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Week 2, our first BEAST or BUST of the year. We saw the Sheep drool over Kerwynn Williams as the lead RB for the Cardinals as he stole 9 carries for 22 Yards. My BEAST pickup of CJ2K ended up leading the Cardinals backfield with double the yards on just about the same amount of carries. Which has now led to Bruce Arians saying CJ2K will start next week.

This week all the Sheep Fantasy Experts are at it again with their sheep predictions. I got one question for you BEAST DOME NATION.


Looking at it blindly, like Sheep do. Sam Perine took 21 Carries for 67 Yards, while Thompson only had 6 Carries for 77 Yards. From there all the experts saying the Most Basic Sheep Things they can say.

“Sam Perine is the RB to add because he gets all the carries.”

How about this statistic you sheep who belong in a playpen.

Perine saw 15 of his 21 carries in the 4th quarter when the Redskins were protecting a lead, and trying to burn some clock on their final possession to leave the Rams with no time left.

The Redskins are not going to be winning games all the time in the 4th Quarter, so what is Mr. Perine going to do when he runs into his own blockers for his 6 carries in a game with no Rob Kelley? Exactly lose your Fantasy Matchup for you.

The Redskins offense is going to go pass heavy with Chris Thompson at RB. Thompson is an explosive player who can take balls to the house with his speed, no Expert Ranked him higher than myself in Week 2.

WEEK 2 RB MUNT CALLS vs. Sheep Experts

Rob Kelley is likely going to miss a game or two, and if you want to be a BEAST. Chris Thompson is your guy.

If you want to be a Sheep, go ahead and Ask Perine to be your Valentine.


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  1. (Ill try to respond here since I’m blocked on the other page.) Like I said man, you are a contrarian. It makes you look genius when it works out. You do your homework, but you aren’t perfect. No one is. Your calls just look better when they hit because NOBODY else called that. That’s a pro of being a contrarian.

    You give free info out so people will buy your advice. But when your free advice is just as hit or miss as the free advice elsewhere, theres no incentive to see what other busts you have. So you are right, I don’t know what all your other hit/miss calls are. I wouldn’t pay when the results I see aren’t really that special.

    I come here because I do enjoy your free articles. They give perspective. But you aren’t any better than any of the other experts. Maybe if you toned down the put downs of other experts and their calls, you wouldn’t have so many haters.

  2. Munt has people pay for his advice because he does not have a multi billion dollar company behind him to help pay his bills.

    Having a guy like Phillip Dorsett ranked higher than Ty Hilton or even Tyreek Hill this week isn’t really that special?

    Who had Siemian over a top 10 qb last week and now everyone’s on his qb nutsack? The guy raved about Siemian last yr if only he had an oline last season. He’s missed on Hunt so far I will admit that.

    He does miss but the hits are more frequent than the misses my dude

    It’s honestly a total of 2 trolls a year beginning of the season that come on here and cause trouble. Hopefully though you don’t get blocked because your post is respectful and you gave your opinion in a nice legitimate way. Being a member is a hella fun man. Munts a great guy.

  3. Nothing special? How about #1 Expert on FantasyPros Week 2 and the #1 overall QB for the season.

    I don’t share all my information for free because it is valuable. I do my HW unlike the other experts and I work harder than the other experts. The amount of experience and actually putting my money where my mouth is. Instead of these Experts not doing anything in DFS.

    I have qualified for 11 DFS Championships, 2 of them I was in the Bahamas last season. I do not have to give you a playbook to dominate your season each week for free. Buy a package and findout for yourself.

  4. Hey all….ask “just a guy” if he’s ever gone 16-0 in a league? well guess what. I have. and yall want to know how I did it? I signed up for VIP season and trusted munts advice all year long. I executed and implemented the strategy to perfection. literally.

    Munt…I almost wished you hadn’t given this clown the time of day to even respond…when I was reading this bozo haters words the thought that came to mind was “lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of insects”.

    honestly I shouldn’t be either but I am writing this to give the reading audience BOTH sides of the story. on the one side you have a hater who is trying to cast things in as negative light as possible. in the other side you have a legitimate SAVANT at sports who is busting his ass all day every day to be the best expert he can be – to quote Arian Foster.

    for all you readers out there…Munt has himself said he isn’t perfect. guess what the industry leaders top out at 66% roughly per year on their picks. what’s the math on winning every league last year…what’s the % on that “just a guy”? 100. just like the % that Munt puts in for all of his v.i.p.’s

    Chris Carson was on all of my squads from day 1. do you know why? because in the preseasoni read Munt’s Seattle report and it said “Chris Carson is the truth”. Just that was enough to make me add him. just like it was 3 years ago whenever Munt wrote in preseason “David Johnson is for real”

    just a guy…you are wrong. contrarians are people who always disagree with conventional tendencies and thinking. true Munt has some contrarian elements but that is bc he thinks for himself. what he really is is a savant. he can evaluate and see talent in a way that few can. I still remember dmac season when Romo got hurt…munt called it in training camp that dmac was the best back on Dallas…but Dallas started Joseph Randle instead. (btw where is Randle now? ) everyone was all over Randle and going crazy and he had a few big games and then guess what halfway through the year coach garret said dmac was the best back they had thus the change….something munt called literally half a season earlier.

    anyways point being it is a great experience being a v.i.p. and championship titles feel great. all it takes is a little humility to realize that sometimes someone knows more than you and you should be grateful Munt shares his advice with us at all! I also second what Ben said that it is fun and also munt is a great guy.

    thank you Munt and please don’t let the haters get you down. the BEAST DOME community appreciates you and all you do for us!


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