Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Be Quick And Grab Starks (Week 6)

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire:

Be Quick And Grab Starks (Week 6)

By Muntradamus


Tough week for Cedric Benson owners.  He was destined to have his biggest game as a Packer, only to be out for 8 weeks and possibly the season with a Lisfranc foot injury.  Benson was one of my workhorse backs this season, and now it is time to prepare for a different strategy.  Below are the Week 6 Waiver wire options, and it is important not to panic.  As there is still plenty of time left in the season.

After Week 1 I told you to grab JacQuizz Rodgers/Martellus Bennett/Alfred Morris/Scott Chandler/Broncos.

After Week 2 I told you to grab Mikel Leshoure/Andre Brown/Ryan Succop/Bilal Powell/Brian Hartline.

After Week 3 I told you to grab Ryan Fitzpatrick and Danny Woodhead who both had good weeks.

After Week 4 I told you to add James Jones/Rams Def/Brandon Bolden

..and many more useful players in each article.  If you see a player that you think should be on this list, chances are they have been mentioned earlier in previous Waiver  Wire articles above.





The Browns defense has a lot of problems now.  I have been mentioning other QBs such as Tannehill and Hasselbeck in the previous Waiver Wire, so this week I will talk about Weeden.  Brandon has a gun, and he is getting big numbers with WRs that are dropping passes.  Soon this team will get it altogether, but for now Weeden has more potential than most of you think as long as the Browns have to play catchup in the second half.  Weeden will get his numbers as long as the Browns defense is missing either D’Qwell Jackson or Joe Haden.



Earlier in the season, before the Packers signed Benson, I tagged Starks as a sleeper. Last year James was a player who could gain anywhere from 60-80 Total yards in a game, while splitting time with Ryan Grant.  The Packers are destined to go pass heavy moving forward, but James will get his shot to reclaim his role as the lead RB for possibly the rest of the season.  Alex Green is not really a threat to take his job, Green should get first shot, but Starks is the player you want to own as we all remember how good he was during the Packers Super Bowl run a few years back.  Alex Green has not done anything besides one long run for 41 Yards against the Colts.  Similar to Ryan Williams only having one long run in his shortened season.  



As mentioned in the James Starks review, Alex Green will get his shot to be the starting RB for the Packers.  He does not have the power or burst that wows you, he is more or less a really solid 3rd down RB.  Expect Starks to win the job long-term, but expect Green to be the player you want to start the two out of the gates.



The Cardinals are looking really bad at RB with Ryan Williams now out for the season.  Powell and Stephens-Howell should be eating each others value to the point where neither are really worth playing.  If you want to take a shot at one of them short-term or long, I would look at Powell.  However do not be surprised to see the Cardinals go after Tim Hightower, for now Powell should be good for low-end RB#3 quality.  Beanie Wells is a player to stash if you have the roster space.



Meachem had a good matchup, but he finally looked to be on the same page with Phillip Rivers.  It did take a long time, and I am still not too convinced that these two are going to be consistent moving forward.  I cannot say that they did not take a step in the right direction with 2 of Meachem’s 3 receptions ending up in the end zone.  Meachem does have huge BUST potential moving forward as Rivers does not have the arm to get him the ball.  For now, Meachem is back in the good grace of Fantasy Football owners.



Everything you need to know about Devery Henderson can be read in the latest.  BEAST OR BUST.



The Rams lost Danny Amendola for what could be 7 Weeks.  Brian Quick was the #33 overall selection in this years draft, early reports said he could compete for the #1 role on the team.  Back spasms in the preseason ended that.  Quick is now healthy and if any Rams WR could step up and be the man moving forward, Brian Quick has a big edge on that position.  I had Quick Ranked ahead of 99% of the experts this preseason.



