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This season has been a rough one for Doug Martin. First game of the year he faced a Greg Hardy Panther squad and was not able to produce. The Bucs came out flat with a bad gameplan, most importantly Doug was faced with an injured knee in the 2nd half. During the game Doug was wanting the coaches to bring him back in, they decided to hold him out and roll with Bobby Rainey.

Week 2, Bobby Rainey exploded for a monster game as Doug Martin watched from the sidelines with a bad knee. Everyone thought Doug was going to play, but with a big Thursday Night game coming up against the Falcons in Week 3 it made sense to keep Doug Martin out. Rainey was able to tear off 22 carries for 144 yards on the ground, most importantly the Bucs lost again.

Week 3, the Bucs held Doug Martin out once again. Bobby Rainey got the start and was fumbling all over the place but still managed to save his fantasy game with garbage yards totaling over 100. With two fumbles lost in the game, it seemed Doug Martin would have the job all to himself when he returned.

Week 4, Doug Martin returned against Pittsburgh and Rainey was only limited to 2 carries. Doug Martin on the other hand was able to rip off 14 carries for 40 Yards, and the TD (3 Yard plunge). The most important stat of all, the Bucs ended up winning the game.

Week 5, Doug Martin was the guy agian for the Bucs who were trailing at halftime. The Bucs started feeding Doug Martin often in the 2nd half which lead to an almost HUGE upset win over the Saints on the road. The Box score shows a Bobby Rainey TD, but Doug Martin had 4 plays in a row to get them in that situation, then took the breather. Fantasy Owners felt they were vultured and Rainey will always be a threat as he had 6 carries to Dougs 14. Truth is, he was just a change of pace RB.

Week 6, the Bucs feel down 35-0 early to Joe Flacco and his 5 first half TD passes. The Running game never had a shot to get going, and the Bucs ended up getting blown out at home 48-17. Most important Bobby Rainey got a drive to himself at the end of the game that really boosted his numbers. Box Score will show you Rainey had 7 carries while Doug Martin had 11.


They are frustfrated. They feel that Bobby Rainey is always going to be a threat to Doug Martin, but the truth is the Bucs continue to get blownout of games early, and they are never able to recover. When the game is over, Bobby Rainey will get his plays because there is no point of throwing Doug Martin out there when the game is already over. Week 1 when the Bucs felt they had a chance the entire game and Week 4 when then Bucs beat the Steelers. Bobby Rainey was no threat at all. Week 1 Rainey became relevant when Doug Martin went down.

Regardless, Doug Martin owners are not looking at the facts. The facts are when the Bucs are competitive, Doug Martin is the guy. Doug Martin is a special RB and what sets him apart from the most RBs in todays game, he can score on any play with his speed. Eventually the Bucs will figure it out and start to win some games. This bye week will work wonders for the orgainzation as they reset and figure out how to fix their problems.

More likely than not, owners of Doug Martin are teams with losing records. It is time to be aggressive and make a trade for Doug Martin. Try to give up Golden Tate straight up. Try to give up Larry Fitzgerald. Package a weak RB and an average WR to get Doug Martin. The possibilities are there to steal a Top 10 RB at a Top 30 RB price.



  1. I just traded for Dougie and gave up Reggie Bush. Was that a good trade? I cant help but feel it could go either way.

  2. The guy that scares me isn’t Rainey, it’s Charles Sims. Sims was drafted in the 3rd round this year and has been compared to Forte. He’s already 100% healthy and running and making cuts in practice right now. He’s eligible to return and play starting week 10. I fear that if the Bucs are sitting at 2-6 or 1-7 then, that they’ll want to evaluate the rookie over the last part of the season. Thoughts?

  3. Forsett/Bradshaw/Trent/or Doug ROS?

    Have Bradshaw and Trent. Feel like I can trade Bradshaw for Forsett or Doug.

  4. he might be a stash. i’m watching him and will be paying attention to his practice reports

  5. You make a valid point about Charles Sims as he was a threat all preseason and made Doug Martin even drop in my Preseason Rankings when he was healthy.

    While Sims is a threat, unless he proves to be a BEAST he will likely be a change of pace RB and knock Rainey down further on the bench. Doug Martin is their superstar ex Pro Bowl RB and he is too young to have everything slip away from him.

    If the Bucs do continue to let their season sprial we will see more Sims, but the point of getting Doug Martin is for the immedatie value and getting some cheap wins to boost your season.

  6. Wow,
    I traded Doug for RG3 this morning.
    Oh well, no regrets. I know you do know your stuff but I don’t believe in Doug anymore. Just like i don’t believe in T-Rich anymore.
    I got Foster, Tate and their backups. Also got R.Mathiews, Rainey, Hillman. I think I’m gonna be fine. I hope!

  7. Munt,
    I know I am losing value here but I have some great RB/WR depth..
    Roddy White/SSS/Maclin/Golden Tate/ Devante Adams…

    The Martin owner WILL NOT DO Tate for Martin. He wouldnt do Tate and Khiry for him either…

    Should i be willing to lose value and trade trent and tate for martin? I figure what i lose in depth i make up for with Martins bye being this week… Are there scenarios for those of us with depth to lose value to upgrade our quality at rb?

  8. Hey munt, love the site. I have a chance to pick up Crowell but will have to drop Hyde. I will need to play one in an up coming week due to byes. Would you stick with Hyde?

  9. Awesome read, shed that light on young Dougie. Besides Dougie, are there any other players we should target?

  10. Crowell is in a comittee, Hyde will emerge as the #1 sooner rather than later. I’d stick with Hyde.

  11. Montee is another big time buy low right now unless you need wins bad next couple weeks, his schedule gets a lot easier after the bye. You can prob get Doug for dirt cheap so I’d throw a lower-upside guy at him.

  12. Hey Munt, I need to free up some space on my roster to add RG3, should I trade R.Cobb and L.Fitz for Lacy? I already have Foster, Ball, Dougie, S.Jax and T.Quizz for RBs. My WR are: D.Bryant, D.Jax, G.Tate I can’t let another owner snatch RG3 while I sport Romo for the rest of the season. Should I make this trade to get the Beast RG3?

  13. 10 man 1PT PPR w/ Keepers: My McCoy for his Doug Martin & Reggie Wayne?

    QB: Stafford
    RBs: Foster, Jamaal, Oliver, Vereen, Sproles
    WRs: Andre Johnson, VJax, Percy, ODB, Gordon
    TE: Gates
    D/ST: Pats & streaming
    K: N/A (we don’t use kickers)

    Most points against in the league and sitting 1-5… sit tight or go for Dougie? I feel like my team is solid but I just keep piling up L’s.

  14. I got Doug Martin for Eddie Royal. That’s how bad he has been. I really hope you’ve hit this time Munt because I’m limping along with previous beast picks Steven Jackson and Garret Graham.

  15. Munt…..I know you love Monte Ball….But would you give him up for Martin if you had the chance?

    I’m 2-4 and in need of players that can help me over the next few weeks. If I lose, I’m done. Ball can’t help me while he’s hurt. I really think he’ll be looking at a timeshare with Hillman when he gets back…And groins can be tricky…He could easily re-injure it.

    The Bucs schedule seems to lighten up and maybe Martin can help get me a win.

  16. I have Trent Richardson, Ingram, Sankey, Joique and Mckinnon

    Should I trade Joique and Sankey to get Martin?


  17. @TSmith I was in the same situation and I pulled the trigger. Montee is not doing a great job blocking for Peyton. I really think he is going to go into a time share with Hilllman. I would complete the trade and I do think Munt is right on Dougie, he will get you some cheap wins to boost your record

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