Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Don’t Ponder The Powell (Week 4)

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire:

Don’t Ponder The Powell(Week 4)

By Muntradamus


If you have been with us since the preseason.  You are well ahead of the Waiver Wire trend.  Below are only a few of the big names I suggest each week.  Most of the guys on the list have performed including cover man from last week Julian Edleman who ended up with the lone Tom Brady TD.

After Week 1 I told you to grab JacQuizz Rodgers/Martellus Bennett/Alfred Morris/Broncos.

After Week 2 I told you to grab Mikel Leshoure/Andre Brown/Ryan Succop/Bilal Powell.





What is their to Ponder about Christian these days.  He has proved his worth in every game this season, and this past week he shocked the Fantasy Football World by being one of the top 5 QBs of the Week against the 49ers.  Ponder last season as a rookie showed nice potential despite no consistency.  He had over 300 Yards and 3 TDs against the Broncos last season, and he appears to be on track to be that type of QB moving forward.  The Vikings have a very easy schedule coming up, and he is the perfect Bye Week Replacement for your start QB.  If you own Ben Roethlisberger, he plays the easy Detrioit Lions this week.  Next week he faces up against the Titans who are one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL, for all you Stafford owners.  Ponder has top 15 QB potential moving forward.  He is at Phillip Rivers level right now, with the chance to exceed way past him.  Add Ponder in all leagues.



The Bills should run the ball more than they do.  Against the Patriots this coming Sunday, the Bills will go right back to that passing game.  Every year the Bills and Patriots have an epic high scoring shootout, this year should not be any different.  Expect the Bills to go shotgun heavy this week.  Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler are both great picks for big games, Fitzpatrick will be putting up the points.  Fred Jackson should return this week, they will not force feed him 20 carries, and Spiller’s hurt shoulder is something to keep an eye on.  Could only miss one game.



I wrote about him in the Waiver Wire (Week 3) article.  I wrote about him in my Preseason Bold Predictions.  I mentioned him in my preseason rankings (Bust/Sleeper).  I mentioned him this past Sunday for a Plan B action to Kevin Smith owners.  What more can I say, this was obvious from a mile away and this is the last week before somebody snatches him.



Willis is the man for Denver.  But this rib injury does put a damper on what could have been a flawless season.  I still believe he will be fine and run through it, Willis is a warrior.  If Willis cannot gear up for battle, Ronnie Hillman becomes a Must-Start Option.  I hope I am not beating the trend with this one as I am one of the highest Experts on Willis this season.  But if health becomes an issue, I will be glad I own Hillman on my squad.  Knowshon Moreno fumbles too often, Lance Ball is not good.  Hillman can only go up from here.



For some reason the Patriots like giving the ball to Danny Woodhead.  He has good hands, but he cannot run.  If I had to draw you a mental picture of what Woodhead is like on the field.  I would describe you as a human being walking down the street.  You see a newspaper stand and you head over to the newspaper stand.  You buy your newspaper effortlessly and keep walking and going about your day.

That is what it’s like for a defensive player to tackle Danny Woodhead.  If they want to do it, no matter who they are.  They will just do it.  The Patriots give it to him, he picks up 2 yards, and for some reason nobody questions why Stevan Ridley is not the 3rd down back or playing in hurry-up/shotgun formations.  For now Woodhead is just a roster filler if you don’t have an active body.  Shane Veeren will soon take over for Woodhead.  Then soon after that Veeren will get injured agian.



The Lions Passing Game is one of the best in the NFL.  Even though Stafford has been less than stellar so far, he will eventually return to 400 Yard/4 TD form.  The good news is, Stafford has fallen in love with Nate Buerlson as one of his favorite targets even when he is at 250 Yard/2 TD form.  So the numbers for Nate can be on the rise for good.  Titus Young does compete for targets, but Nate appears to have built more trust in Stafford.



Want a desperation play this Sunday?  Henderson can easily go 60 Yards for a TD, on one play.  “The streaker” could not have been any happier when he found out Robert Meachem has left him to be the only pure vertical threat for Drew Brees.  The Packers/Saints game will be high scoring, Henderson will be on the field a lot, and Henderson will get a couple deep ball targets.



If Ponder is going to start to be a great QB, than Walsh is going to start to be an ELITE kicker.  A lot of you are new to BEAST DOME.  That means you most likely missed this key article during the preseason.  THE QB/K Strategy.  Essentially you want to own the same QB/K to maximize your points for both.  If Ponder starts to do well, than Walsh will be asked on for more opportunities.  If Ponder does not finish the job, Walsh does.  If you own both and follow the strategy, than you are the one who gets rewarded with the TD points from the FG.



Read above for Walsh.  Same reasoning, though Lindell is more of a one week sleeper than a guy you want to own in the long run.



Falcon Punch.  New nickname for this tricky defense that is very hard to read.  Should be an exciting group that at times cannot stop the run at all.  But at times can create turnovers and huge points for your fantasy football team.  If you own the Jets D/ST and heard the terrible news about Darrell Revis and his torn ACL.  Well the Falcons are your new team.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.  To check his Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings Click Here.


  1. Hey Muntra,

    I need someone to talk some sense to me. My two QBs are Vick and Flacco. I’m getting tired of Vick’s turnovers and like the way Flacco played Sun night. Thinking of making a big trade: Vick, AMorris and Amendola for Romo, McGahee and DezBryant. I think it appears to be a fair trade. Am I crazy?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Muntradamus, quick question. a person in my PPR league is asking for a trade. They will give up Andre Johnson and Steven Ridley for Andre Brown and antonio gates.

    Should I drop Jay cuter for ponder?

