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Big Week let me know what your Playoff position is and put down any noteable Free Agents that I did not list that you see you are interested in.


Rolling with Tannehill if he is your QB. Coming off of a bye week and getting Julio Jones back, the Titans offense should be ready to have a good gameplan to dominate the Jaguars Defense.



Robinson fumbled, he is not 100% healthy, the season still has a month left, do not be surprised if at some point the Jaguars shutdown James Robinson as their season is over.


Hasty could get a spot start for the 49ers, but he is not a guy you want to rely on. We will see how the injury report goes for SF, but not in love if you need him.



Good matchup against the Bucs, the Bills will be throwing and even though Sanders has not been good as of late, this should be a good matchup for him to remind us of who he was at random points during the season. He can definitely be a WR2 this week.



Matchup against Jared Goff is a dream no matter who it is against.


Tyrod Taylor does not remember how to throw a Football. Seattle secondary not great, but that front 7 will prevent Tyrod from using his legs, and when Tyrod has to throw. Good things can happen for the defenses.


  1. 8 Team League
    .5 PPR
    Record 4-9
    $28 FAAB remaining

    QB: Brady
    RB: Najee, James Robinson, Melvin Gordon, Foreman, Sony Michel (IR: Henry)
    WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Diontae Johnson, Brandin Cooks, OBJ, Chase Claypool, Renfrow, (IR: AJ Brown, Julio)
    TE: Logan Thomas(hurt)
    DST: GB
    K: Succop

    Waiver Wire:
    RB: Stevenson, Ingram, Hyde, Boston Scott, Singletary
    WR: Gallup, Gage, Sutton, Beasley,
    TE Goedert, Conklin, Higbee, Fant, Gesicki, Henry, Cook

    RB: Situation is a bit of a mess. Any thoughts?
    TE: Need a TE for this week and ROS.

    Not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet but I need to win out to have a chance.

  2. 10pt PPR 6 and 7 need win to secure playoffs currently 8th

    QB’s- Brady, Tannehill
    RB’s- (2) Hubbard, Henderson, B. Scott, R. Jones, and D. Harris
    WR’s- (2) B. Cooks, Gage, Sutton, Julio Jones, AJ Brown, and Antonio Brown
    TE’s- (1) Gronk and Hockenson
    FLEX- RB/WR/TE (1)
    K- Succop, Bullock
    Def- Ravens, Dolphins. Seattle available

    WW- Burkhead, A. Collins, Hyde, L. Murray and Hasty
    S. Shepard, Cobb, E. Sanders. DPJ and Allen Robinson

  3. Team 1
    12-man (win for a for sure spot)
    PPR (7-6)
    QB (2) – TB12/Staff
    RB (2) – Damien H /Cord Patt /Aaron Jones/AJ Dillon/ Chubba/ Darrell Will
    WR (2)- Julio/MikeWill/Marvin Jones/AJ Brown (IR)
    TE (1)- Hock/Ertz
    Flex (1)
    D/ST- Steelers
    K- Succop

    Hyde, Mike Davis, McHasty/Wilson Jr
    Emm Sanders and Osborn
    Cowboys (Wsh-NY-Wsh schedule) , Packers, Seahawks and Broncos

  4. Team 2 (win for better seeding)
    12 man
    .5 PPR (9-4)
    QB (1)- TB12
    RB (2) –Fournette / Miles Sanders /Damien Harris/Chubba/ Jamaal Will/ AJ Dillon/Michel/Darrell Will
    WR (2) – Davante/Dhop / AJ Green/Julio (IR)
    TE (1) – Higbee/Ertz
    Flex (1)
    D/ST- Ravens
    K- Succop

    **If I activate Julio tonight, I would have to drop someone for that then drop someone else for a waiver**

    Gerald Everett and RSJ
    Cowboys/ Saints/ Seahawks/Packers

  5. @ROZ
    Add Dallas G $28
    Drop Logan T

    If you miss him grabbing Higbee off Wire is fine

    Add Stevenson $28 (If nobody has more than $28 make this primary move, I just assume someone will bid more)
    Drop Cooks

    If you miss Stevenson, grab Hyde for Free

    Drop GB
    Add TEN

    Unfortuante season is on a brink, hopefully team pulls through you have enough talent.


