Fantasy Football Trade Market: Riddle Me A Romo (Week 6)

Fantasy Football Trade Market:

Riddle Me A Romo (Week 6)

By  Muntradamus


In this post there are plenty of Buy/Sell Players based on my R.O.S Rankings below.  Hopefully you caught last weeks article where I was telling everyone to sell Cam Newton all week (Green Eggs and Cam).  Finally, he collapsed.



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Jerry Jones has one goal this season.  To win a Super Bowl.  The reason Romo was having trouble earlier this season was because the offensive line was not winning the battle up front.  You can guarantee that the Cowboys O-Line is ready to have a game of their life after their bye week.  Romo is ready to turn this team around, he will end up with 30 TDs.  Having Dez Bryant/Miles Austin/Jason Witten is one of the best trios in the NFL.

Romo is 2/4 in throwing over 300 Yards in a game.  Do not panic.



Vick is looking really good this season.  Until the Eagles get into the Red Zone. Vick will improve his Red Zone stats throughout the season as he gets more and more confident with his abilities and Maclin gets back to 100%.  This week playing against the Lions you can expect the Eagles to be throwing the ball frequently.  Vick is overdue for a HUGE monster game where you will want him in your lineup.  Make a point to get him on your team this week.



JacQuizz Rodgers supporters (me include) are shocked to see him on this list.  But I will tell you this, now is the time to Buy & Sell Michael Turner like a stock.  This week playing against the Raiders there will be too many goal line situations where Turner cannot have a bad game.  Once he gets 2 TDs Sunday and his value rises to another level, that is when you sell him.  Beat the trend, and this is a BEAT the trend move.

Next week you can turn him into Alfred Morris.



Run DMC is the Raiders.  If he has an amazing season this team has a small chance.  If Palmer has to win them anymore games, they will fall way below .500.  The Bye Week came at the perfect time for Oakland as this team was hitting a new Low.  Playing Atlanta will probably remind us that there is not a lot of upside for this team, but there is hope for RUN DMC to be a consistent Top 5 Fantasy Football RB.  Get him on your team while his value is this low.



Take this as me giving a vote of confidence to Willis.  Who cares if he fumbled or dropped a big 4th down pass late in the game.  Ronnie Hillman is nowhere near the RB Willis McGahee is, and Denver is not even close to reducing his playing time.  This week he faces a SD team that he was able to gave for over 120+ Yards with Tebow as his QB.  This season with Peyton Manning, run defenses are too busy worrying about the pass.

Willis will have his revenge game.



DeMarco was a victim of poor run blocking.  Assuming that Dallas did what they were supposed to do over the bye and fix that O-Line.  Murray could be in line for a Monster Performance against the Ravens who just allowed Jamaal Charles to rush for 140 Yards last week.  DeMarco is ready for a big game, the Cowboys are ready for a big game.  Buy DeMarco while people contemplate trading him for Ahamd Bradshaw.



Another vote of confidence here.  Andre will bounce back after last weeks terrible game against Cromartie.  Antonio looked a step faster than him, and Andre was not involved as the Texans were happy to run the ball for 7 Yards at a time.  This week Andre faces the Packers, and history has told us that #1 WRs do well against Green Bay.  Just ask Marques Colston two weeks ago, or Reggie Wayne last week.  Either way, Andre is long overdue for his bounce back game.  This is it.


Between not being 100%, and playing in Prime Time matchups.  J-Mac Attack has fallen off the fantasy radar at the moment.  Let us no forget that all Eagles camp everyone was touting him as a breakout candidate, and a player the Eagles know is going to take the next step.  This week he faces a Lions Secondary that is very prone to teams passing the ball.  Louis Delmas is back, but his attention will probably be to stop the deep man Desean.  Look for Maclin to get back on track this week, making this the best time to buy-low.



This Ex-Superstar sees his value at an all new low.  You can probably trade Brent Celek for him these days, and that is the type of move that will take your team to the next level.  Antonio Gates has looked slow, and he has been injured with bad ribs.  Does not matter.  The Chargers need him to be a factor this entire season, and that starts Monday Night against Denver in a matchup where Malcolm Floyd is going to be locked up.  Open up the Flood Gates again.  Antonio shows up on Monday Night.




Raise your hand if you have seen him on this list before.  The weak armed gunslinger was able to find success against the Saints.  Now everyone thinks he has back to being a top 10 QB.

Newsflash, the Saints defense will likely make Josh Freeman look like a god next week.  Rivers is about to get a reality check on Monday Night as the Broncos Defense is one of the best in the AFC.  Do not think because the Patriots could dominate them that Rivers has any chance.  Between Floyd being locked up, and Gates looking a step slower.  The Chargers are going to be a run first offense moving forward now that Mathews is back.

Trade Rivers along with another player to upgrade your QB situation.



