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By Muntradamus


Tim Hightower has been in a RB competition ever since he joined the NFL/Arizona Cardinals (Thursday Night Lights coming Tonight) in 2008.

First he sent Edgerrin James packing in 2008 as Edge, lost his Edge, that season giving way to Hightower.

In 2009 it was Beanie Baby Wells, the Ultimate RB Bust who could never stay healthy, Hightower saw more action. Then Beanie one more time in 2010 could not stay healthy, leading to Hightower being the superior RB. The Cardinals were still banking on Beanie so they traded Hightower to the Redskins. With Mike Shanahan as his head Coach and the success that came with his starting Running Backs in Denver. Only Roy Helu Jr. was in Hightower way to be the guy in Washington. 5 games into the season Hightower tore his ACL.

The following season in 2012, Alfred Morris was drafted by the Redskins and Hightower had to watch Alfred Morris run away with the career that could have been his.

After hard work and dedication, Hightower is back with the Saints running like he never tore his ACL in the first place. When the news of Mark Ingram being out for the season dropped, Hightower was snatched out of thin air in every Fantasy Football League as most Waiver Wires have passed.

While everyone is excited for Hightower who could see 15+ Carries a game in this offense, you can still not deny that CJ Spiller is still there.

More importantly, you cannot deny how bad this Saints Defense is. Which will lead to the Saints playing catchup more than trying to grind out the clock for wins. Yes, some may say Hightower who is a natural power 3rd Down RB is the better blocker. But let us look at it from the eyes of the Saints Front Office.

CJ Spiller makes $9 Million Guaranteed over 4 Years. The way he is playing right now, nobody will trade anything for him so the Saints are stuck paying that contract. CJ was brought into the Saints to be a Playmaker, and make up a lot in the passing game that Jimmy Graham left behind. So far this season Spiller has touched the ball 10 Times in a game, twice. He has 70 Touches this season.

At this rate, the Saints are paying CJ Spiller about $35,700 a touch. Hightower on the other end is making about $33,000 per touch. The only difference between these two players is that the Saints need to build for the future. Hightower is on a 1 year contract, any success he has just drives his price up. The Saints will not need him next season when Ingram and Khiry Robinson return.

On the other hand, CJ Spiller is locked in for another 3 years. If CJ cannot get it going without Khiry Robinson and Mark Ingram active, he cannot get it going at all while wearing Black & Gold for his career. While neither player (Hightower/Spiller) are safe starts for Week 14, Low-End RB#3 quality, CJ Spiller in the end is the RB you will want to own.

With no Playoffs and nothing to fight for. The Saints need to start the building of CJ Spiller’s legacy, and not the driving up the cost of the next Tim Hightower contract. The Saints offense needs a Boost for 2016, and figuring out how to use CJ Spiller correctly will provide that lift.


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