  6. Fiction Team 01 – .5 PPR, super deep 3 WR, 2 Flex, 14 team league
    I am 4th/14, playoffs start week 15, no playoff byes. Based on my math I make playoffs no matter what happens in Week 14. Want the win but looking ahead to week 15 also.

    so thin at WR, looking for some deep options. Worried about RB also! WW is a wasteland

    QB: Tannehill, M Ryan, T Hill – this is (6pt TD league)
    RB: D Henry (IR), Dam Harris (Bye), Eli Mitchell (Doubtful), Jaml Williams, S Michel, B Bolden, C Hyde, A Abdullah
    WR: Thielen (Doubtful), AJB (IR), Julio, J Reynolds, Q Watkins (Bye), L Treadwell
    TE: Hock 88
    2 Flex Spots

    WW – I have $8 left, 10 other teams have more FAAB than me, so not getting hopes up kn KJ or Hasty

    WR: KJ Osborn, Dede Westbrook, M Callaway, G Davis, J Guyton
    RB: J Hasty, R Penny, Jermar Jefferson, Godwin Igwebuike
    TE: F Moreau, A Hooper


    Drop Abdullah
    Add Hasty since you have Mitchell

    Drop Treadwell
    Add Osborn for adam t insurance,dede if you miss

    BEAST making playoffs

  8. 1: 8-4 (full PPR, 6 team, multi QB league)

    This is the first week of the playoffs.

    QB x 1: Brady / Staff
    RB x 1: Buga, Chubb, Swift, Mixon, Henderson, AJD 
    WR x 1: Hill, Chase, Ridley on IR
    RB/WR: x 1 of the remaining RB/WRs
    TE x 1: Kittle, Pitts
    QB/RB/WR/TE superflex – x 1 of the remaining players from all offensive positions
    DST x 1: Rams D
    K x 1: Carlson
    IDP x 1: Roquon
    IR: Ridley

    RB: J Conner, Cordy, Mattison,
    WR: Holllywood, Cooks, Waddle, DJ Moore, Pittman, Thielen, Claypool, Gallop, Beckham
    K: Hopkins, Crosby, Butker, Gay, Gonzo, McManus, Succop
    D: Broncos or Seahawks or Saints

  9. Team 2: 6-7 (STD, 12 team) Currently 9th place out of 8 that make the playoffs. Must win this week.

    QB: Teddy, Tanny
    RB x2: Cook, D Harris, Mattison, Chubba
    WR x2: Evans, Lockett, Julio, AJB – out
FLEX x 1: 
TE: Thomas
DST: 49ers
K: McPherson

    Dropping Teddy for who?
    Dropping Thomas for who?
    Which DST/K?

    The only QB that we could’ve steamed was Minshew and I still would’ve lost. This team has fallen apart but maybe a music city miracle can save my season and put me in the playoffs. I have to win and also have the current 8th seed lose. I outpace them by 28 points for the tie breaker.

    QB-Cam, Russ, Tua, Taylor H, Jimmy G, Baker
    RB-Edmonds, Hyde, A Collins, L Murray
    WR-Gallup, Gage, Samuel, Shepard
    TE-Fant, Kmet, Cook, Uzo, Everett, Hooper
    D-Seahawks, Broncos, Jets, Falcons
    K-Succop, Crosby, Hopkins, Gonzo, Prater, Gay

  10. Team 3A: 8-4 (full PPR, 12 team)

    Finished 2nd. First round is this week!

    QB: Stafford or Burrow?
    RB x2: Najee, Chubb, D Henderson, Mixon, D Harris
    WR x2: Adams, Diggs, Kupp, Claypool, Gallup
    TE: Pitts or Goedert on bye
    DST: Rams
K: Gay
    IR: None

    QB: Hill, Cam
    RB: D Sing, Michel, Stevenson, D Freeman, T Coleman, burkhead, moss
    WR: gage, mooney, e moore
    TE: Thomas, fry, henry, Fant, cook
    D: Saints, Seahawks, packers, broncos, falcons, titans
    K: butker, gonzo, bully, crosby, succop, prater

    Team 3B: 6-6 (full PPR, 12 team)
    This team missed the playoffs but would have been great without injuries (Ridley, Julio, Swift, Kamara, Aaron Jones, Ingram all out when I needed them most)

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