FANTASY FOOTBALL WAIVER WIRE Week 10 Brandon Bolden vs. James White


Brandon Bolden vs. James White


By Muntradamus


There are only two players who should wake up from the Waiver Wire this week and be Must-Adds across all formats. Let us evaluate the two players and make the best decision to win your championship.

Brandon Bolden vs. James White

First thing you have to know about this situation is that Bill Belichick is making the call. For centuries he has ruined Fantasy RBs from Laurence Maroney to Jonas Gray. LeGarrette Blount has always been the one constant RB that Bill has loved, and you can almost guarantee his role will be expanded to eat up a lot of what Lewis left on the table.

There is still room for more, and Brandon Bolden or James White have the opportunity to gain the spot of the pass catching RB. Let us analyze each player.


James White aka Montee Ball’s backup RB at Wisconsin has never done anything impressive in the NFL. He is small, he does not break tackles, but he can catch the ball. James White is the type of player where if he fumbles once, he might not be wearing a Patriots uniform the next week. He is very replaceable and the Patriots have had to see enough to realize there just is not a lot of talent there.


Brandon Bolden aka Roid Monster. This guy was a BEAST back in 2012, then he was caught for steroids. He still has the same frame when he was rumbling for 137 Yards against the Bills during that campaign. Bolden has had trouble staying healthy, but after watching him on Sunday he looks as fresh as ever. Bolden does not have the greatest hands in the world, but they are good enough. He is a dangerous player when he has the ball in his hands and the Patriots have to be smart enough to go with him over James White who cannot break a tackle.


Both are Must-Add, but Brandon Bolden is the priority as he has the tools to be a serious weapon. Unfortunately, his upside is not as high as you may think when you see LeGarrette Blount aka Puff. Puff. BEAST on the field more.

Can’t complain about this trade advice which is easily move of the year.

TRADE MARKET. LeGarrette Blount


  1. How do these guys rate against riddick, karlos Williams and James Starks who are all available to me in one league?

  2. Wasn’t Pierre Thomas waived by SF? Is bolden more important pick up over draughn then? I own Hyde.

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