Fantasy Football Trade Market: Supercam Man Of Inconsistency (Week 10)

Fantasy Football Trade Market:

Supercam Man Of Inconsistency (Week 10)

By Muntradamus

Week 10 Rankings


Big week figuring out what moves to make as we near the stretch run of the season.  Below I suggest players you can get for good value, as well as players you should move now while they have some value left.  Regardless.







His WRs are just too good.  In the last two games the Giants have not had the rhythm you would hope for if you are an Eli owner. Last week only 19 Targets were sorted to the different Giants WRs last week.  This will not be the case all season and now Hakeem Nicks claims he is getting healthy.

When Eli gets it together with this WR core (Cruz/Nicks/Bennettt/Randle/Barden).  He will be unstoppable.  Like his Citizen Eco-Drive watch.


The Rams are waiting in line for their execution this season.  While there team is definitely improved, they are still a year away from being a legitimate threat in the NFC West.  At the very least, they need a #1 WR.

Regardless this season is coming to an end and the Rams want to see what they have in this rookie RB Daryl Richardson.  At times he appears explosive and could be the real deal, while Steven Jackson and the Rams have already decided that they will not be together in 2013.  Which means Daryl could get a full dose tryout to close out the season.



Mathews has the talent to be a 1st round value RB.  He is not getting his opportunities though.

Eventually the Chargers are going to turn the keys to this beat up offense and see if Mathews can show off some 1,200 Yard rushing skills that they know is locked up in him.  Ryan may not be 100% yet from that collarbone injury, but he will still be their workhorse.  Jackie Battle is nothing, Ronnie Brown is not electric.

If the Chargers have a chance at the playoffs this season, it is because Ryan Mathews took them there.



Dez has only one good fantasy game since his 2 TD performance against the Ravens a few weeks back.

This is by far the cheapest you will get Dez Bryant if you are interested in a #gamechanger type Fantasy WR who can give you numbers with the best of them.  He is also very inconsistent as at times Romo looks to either Miles Austin or Dez Bryant exclusively  with a sprinkle of Jason Witten.

Now is the time to grab Dez for possibly Desean Jackson.



Nicks is getting closer and closer to 100%.

When he is, we can expect to see that 100 Yard/1 TD WR who won us so many Fantasy leagues last season.  Right now the Giants need to get back in a rhythm on offense, which will happen soon.  When it all takes place, Nicks can crawl to a #2 Fantasy WR with confidence.

I would make a play to get him on my roster, you would be surprised how cheap he goes for.


IF the Eagles can get their protection right.  J-Mac Attack, could be back.

Right now all Fantasy Owners are trying to jump ship on their Eagles after that embarrassing MNF performance against the leagues worst defense.  It won’t be before long that the Eagles fix their problems and move forward, when they do Maclin will be a #2 Fantasy WR.

Do not overspend on him as there is no need too with his owners looking to get whatever they can at this point.  Someone that can help them.


Vernon Davis went from the #1 Fantasy TE.  Back to us remembering how inconsistent he was last season.  With the 49ers offense looking so sharp from all angles heading into Week 10 and coming off of a Bye.  Nobody can really double Vernon Davis the way they want to, which should lead to big performances more often than not.



This would have been better if he did well on Thursday Night.

Truth be told, he is worthless.  Maurice Jones-Drew is coming back soon, which means Jennings has one or two more starts.  Unless your team is desperate for him to fill your roster, I would include him in a package trade to get a player you really want.  For instance if you wanted to upgrade Jason Witten for Aaron Hernandez.

Just throw in Jennings to get the trade accepted.  Once MJD returns, Jennings will be nothing more than a bench warmer.



Cam was far from impressive in what I thought could have been his breakout performance.

His throws are inaccurate, his legs are not the same.  The team runs the ball too much, and throws it less than Phillip Rivers and the Chargers some weeks.

I would trade Cam as soon as I can and get the last of his 2nd/3rd round value.  He will not be the 30+ Point/game QB you drafted, sell now get a star QB like Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger if you can.