The Browns need a WR to step up after Greg Little continues to drop passes for two straight seasons.  Although Jordan Norwood was spectacular leading the team with 9 Receptions for 81 Yards, I expect Mohammed Massaquoi to eat into his production when he returns.  Both Gordon and Underwood are a work in progress, but if I had to pick one long-term.  Gordon would be the Brown WR to own.



The Rams offense needs a WR to step up.  Although Brian Quick is the long-term option, Brandon Gibson could be the sleeper WR to grab this week that Bradford trusts the most.  Gibson is not really known as a great WR who can be a consistent option, an he could draw Sean Smith.  I do expect him to be heavily targeted this week.



If you really need a sleeper TE for the short-term until Brian Quick emerges.  Lance Kendricks could see more targets than usual, and you can expect the Rams to be very pass heavy.  Kendricks does have a history of disappointing, but if there was a matchup where I would start him this season.  Week 6 @ Miami’s less than mediocre pass defense is the week to do it.



Waiver wire kicker of the week goes to Shaun Suisham.  Expect Shaun to be very busy as the Steelers have no problems moving the ball against the Titans defense that allowed Christian Ponder to look semi-decent.  Although the Titans defense is getting better, they will not be able to handle this Todd Haley vertical offense, and now the threat of Rashard Mendenhall.



Last season the Bucs lost their star Defensive Tackle in Gerald McCoy in Week 1.  Their run defense had no chance against any team as RBs broke into the second level nearly every carry.  Now With McCoy healthy, their run defense has shown that they are no walk in the park, and playing against Brady Quinn is just what this defense asked for.  Look for this team to come out of the bye week hungry and with one purpose, to slow down Jamaal Charles and let Brady Quinn throw INTs.



A solid defense who has been playing well beneath their talents is the Bills.  Mario Williams has yet to get it going, and teams are slashing and gashing the Bills on the ground.  Well this week they play the Cardinals, and after Ryan “No Gain” Williams has been announced out for the season, the Bills finally have a good shot of shutting down the run.  Now is the time to add this defense that should be busy attacking Kevin Kolb.  Let us not forget, the Bills have the best playoff schedule of any defense in the NFL as mentioned in previous waiver wire articles.  

Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.  To check his Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings Click Here.


  1. Hey Munt…I’m in a bit of a dilemma.

    My team is as follows:

    QBs: Matt Ryan and Flacco
    WRs: V Jax, Stevie Johnson, AJ Green, Danny Amendola (I am now lacking in the WR department, obviously..)
    RBs: Foster, Sproles, Benson, F Jax, Spiller, Law Firm

    I just need to drop/trade a couple of the RB’s for some WR, or a WR and a RB…trading is going to be hard, as I’m not in a deep league…I’m looking at the likes of James Jones, Cobb, Starks, Gordon to fill the voids. Also looking at Jahvid Best, although I do not trust him…which move(s) would you make? I know I need to make a couple of changes, I just don’t know which. Thanks man, your articles are the sacrosanct of fantasy football.

  2. Hey Munt! 2 things:

    1. I’m not sure why, but for some reason, a couple of my comments showed up as ‘Miles’ instead of ‘miabbett,’ so please take that into consideration when you’re deciding on your VIP winner haha

    2. What do you think about buying low on Kenny Britt and/or Andre Johnson? I’m thinking about offering Welker and Sidney Rice for those 2 guys (the owner is a bit disgruntled). What do you think?

    As always, thanks for the help, and I’m glad to be a more active member of the community!

  3. Right now he is a #4 WR in Fantasy Football, he should be a high-end #3 WR by Week 8 as he appears to be the favorite for the #1 WR job in STL. I would add him, but not drop a player like Justin Blackmon to get him.

  4. 1. Sounds good, MVP will be announced tomorrow.

    2. Both are great buy-low candidates. Britt has yet to be fully healthy, but when he is and when Hasselbeck is the QB. Fireworks should be expected. Andre will not be this bad this long. Cromartie out played him tonight. If you can pull off the trade, I would do it. Welker should see a small decrease in value with the return of Aaron Hernandez. Just a bit less inconsistent.

