeks. With Cecil Shorts III out, there is more plays for Nate Washington. The second Cecil Shorts III returns to the field, Nate Washington takes a hit and goes from WR#2 to low-end WR#3.


ESPN: 34.4%

Matt Ryan finally goes off for 374 Yards. Roddy White only see’s two receptions and three targets. Is it time to finally throw in the towel, especially with Leonard Hankerson not even playing last week. We all learned from Marques Colston that it is too soon to ever give up on a player in a good situation. While it is not looking good, Roddy White is a WR#4 who has potential to play like a WR#2 if he ever gets his targets.



ESPN: 0.4%

Marlon will likely take on the #2 role for the Ravens. Brown is good sized tall WR who has potential to make some big plays and potentially outscore Kamar Aiken from Week-to-Week. While Brown does not do much, look at him as a Roddy White type of player who is not as good and never reached the level Roddy was once at. Marlon will make some plays here and there, and is nothing more than a WR#4 who can play like a WR#3. His upside is pretty high but we would have to see Joe Flacco really change things up.



ESPN: 0.4%

This is only if Brandon Marshall does not play this week. Kerley played 1 game for TEAM BEAST DOME this season and he scored a Touchdown against the Eagles to go along with 6 receptions and 33 yards. Kerley was once the leading WR for this Jets squad before they brought in Decker and Marshall. With no Brandon Marshall and assuming Fitzmagic plays this week, Kerley will be a nice Low-End WR#2/High-End WR#3.



  1. Hi Munt, How would you rank WRs like Garcon and V-Jax amongst the WRs above?

    Also, which RB pickup do you like more between Vereen, Pierre Thomas, Gaskins?

  2. Thanks Munt — your VIP WR draft picks have saved what’s been a crazy season….. How does SAMMY WATKINS look for ROS? On my wire and targeting him to replace SSSr … top avail on your list is AIKEN. So Aiken or Watkins??

  3. MUNT you’re a livesaver!! I’m 5-3 but Gurley has been going off on my bench for the past month (I’m trusting you). Should I just trade him away???

  4. Have a trade offer to give V-Jax and get Stevie. Take that trade? Vjax in a run first offense, Stevie in a pass first offense.

  5. Trade Demarco for Cobb?My wrs are Marshall,Lafell,Diggs,Hurns.Rbs are Demarco,Lynch,Ivory,Dmc,Duke.

  6. How is he on your bench? Despite the BUST tag he was still a Top 10 RB in my Rankings. If you are that deep at RB might as well trade him, once the Rams start facing teams that don’t go 3 and out every possession Gurley will slow down

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