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The Fantasy Football season is 25% complete. Which is a sad statement to make. However through that 25% we have learned a lot about how systems will operate for every team and what to look out for moving forward.



Aaron Jones made a career off of the time Davante Adams missed in 2019. You can read more in the preseason BUST article below about Aaron Jones.



While the prediction has been off so far, as Aaron Jones once again is DOMINATING. However once again it is without Davate Adams. The time to sell the BEAST is now!

Davante Adams will be back. Adams will be getting those redzone plays a lot more frequently than Aaron Jones ever will. As we saw last season when Adams was in the lineup (Click Article above), Aaron Jones was a modest RB2 with RB1 upside. To make matters worst for Aaron Jones, it appears Jamaal Williams has been rewarded the power RB spot on the goal line and some short-yardage situations. Yes, Aaron Jones will still get his fair share of goal-line carries. However he is in danger of losing more volume as the season goes. AJ Dillion who is probably a year away from being a relevant name is still in that backfield. All it takes is one breakout run from the stud rookie and people will be worried about Aaron Jones moving forward.

This whole season through 4 weeks, it has been the Aaron Jones show for the Packers in the RB department. As the season progresses we are going to see more Jamaal Williams, already saw more than enough of him in Week 4, and then we will see Dillion splashed in as well.

Right now you can get superstar BEAST status trading away Aaron Jones. You can somehow land Zeke or Kamara with the right combination of a 2-4-1 trade. I would unload Jones now at this very high point of the season. The Packers offense will continue to roll no doubt, but the tiny Aaron Jones and the Packers are playing for the Super Bowl. In order to win the Super Bowl, the Packers need to make sure Aaron Jones is healthy and that means limiting his workload to close out the final 75% of the season.

While Jones will still have some solid games this season, do not get me wrong, you will not be able to fetch a Zeke or Kamara if you wait even longer.


Raise your hand if you did not expect his name to be on this list. That is what I thought. Lamar Jackson saved himself with a solid performance against the Redskins, but was it really solid? Take away his long TD run like the BUST article predicted he would to save his day. Now you got yourself a running QB and is clearly not the same BEAST he once was.

Use the box score as your friend and do what you can to upgrade Lamar, whether that is going after a Buy Low RB with big upside, or trading for a safer QB. If you can somehow turn Lamar into Mahomes with only giving up one or two side pieces, what a steal that would be. Lamar is not throwing the ball great, he is not dominating games, and when the Ravens dominate, they run out the clock to hide their very overrated secondary that is not the same since Earl Thomas left.


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