    Thanks for being an active member!

  5. Hands down Starks.

    Bell has to deal with Leshoure/Best coming back in Week 7/and who knows if Kevin Smith will get another shot. Bell should be busy this week against Philly, but if he is not. You can expect a sharp decline in value.

    Starks could be the starting RB for GB all season long.

  6. I’m not dropping Amendola then….my starting lineup for week 6 is:

    QB: P.rivers vs.DEN
    WR1: P.Harvin @WAS
    WR2: T.Smith vs. DAL
    WR3: A.Hawkins @CLE
    RB1: R.Rice vs. DAL
    RB2: J.Charles @TB
    TE: A.Gates vs. DEN
    flex: J.Rodgers vs. OAK
    K: empty
    D/St: Seattle vs. NE


    D.Amendola (injured)
    B.Powell vs. IND
    K.Wright vs. PIT
    J.Best (inured)

    I dropped Blackmon to get some help in flex or WR3 and try to pick him up after bye week. I now have three empty roster spot because I dropped my kicker, Benson and Blackmon. My opponent has no RB2 because he lost R.Williams and he could propably try to get some RB from waivers. I know that this is some kind of “in your face move”, but should I try to get top RB from waivers just to annoy him and cause more problems? I have better waiver number than him.

    Waiver RBs for week 6:

    W.Powell vs. BUF
    L.Stephens-Howling vs. BUF
    A.Green @HOU
    L.Blount vs. KC

    And back into that dropping Blackmon to get WR3 help for this week. Any of these guys better options than my current WR3 or K.Wright against PIT?

    DHB vs. ATL
    N.Burleson @PHI
    B.Gibson @MIA
    J.Gordon vs. CIN
    G.Tate vs. NE
    B.Quick @MIA

    And obviously I will try to pick Henderson, but those are my options for week 6.

    In what order would you put those players in waiver claim? Both…WRs and RBs. It doesn’t matter that I don’t have kicker yet….I just pick one up before kickoff.

    Any QB+kicker combo better than Rivers+Novak for week 6? Available are

    Ponder+Walsh @WAS
    Kolb+Feely vs. BUF
    Freeman+Barth vs. KC
    Tebow(?)+Folk vs. IND (Yes….I went there) :D

  7. Add Starks and your problems will go away.

    You can drop Amendola to do it as it is vital to have the RB depth.

    From there once you acquire James teams will be coming to you for RB help as they have extra WRs. Trade Market Article coming out Thursday with R.O.S rankings.

  8. Hey Munt.
    Great article, as always – thanks.

    I’m in a must win situation this week and my RBs have been a mess all season.

    As a desperation act, I’m thinking of offering to trade Aaron Rodgers and Fred Jackson, in return to Marshawn Lynch and stafford. What do you think? I love Rodgers way more than stafford…but feel like I must get some RB help (I’m a cj2ypc victim, and the law firm). Do you have faith in stafford going forward?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Munt, great article very pleased to see I made the right moves to claim Quick & Starks. I’m on the verge of being in 1st place so I have 1 question. Should I keep the Rams D or claim TB or BUF? Thanks Munt appreciate all the insight

  10. I think I would lean towards ponder & Walsh with AP tweaking his ankle they may lean less on him & more in Percy, ponder & Rudolph I would also reacquire blackmon and grab quick, don’t worry about ur opponents RB, doesn’t look like he will get much anyways but green is the temporary starting RB you can grab him and drop him for Walsh just before kickoff.

  11. BD Community and Munt,

    I need some help haha. I’m 3-2 in 4th place/12, but I’m playing a team that put up 192 last week and a win would be really nice. Last week I was down 18 with Andre Johnson and Jimmy Graham, and they combined for 2.9 points for a loss. Also lost Ced Benson this week…picked up a bunch of players on my bench.