    I have
    Matt Ryan
    Jay Cutler
    Doug Martin
    Julio Jones
    A.J. Green
    Torrey Smith
    Justin Blackmon
    Brandon Pettigrew
    Kyle Rudoplph (Waiver)

  3. He countered wanting DThomas instead of Amendola. I’m thinking of going bigger.

    Vick, DThomas, AMorris, Amendola for Romo, AJGreen, McGahee and MikeWallace.

  4. Should I drop Palmer and pick up Ponder? I have M.Ryan as my number 1. So whoever I pick up would end up being a bye week fill in week 7.
    Week 7
    Palmer vs Jax
    Ponder vs Ari

  5. Hey Muntra, I need wr help.. give me some suggestions on fair trades these are my backs….
    T. Richardson
    A. Morris
    btw, jquizz & Leshoure are on my waiver wire

  6. I was thinking about trading Jamaal Charles and chris Johnson for Lesean Mccoy, is that good for me?

  7. Hi Muntradamus,
    I really like your page especially your waiver wire tips brought me some serious value! :)
    Maybe I´ll take your help for my draft next season, too.

    Quick question I´m currently pulling my hair over:
    I think about picking up Jaquizz Rodgers or Bilal Powell from the wire but the only player I could really drop would be Hillis…I tend towards Powell…

  8. Hey Muntradamus,

    great advice like always. i hate to refer friends to your site cause it takes away my competitive advantage but i cant help but sharing. One request, Could you do an article on Marques Colston and what to do with the kid. It looks like he is in for a rough season with his plantar fascitis and i drafted him as my 2nd WR and hes not doing it.

  9. Possible trades i have are Colston for Garcon,
    Colston for Lance Moore, Colston for Benson, do any of these make sense? i know im selling him cheap but i cant help but think he is in for an unproductive season. thanks!

  10. Just my opinion but, I would hold on to both of these players. You’re selling CJ for far too low of a price and Jamaal is just coming around and showing some toughness, which says his surgery isn’t really hindering him at this point. The Eagles’ o-line is weak and their schedule is tough. I don’t see a positive return for you in this trade.

  11. No chance in hell you get that trade… he countered wanting Demaryius for a reason.

    Alfred Morris is far from a sure thing; McGahee is a stud when he’s healthy and not in Shanahan’s backfield. Dez is also a significant upgrade over Amendola.

  12. Heyas Munt,

    With the emergence of Ponder, is Simspon a good pick up as a #2 reciever, he is coming off suspension

  13. Better TE ROS for A.Gates owner…..

    C.Fleener or


  14. Thanks CL. I agree with you. But he wanted Vick/Morris/DThomas for Romo/McGahee/Bryant. I thought I’d be losing too much with the WR. Plus I wanted to see how much he wanted Thomas. Point may be moot as he hasn’t responded yet.

  15. Ponder over Flacco?

    Also, in what order do you place Mikel Leshore, Andre Brown and Mendenhall best to worst?


  16. Week 4 Rankings w/ analysis comes out tomorrow morning.

    Early answer. Charles and McCoy have the most upside.

  17. Flacco over Ponder.

    Both are good, Flacco is better in the no huddle offense.


  18. I would keep the RB.

    Britt will be okay, but Martin is a top 15 RB with top 10 potential.

    Martin for Percy is debatable, Britt is too much.

    PPR makes him attractive, but that makes Martin attractive too.

  19. He will not be consistent enough to trust. But he has potential. Personally want to see him do something before recommending drooping anyone of talent for him.

  20. You are trading too low.

    One step ahead of you, he will be one of the players in the Trade Market article.

  21. Hopefully I can help you glue it together.

    I would go with Quizz no doubt. THis is a big week coming up for him.

  22. Leshoure and Quizz are great adds. Leshoure has serious value right now and will be scooped by the time you finish reading this sentence.

    You will see WR to targets in the Trade Market article coming out Thursday.

  23. This is what I love to see.

    If you guys comment on eachother’s questions you make it high on my priority list to respond back to.

    Keep the BEAST DOME NATION going.

    Both feel free to use me as a VIP #3 member this week. Send me an e-mail [email protected]

  24. My team in 12-team standard league (3 starting WR’s)


    In what order would you put these players in waiver claim? I know this is a little too late to ask because waivers clear in 3 and a half hours, but I hope you read this and aswer before that. :)


    I also don’t have any D/st yet for this week. Dallas might be the best D available. What do you think of their matchup this week?

  25. Finn I just saw your answer.

    I would add Ponder who could easily be the QB you start this week over Rivers.

    Then if you cannot get Ponder go with Powell.

    Week 4 rankings come out tomorrow w/ analysis so you can find the best.

  26. I got Ponder and Powell. ;) I also added Seattle D/st and B.Walsh. And picked up S.Draughn as insurance to J.Charles. Good moves?

  27. That said….someone just dropped J.Blackmon….should I drop someone to pick him up? I really would not like to drop Draughn because I have Charles. :(

  28. Just picked up Powell,

    I am in a tough spot, My RB’s are Murray,Mcgahee,FJax (flex)
    Bench is scary
    Greene,Stewart,Peyton Hillis, Powell

    Love my Wrs: Jones, Harvin, Maclin.

    2 QB League Brady Dalton.
    My problem is I am VERY nervous about FJAX and Spiller winning the job. Do you have any advice on what types of trades I need to look for due to lack of depth? Can Stewart Pan Out? or should i try and trade him and greene for a jacquizz rodgers and mendenhall type deal?

  29. Hey Munt,
    I’m a new comer and I have a question,
    I got offered McFadden and Harvin for Charles and R.wayne, you think thats a good trade?

  30. That is a beautiful trade for you.

    Charles is a sell high candidate after that last game. McFadden has a full engine ahead.

    Make the trade now even if Charles has a big game Sunday. Harvin has a slight edge over Wayne.

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