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Matt Stafford has more points this season than Andrew Luck/Drew Brees/Peyton Manning. Out of all those QBs mentioned, Stafford is the only one who yet to have a home game. While the season is young, Matt Stafford has been a straight up warrior taking big hit after big hit, converting 4th down, after 4th down. If there is one QB who is dominating garbage time, Matt Stafford is that guy. After 50+ Pass attempts and another 8 tough QB hits on Sunday. Time to give Stafford a break even if he does play against the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football, first home game of the season. While there is no doubt that Stafford, if he plays, will throw the ball 40+ Times. It is not worth the risk of one big shot that could send him out of that game as he is barely standing right now. His matchup Week 4 against the Seahawks does not scare me, as long as Kam Chancellor is still sitting on the sidelines. Before we look into the Future, let us stay in the present and worry about Week 3.

With the Eagles offense looking sloppier than Tara Reid and Paris Hilton at a Night Club, the timing could not be more perfect for Ryan Fitzmagic to do some damage against an Eagles Defense that lives and dies with playing overly aggressive. While at times that is a recipe for a Fitzmagic INT or two, this is a different Fitzmagic. This is a Fitzmagic who is confident coming off a MNF road victory against the potential Superbowl Champion Colts, and things could not be looking better as Brandon Marshall is simply unguardable. I was saying it all Preseason, I was saying it all season, and if you bought my DAILY RANKINGS PACKAGE for Week 2, chances are he would have found his way in your lineup.

*All of my Top 9 WRs found the Endzone this week*


 Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.12.25 AMWith all that being said. This is the week to use Fitzmagic in all leagues that I have Matt Stafford as my usual starter. It would have been nice if Eric Decker did not get injured as that makes Fitzmagic that much better, but all of his career he has worked with #3/#4 caliber WRs and turned them into nice options. Whether it was Stevie Johnson (#2 Caliber) and a bunch of scrubs in Buffalo, to all the scrubs he had in Tennessee. Cannot say that was the case in Houston as DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson was a very good WR core for the Texans.

Regardless, this is the week to add Fitzmagic against the Eagles Defense that will likely be on the field way too long as the Offense is going nowhere, and the Jets Defense should be able to get the ball in Magic’s hands all afternoon. I was high on Fitzmagic all Preseason and every VIP probably owns him and is stashing him, he is even sitting on the bench of TEAM BEAST.


Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.26.54 AM

So before I send you off to your Waiver Wire. Pop quiz, what are you forgetting?


It is vital that you run QB/K with Fitzmagic this week. The reason the QB/K has not been working with Prater and Stafford early on is due to turnovers from the Lions. So far in the 2nd half of games, the Lions have 5 Turnovers and often find themselves not really having any consistent chemistry until the last drive.

The Jets offense looks more crisp than the Colts offense these days and you can expect that momentum to continue at home against the Eagles.


  1. Thanks for the tip Munt! I’m looking for a Romo replacement in my 10-team league. Some of the guys on the waiver wire include Tyrod Taylor, Marcus Mariota, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Matthew Stafford, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Joe Flacco. Which of those guys would you suggest targeting? Thanks for the help!

  2. Looks like Ive got to move Foster off of my IR spot. Drop the Bills or the Broncos to make room? I could also drop Ryan Mathews since Im stacked at RB with Lynch, Ivory, Foster, and JStew

  3. tough to be in your spot.

    drop the bills and it’s going to be picked up and starting against you.

    drop Mathews and he’d be picked up – but he’s a bench fodder for now.

    Any receivers in the droppable list before option 2?

  4. Thank you for you work. I’m in a but of dillema:

    I have a guy who is offering DeMarco Murray for Latavius + J-Stewart

    Should I trade away my depth for the upsode of DeMarco??

  5. Who else do you have? Id really consider making that trade but DeMarcos value is so low right now you should be able to get a little more for him.

  6. Matt Jones bro. Believe the hype. He runs with the same explosive violence as Steven Jackson and he is the same size.

  7. If you don’t have Fitz, Stafford will still be a good play . Ford Field will be crazy on Sunday night for the home opener. Stafford will feed off this energy and probably have his best game in years. If you have Stafford, keep him and start him. He’s banged up but he’s already been through walk through yesterday so he’s playing. He may have taken some shots last week but he’s tough enough to play through them.

  8. Going on munt! Yep beasting all 3 money leagues by grabbing Bmarsh in all of them while they were laughing. He was difference maker as you called it w/Fitz Marshall would be top 10 again. Missed out on staff in 1 of them, used fitz/folk wk1, palmer/catazano wk2. I’m liking Palmers match up wk3 vs the 9ers. I should be trying to get some daily rankings soon. Had that free entry on draftkings, placed 60 thousandth something out of 400,000 +! That’s w/of your rankings, just using that contrarian attitude you use. Got a free 30 bucks, if I would have played drill and cards d, I would have cleaned up a few stacks easy. Oh well. BEAST.

  9. So Fitz over Taylor and Mariotta ? I really want to believe in him Munt, hope he doesn’t disappoint.

  10. Fitz vs. Eli Manning this week and RoS? I have Stafford, picked up Eli on WW last night for free… wondering if I should drop Eli/Josh Brown for Fitz/Folk this week, and then looking at Week 9 match-ups to back-fill Stafford, thoughts? Hard to say since Eli will get TB and Fitz gets Jacksonville in week 9.

  11. Any concerns with Fitzmagic given Decker will probably be out, Owusu for sure out, and Ivory questionable?

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