    My team this week:
    QB- Ben Roethlisberger
    RB- Trent Richardson
    RB- Jacquizz Rodgers
    WR- Reggie Wayne
    WR- Andre Johnson
    TE- Jermaine Gresham
    Flex- Jeremy Maclin

    D/ST- Seattle
    K- Justin Tucker

    B- Devery Henderson (Bye)
    B- James Starks
    B- Chris Johnson
    B- Tony Romo
    B- Jimmy Graham (Bye)
    B- Robert Meachem


    Thank you!


  12. Gamebreak, thanks…so Green is my 1st waiver claim….I believe that I can get Ponder and Blackmon/Quick as free agents tomorrow…..and then I just grab Walsh before kickoff. Should I ride with J.Rodgers as my flex and Hawkins as my WR3 this week?

    I will be in deep trouble next week as I have so many players in bye weeks. Have to find TE, QB, and RB. :( I was thinking this..if I get Green….I keep him and play him trough my tough bye weeks….and grab Quick later if he is still available. Should I drop B.Powell and try to get some WR/TE help (Blackmon and TE for week 7)? Powell is not getting anything going and he will face some tough defenses. I can try to get him back by week 8 or so.

  13. I have a feeling the a Marshawn Lynch owner will be reluctant to give him up, but if you need RB help then go for it.

  14. Gamebreak, thanks…so Green is my 1st waiver claim….I believe that I can get Ponder and Blackmon/Quick as free agents tomorrow…..and then I just grab Walsh before kickoff. Should I ride with J.Rodgers as my flex and Hawkins as my WR3 this week?

    I will be in deep trouble next week as I have so many players in bye weeks. Have to find TE, QB, and RB. :( I was thinking this..if I get Green….I keep him and play him trough my tough bye weeks….and grab Quick later if he is still available. Should I drop B.Powell and try to get some WR/TE help (Blackmon and TE for week 7)? Powell is not getting anything going and he will face some tough defenses. I can try to get him back by week 8 or so.

  15. I like Rodgers a lot but that sounds like a winner right there. Stafford should start warming up and put up numbers similar to Rodgers down the stretch, plus Stafford has already had his bye week. Although, I would not take that as a Stafford owner you may have to pony up more than Fred Jax…

  16. I think u have it right. Hard to know if Starks will get all the work out of the gate. But Quizz’ breakout week is coming and it may be this week in OakLand and teams scoring change week to week he may not put up over 100 this week.

  17. Hawkins is a good play. Haden is back but he will be covering AJ. If teams in your league are savy, blackmon will be gone, I think u have to choose betweengreen & blackmon. I guess u could go with green, however if he doesn’t do well (which is possible against Hou) Starks May be The leading back week 7. Which means your in a bind for RB. I don’t know what TEs are availlable in ur league but if there is a possible replacement then you need to forget about quick for now and grab him. I would change ships then and go with Freeman, he gets Washington this week and New Orleans next week, they are better against the run than the pass so u should be alright. There are a lot of teams on bye week 7 so don’t expect to have ur pick of the litter next week

  18. Thanks..

    The thing is Jacquizz’s break out week doesn’t seem like its coming soon. Michael Turner has gotten double digits every week except week 1 and he looks to be the outright starter. Don’t know about Quizz/Starks this week.

  19. I can’t pick Blackmon from waivers because I dropped him into there last week before kickoff. :D So the only way that I can get him is as free agent. I’m thinking of picking Green and Ponder from waivers. Ponder I’m playing this week against the Redskins but Green is only stash and bye week flyer for week 7. I might even pick Blount as week 7 bye week flyer as they play against poor Saints defense. I’m really hurting on next week. My only available RB for week 7 is R.Rice (Charles and Rodgers are on a bye). If B.Powell does not count. So Green and Blount are my desperate options for week 7. I might get Blackmon as a free agent. Now…..I can see these TE’s available for week 7 as bye week replacement, but I think I might grab one after this week and worry only about getting some RB help first.

