Fantasy Football Trade Market: RUN DMC – Trade This Way (Week 8)

Fantasy Football Trade Market:

RUN DMC – Trade This Way (Week 8)

By  Muntradamus


In this post there are plenty of Buy/Sell Players based on my R.O.S Rankings below.  Thank you all who joined the chat, and do not forget that the BEAST DOME LEAGUE is this SUNDAY!




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This week is going to be completely different than the others.  I have been very busy helping other BEAST DOME members draft teams for the Fantasy Basketball Payout league.  I really recommend you pick up the VIP #1 Package which includes me drafting two teams with you, as well as managing them.  That is $100 to win $1,000.   To read more about the contest, as well as the VIP program click the link below.

Fantasy Football

Because I have been busy you can read about other players in other articles.  Here are the latest suggestions.




Every Fantasy Football Owner who follows Beast Dome has one mission until Sunday.  Get Run DMC.

What people do not realize is Darren McFadden is exactly what you want your Fantasy RB to be.  He is fast, he is big, he can catch the ball, and he can score on any play.  The Raiders offense is slowly getting it together, and when they do you will wish that you had McFadden.  He is the type of player that can rush for 160 Yards/2 TDs and single handily win your week.

Owners that have him do not know what to do, and will take just about any package of good players they can for the 1st round value pick.


Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s some trade advice.

Get McGahee.

McGahee has a very favorable schedule coming up, and it starts this Sunday Night against the Saints. I have been high on McGahee since Day 1 of the preseason, this is your last chance to get him for non top 10 value.





Jamaal has put his owners through a roller coaster all season.

So many ups and downs, why continue to go through this especially when you know his team is getting worse and worse by the week.  The Chiefs are not going to with the AFC West, in fact anything better than last place is a good season at this point.  Sell Jamaal, get Run DMC and you will find yourself as a new happy man.



What we know about these two is that neither can have great games in the same game.  Only once all season did both players break double digits in the same week.  It was the week they got blown out against the Bears on MNF.  No reason to keep rolling with these two egos and you should just get rid of them now in a package deal to land McFadden.



Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel both have something in common.

They are terrible QBs who will not deliver consistent fantasy stats to Bowe.  Dwayne is a great player, but he also needs a QB who can make great throws to him consistently.  I would rather have John Skelton as my QB than any of these guys.  Bowe wants out of KC, you should want him out of your Fantasy Team.


R.O.S (Current) RANKINGS

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  1. How strongly do you suggest this Charles for McFadden trade? Is it worth a risk if I’m 2-5 at the moment?

  2. I mean…as long as Raiders won’t change their zone blockng scheme…I really can’t see McFadden to be better than Charles. At least Charles has showed he can be productive against good defenses (Chargers) with bad QB (It doesn’t matter if it’s Cassell or Quinn). You might be right…and probably will be but I’m not sure I would trade Charles for McFadden just right now. But I would try to get him for cheaper value.

  3. yeh this one is tricky..but i can see teams starting to stack the box more on quinn and company..production might go down some. I like palmer mcfadden from here on out rather than quinn and charles..oakand got a pretty decent front on defense..i thnk it will be plenty opportunities for dmc to shine. Plus i think they will lighten charles load a little too..he not a bruiser the begiining of the season the chiefs hyped up hillis and charles..hillis has been injured, but now he is back. I can see turn into michael bush type player..goal line vulture.

  4. I think Hillis helps Charles value. His best season was with T.Jones spliting the carries.

  5. Are there any other RBs on the trading block? I would stick with Charles. DMC hasnt proven anything this year and Charles at least had a couple games to shine. Hillis may steal some touches, but I think Charles has more potential. not to mention Goodson steals touches from DMC

  6. I’m on the verge of selling Jordy and Ridley for Run DMC, only way I can see myself getting him. My other WRs are Julio, Stevie Johnson… and Blackmon (I know I’m shallow there). My other RBs are McGahee, Morris, Bradshaw, Starks, Bolden and Rodgers. Obviously, I’ll be looking into making a move for a WR if I do this. Is it worth doing?

  7. hey beastdomenation do you think its would be okay to have cruz and nicks on the same fantasy team.i play in a ppr league. i have wallace, cruz, austin, and britt as of right now. I was thinking about shooting a trade..i would give austin and britt for nicks?

  8. Well my prediction about Charles could have not gone more more wrong. :D Chiefs are awful team. I know this is a little bit early because it’s week 8 still but…..I have Dwyer and should now be a good time to trade him? Let’s say….D.Richardson would be my target….he is owned by team that has R.Mendenhall so I would offer him Dwyer for Richardson. What other RB’s should I target?

  9. my sons team has Julio and Roddy on the same team and I like it because between the two he can hit close to 30 points a week and they take turns having the hot week. Nicks is getting healthier, when Murray comes back Dallas will have a running game, and from what I read Britt might be limited a little this year as he tries to get healthy

  10. my league is tough to trade in… I usually have to target RB on the teams who needs the help, because of the bye or injuries where my team is deep. I like D. Richardson because he’s on the upside, and there’s talk about trading S. Jackson.

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