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There is only one move to make that is more obvious than the others. I know this season has been a struggle at the WR position for many as a lot of veterans who have carried BEAST DOME squads for years, are finally starting to show their age, or injured like SSS (RIP). Luckily there is a new star WR who just hit the Waiver Wire and is going to be a High-End WR#2 in all leagues with the potential to be a #1. Hopefully you can get your paws on him.


For those of you who are semi-new to Fantasy Football and did not follow the long luxurious career of Danny Amendola, here is the recap in a nut shell. Danny was once on the Rams, in the 2nd year of his career (2010) the Rams drafted Sam Bradford with the #1 overall pick, and Amendola quickly became his #1 option with 85 Receptions. Danny never broke 700 Yards that season or any season, and he only had 3 Touchdowns in his big breakout campaign. Everyone tagged Amendola as a Wes Welker type of player, and 2011 was supposed to be his breakout season. He was injured during the 1st game of the year, and never returned. 2012 Amendola returned to his old ways of 66 Receptions, once again below 700 Yards and 3 Touchdowns. Then the big move happened.

The Patriots got rid of Wes Welker, brought in Danny Amendola. Everyone was excited for Danny’s potential, including myself in the Patriots offense. Julian Edelman who was always the Wes Welker replacement was behind Danny on the depth chart, but then Julian Edelman broke out, while Amendola got injured in Week 1 and took a back seat when he returned. Since then, Danny has been nothing more than a #3 WR in an offense that does not use their #3 too often. With Julian Edelman now likely out for the rest of the season, Danny Amendola will slide into that (Julian Edelman/Wes Welker) position which Tom Brady loves so much.

Amendola had some nice games earlier this season when LaFell was out, but for the most part has been pretty hit or miss, way more miss since 2013. Now that Edelman is OUT, we can expect Danny Amendola to record 7 receptions for 70 Yards every game with his eyes closed. Everything else is just bonus.






I assumed the Ravens would lean on the 3rd year veteran Marlon Brown with his big 6’5 Frame who had a 7 Touchdown Rookie Season back in 2013, but never got his chance to continue his shine when SSS was brought in as the #1 in 2014.

Instead the Ravens are going with the speedy Chris Givens as the starter. Givens is taking on the old role Kamar Aiken once had as the vertical WR, while Aiken adopts the SSS role. Givens is a little hit or miss but I have always believed that Joe Flacco makes his playmakers better. Givens is a bit of a lottery pick as he reminds me of a smaller Mike Wallace circa 2014 (Dolphins) with less speed, but Joe Flacco is not afraid to take his shots when they are there. 4 Receptions for 50 Yards over/under should be the bench mark for Givens as he continues to grow more confidence and chemistry with Captain Flacco.



Brock has the weapons, he has the arm, the only thing missing is the comfort of knowing he will put up BEAST numbers since he has always sat behind Peyton. While Brock could one day be a QB#1 in Fantasy Leagues, you would have to be in a pretty bad situation for him to be your starter. I am talking Andrew Luck bad. Between Fitzmagic and Stafford this week, you have to roll with Stafford who should be feeling all the momentum in the world after defeating the Packers in a game where he started 1/7 for 10 yards. If I had to play Fitzmagic against a revitalized Texans Defense and did not own Stafford, it is worth the risk to go with Brock. Even with no experience, against Chicago Brock should easily throw for around 300 Yards against a Bears Defense that is not that good. Do not read too much/at all, into what they did against the Rams Offense.




  1. Munt, what do you think about Jay Ajayi?

    Also, looking to pick up 2 DST with good playoff schedules to hold for playoffs – currently have the Bengals, things of pairing them with either Texans, Chiefs, Falcons, or Titans. Which 2 would be good DST to hold? Thanks

  2. Also, what are your thoughts on Dontrelle Inman if Malcolm Floyd is out? I’m assuming its still Floyd if he plays but if not is Inman worthy?

  3. I think it’s fair enough to write off Foles’ game against the Bears, since that Rams offense is in sad, sad shape. But what about how they did against Rivers (280 yds, 1 TD, 15 pts), Smith (181 yds, 1 TD, 13 pts), Carr (196 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT, <12 pts), and Wilson (235 yds, 1 TD, 16 pts)? In actual fact, only 1 QB has put up 300+ yds against them this season (Stafford in week 6), they have given up the third fewest passing yards of any defense, and 11 of the 17 passing TDs they've conceded belong to Rodgers, Stafford, and Palmer. It's fair to say that the Bears D isn't fantastic, but they're not terrible either, and DEN has no ground game to open things up downfield for Brock, so I'd be surprised if he has anything better than a moderately successful week.

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