    D.Keller @NE
    D.Allen vs. CLE
    C.Fleener vs. CLE
    L.Kendricks vs. GB
    M.Lewis @OAK
    R.Housler vs. MIN
    B.Myers vs. JAC

  20. I like DHB better than any of your other WR3 options. The Falcons will score early and often, forcing Palmer to air it out a lot. Rivers should be the best bet at QB. Denver’s defense hasn’t looked great so far, and Rivers, while he may be a sell-high candidate, has been producing.

  21. As a fellow CJ owner, I feel your pain. Stafford should turn it around, and while it would obviously hurt to lose Rodgers, swapping FJax for Beastmode would be huge. If you can pull it off, that’s a trade worth making.

  22. From best to worst, I’d rank them BUF, STL, TB. Buffalo does have a great playoff schedule, and should start to turn it around with all those defensive weapons. That being said, St. Louis has a pretty easy schedule the rest of the way, so maybe try to stash them if you have an extra roster spot.

  23. I agree with you, Christian. I think Starks is the better play this week. While Quizz could be in line for more carries once the Falcons get a big early lead, Starks will likely be the starter for the Packers. Keep tabs on Starks’ role as the week progresses, but tentatively put him ahead of Quizz.

  24. Looking for some input….

    Looking to trade Torrey Smith and Brian Hartline for Calvin Johnson. My other WRs are Julio Jones, Michael Crabtree, and Pierre Garcon. Should I try to make this trade? Also, Should I still go through with the trade if he counters with a any other combination of my WRs other than Jones?


  25. What’s up Munt? Things are good started of 3-0, but have taken 2 straight losses. I’m looking to rebound this week. So, can I get some help with trying to make trades. Well, last week I took your advice and said no to a Wallace for two rb’s. I tried the Leshoure for Decker, as you advised, but it was denied and he says he would go with Decker for Green-Ellis. He lost Benson this past weekend and only has one rb on his roster, so should I try the Leshoure for Decker again or accept Decker for Green-Ellis or push for Wallace. I have Foster, S. Jackson, F. Jackson, D. Brown, Leshoure, Green-Ellis, Powell, Quizz, Tate.

    Also, if this does not work I’d like to try for A. Brown or Maclin. How and what do you think? Once again, Thanks for all the work and great tips. Take Care.

  26. Is this rosterbatable? Took full advantage of trades, and raped a few of them.

    Tom Brady
    Julio Jones
    Andre Johnson
    Hakeem Nicks
    Steve Smith
    Darren McFadden
    Willis McGahee
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Aaron Hernandez
    Scott Chandler

    Greg Zuerlein

    JJ Watt
    Jared Allen
    Patrick Willis
    DQwell Jackson
    Joe Haden (picking him off waivers)
    Charles Tillman
    Kam Chancellor

  27. Bilal Powell or James Starks? Been trying to figure out this one for a hot second. Feel like Starks has greater potential long term..

  28. Hey Munt big deal about to go down what do you think? Aaron Rodgers and Darren Sproles for Tom Brady and Willis McGahee?

  29. Wow, you’re stacked at RB. Give up either Green-Ellis or Leshoure for Decker in a heartbeat. Be careful re-offering Leshoure as it might turn him off to trading with you. It might be safer just to offer BJGE. While Brown would be a better addition than Maclin, his price is exponentially higher. If you can get Maclin for BJGE, Leshoure, or maybe even FJax, as well as getting Decker in the other trade, you’ll be sittin pretty.

  30. Keep Quizz if you can. Starks will be in a timeshare and might not even start, so either drop someone else for him or wait to hear better news on his situation

  31. I’d say go for it. Brady will be better once Hernandez is back, and while McGahee has had his recent struggles, Sproles is in a timeshare, which is always uncomfortable and unpredictable for owners

  32. Only if your waiver QBs are super weak, your best QB is cassel, and you’re stacked at WR with a very solid RB2 lol. Foster is a beast.