Once you do that, call it a day and watch your season unfold.


RGIII has a tough schedule left as he faces mostly NFC East Teams.

With no true receiving threat, RGIII is a gamble at the QB position because he is simply another RB with low-end passing numbers.  What makes the best teams in your league so great is that they have a QB who is an automatic 300 Yard/3 TDs.  RGIII is far from that.

If you can get Ben Roethlisberger or Eli Manning.  Look into making the upgrade.


If you choose not to trade Colston, that is not a bad thing at all.

This is just a reminder that those great games he had a few weeks ago will not be the same now that Jimmy Graham is back.  Graham hogs a lot of targets and is the clear #1 WR on the Saints.  Do keep in mind this team will throw the football more than they have in the past two weeks, which should increase Colston.  But if you can get Colston for a star RB like Trent Richardson, and you need a RB.  I would make the deal.



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  1. Tough to say in a vacuum. If you need RB help this week, remember that A-Mo has a bye. If you can afford to lose Colston for nothing in return this week, I would do it. A WR2 (borderline WR1) for a RB1 seems to make sense to me.

  2. I’m in a rough spot here BEAST NATION. I’m currently 4-5, but my playoff hopes are wide open. Here is my current position-player roster (not bothering with Ks and DEFs):

    QB: Luck, Eli
    WR: Percy, Dez, Denarius, Britt, Broyles
    RB: Rice, Mathews, SJax, D. Richardson, B. Pierce
    TE: D. Allen, Celek

    We start 1 QB, 2 WRs, 2RBs, 1 RB/WR.

    Honestly, I like my team. I feel like it’s underachieved. However, I am not running into some problems with Percy being injured and Mathews consistently being under-utilized.

    Would you try and move any of the pieces on my team? If so, for whom? I could probably use a WR1 with being being questionable.

  3. What do you think about selling high on Percy Harvin? Not only does Ponder blow, he has a really hard schedule after his bye – Chicago twice, Houston, GB twice.

    Thanks for the trade post.

  4. Thanks for all your advice Munt. This site is amazing.
    I’m wondering if making a move for Eli Manning and involving Matthew Stafford would be a wise move ?(and maybe get an upgrade at WR along with it)
    If you have time throw me a yes or no but either way thanks for putting out there content that no other site does, refreshing.

  5. Hey Munt,

    Great advice as always, thanks man.

    In case you were not aware, your ROS (current) Ranking site is down. I even went to the week 9 version and it states “data not available”…trying to evaluate a trade proposal. I know you are super busy with the site maintenance, just giving you a heads up.

    Once again, thanks for all you do!

  6. A guy in my league really wants Chris johnson from me, but has yet to make me a viable offer (best was Johnson for Bradshaw worst was Johnson for MJD/Pitta). Should I counter with Johnson/Britt/Pitt DST for MJD/Nicks/Chi DST?

  7. I sure wouldn’t want a WR & a RB from the same team, try subbing Britt for someone else or leave out either the WR or the D altogether

  8. Need some advice Munt

    I think I just got offered a great trade, should I accept?

    He wants to give me Gronk and Ari DEF for CJ Spiller and Dustin Keller. I already have Doug Martin, Jamaal Charles, Daniel Thomas, James Starks and Bernie Wells with Denver DEF. The guy is hurting for RB. (12 team, non PPR, standard scoring, 1 pt per 10 yds receiving and rushing)

  9. Hey Munt!! I was offered K.Britt, McGahee and D.Keller for J.Charles, J.Witten and T.Young….I rejected the trade but I made a counter offer:

    J.Charles, J.Witten, P.Harvin and T.Young for W.McGahee, D.Keller, V.Cruz and D.Jackson…..should I make that trade if it’s accepted?

  10. If it was, it was by accident.

    Cam was not that great today. I don’t think I undervalued him at all, and it is not going to get much better.

  11. Fair enough.

    I think I’d be in trouble though if i traded Cam for Eli last week. Would have lost week 10 and Eli is on a bye next week. We’ll see if he gets it together down the stretch. I have Cruz so I hope so.


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