  33. My running back situation in PPR is rough. I have Forte, Spiller, J. Rodgers, P. Thomas and B. Powell. Do I stay the course with this crew or do I drop one for Starks. I feel like I have a lot of lottery tickets that may never yield a winner.

  34. Great site – the numbers don’t lie:

    Looking for expert advice on how to improve a decent (so far) team (14 Team PPR).

    Looking to upgrade at WR, DEF, K

    QB D. Brees
    WR Miles Austin
    WR Antonio Brown
    RB Jamaal Charles
    RB Adrian Peterson
    TE Martellus Bennet (post Aaron Hernandez inj.)
    K Lawrence Tynes

    BENCH: Christian Ponder, Jaquizz Rodgers, Andrew Hawkins, Devon Bess

    I’m 3-2 with plenty teams breathing down my neck. Can you see a trade that could help me ?

  35. I wouldn’t take that for Harvin, and I can’t get CJ for him. You may be well off to add a wr & rb instead of 2 wrs

  36. My thoughts.I also would recommend bjge for decker, worth it & u still have ammo for trades, I would offer Leshoure for Maclin. Is this a ppr league? If it is go after brown otherwise, Maclin has more potential for 100+ yards & even multiple TDs. Brown is great for 5-7 catches a game & 60-110 a game and maybe a TD. He doesn’t get many, in otherwords browns is safer, but Maclin will have games like him a lot, not as often and not much so far thus year, but he will get some monster games more often

  37. With bears on a bye u r in a jam. You’ll need a rb next week, drop Thomas, bit I’d suggest the other Powell and hope for the best that Quizz and him take off this week. Good luck

  38. Someone is offering me Vernon Davis for Wes Welker. Would you make this trade? I have Rudolph at TE now, but think that Davis could be a significant upgrade. My other WRs are Wayne, Brown, White, and Hartline. I’m leary about going through with it, considering how well Welker’s been doing so far (besides the first game). However, who’s to say what will happen once Hernandez returns.

  39. We run 3 receivers in a standard scoring. My other receivers are J. Jones, S. Johnson, P. Garcon, K. Britt. As, you can see, Garcon and Britt are nursing injuries and I need to make something happen. Well, thanks all for the advise. Take Care and Good Luck.

  40. What do you think of picking up Suisham? My opponent has A.Brown and M.Wallace. I would get at least one point in every TD that Brown and Wallace scores… possible FG’s. He has a great matchup. Or….should I stick with Rivers+Novak…or if I get Ponder then Ponder and pickup Walsh?

  41. Or drop B.Powell for D.Wilson? I can’t rally see Powell to be anything this season….please convince me wrong. I’m 2-3 in rough bye week stretch.

  42. I agree with you re powell. Nothing developed there. even if he gets more snaps and carries. He just doesn’t have the skill to produce. I dropped him this week without thinking twice. Jaquizz is another unlikely to see more time with Turner getting it together. Gotta know when to hold em and when to fold em.

  43. thanks, all. i’m still afraid to pull the trigger on trading rodgers….we’ll see, though.

    thanks again!

  44. Need to pick up a bye week DEF for CHI – should I drop Burleson, Ben Tate, Hartline, Michael Bush, or Flacco? Any of those worth dropping to pick up Starks?

  45. Definitely need to improve the defense and the TE. Go for the Rams D or the Bills D coming from a fellow Giants fan because the G-men have too many injuries on defense.

  46. I’m “considering” trading A. Peterson and Miles Austin for R. Bush and Roddy White (my other starting WR is Antonio Brown).

    My reasoning is that by most accounts APs Nov. schedule gets exponentially more difficult with 2 games against the Bears and one against Houston while Bush’s schedule seems to favor him for the 2nd half.

    Of course I’m very nervous about trading AP who’s played great (my other RB is Jamal Charles). Also, worried about Bush’s durability (even moreso than post-ACL AP).


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