He is on this list because of his fumble last week.  Bill kills fantasy RBs that put the ball on the ground.  Ridley should still get the carries this week, simply because he has ran for nearly 500 Yards.  Just keep in mind that Bradon Bolden is very capable of being the next Benjarvus Green-Ellis but way more athletic.  I had him as a BEAST OR BUST OF THE WEEK for a reason.

Do not sell Ridley for too low, but if you work a deal to turn him into Darren McFadden or DeMarco Murray.  I would make it happen.



Put him on this last last week.  Giving you one last warning to sell him before it is too late.  The Lions are coming off the bye, and I expect Jo. Bell to be heavily involved this week.  He looked great to close out the last week, and he reminds me of a combination of Leshoure/K.Smith.  Not to mention Jahvid Best is returning soon.  This is turning into a crowded backfield, now is the time to cut your losses.



The three headed monster of Sproles/Thomas/Ingram.  Has turned into mostly just Pierre Thomas.  Fantasy owners of Sproles may be in denial about that statement, but the truth is if the Saints want a big run or a 3rd down screen pass.  Pierre has been the man so far.

Other fantasy owners may not be aware of that, so now is the time to throw Sproles on the trade table and turn him into a stud RB you can count on week-to-week.  Now is the time to go after DeMarco.



Ahmad ran for 200 Yards and a TD against a Cleveland team that lost Rubin, their best Defensive Lineman early in the game.  Then they lost D’Qwell Jackson their star MLB the next quarter.  Between those two getting injured, and Andre Brown getting a concussion on the second kickoff of the game after a Bradshaw fumble.

The cards were playing right for Bradshaw all game.  Until David Wilson stole the show for a 40 yard TD run.  I do not like the situation here, and now the Giants are up against the 49ers, which means his value will drop.  Not a great matchup at all..encase you are new to this Fantasy Football thing.  Never play any RB against SF in SF, unless they are a top 5 RB.



His time is coming to an end.

Greg Jennings will be back soon, James Jones is looking great, Randall Cobb should be a bigger factor moving forward.  While Jordy is still capable of the 100 Yard/2 TD game.  Chances are it will not be as consistent as you would hope for.  He still has the big name, and he still has the top QB.  

I would aim to get an underachieving Andre Johnson for him straight up.



Wes now has Aaron Hernandez back.  While Wes did everything he needed to do to show that he should be on the field at all times.  Chances are Aaron quickly eats into his production the second he touches that field.  Welker is playing like a top 10 WR easily right now, and now is the time to get that type of value from him.

If you can trade for Demaryius Thomas, you are getting a great consistent long-term upgrade.




That is the first word that comes to mind when you think about Pitta.  The Ravens seem to target Anquan Boldin/Torrey Smith/Ray Rice, and then Dennis Pitta.  I like Dennis, I think he has one of the best hands for a TE in the NFL.  I would trade him though as his value as a Top 10 TE is still there.

Combo Dennis with a weaker RB.  Turn him into a stronger TE such as Aaron Hernandez.


R.O.S (Current) RANKINGS

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  1. On Welker losing touches to Hernandez: When both Gronks and Hernandez were active last year, Welker still got a ton of looks. I think the biggest threat to Welker’s production is Edelman… I don’t buy Hernandez/Gronks stealing his looks because it simply hasn’t ever happened. Week 1/2 I’d say it was Edelman stealing his snaps. Couple that with the Patriots running a ton of snaps every game (I think it may have been something like 90), I think his production should stay nearly the same. Thoughts?

  2. Last season the Patriots did not have Brandon Lloyd, or a running game like they have this season.

    Combine all the factors with Edelman returning at some point, and his pace with these 10 reception 100+ Yard games will not be as frequent as they have been lately.

  3. Sell high on T.Smiht? Could you name some good undervalued WR1’s to target? I still have some trust on Smith that he will be valuable than 31th, but….

  4. No…. :( I asked about T.Smiht? Sell high? Could you tell some undervalued WR1’s to target when dealing Smith? I still have some trust in him, but… He is my WR2 after Harvin and has some grrrreat matchups ahead. But if you tell me some good value trade targets….i might try to trade him.

  5. Someone offered me D.Jax for S. Jax? It would be a no-brainer except my RB situation is: McFad, Ridley, S. Jax, and Leshoure; while my WR is much stronger at CJ, D. Thomas, and V. Jax. Think I pull the trigger or should I continue keeping my RB situation hedged?

  6. You know what, Im sorry. He wants Mikel Leshoure for Desean Jackson. It’s almost a no-brainer but I still find myself hesitant to pull the trigger because my RB situation isn’t so hot…

  7. Hey Munt,

    Which one should I trade Rivers/Schaub/Smith for Mcgahee (I’m low at RB depth)? The guy wants Rivers, but I wanna give up Schuab/Smith. I was also considering trading Rivers and Sproles for Jay Culter and Mcgahee? Also, should I go after Turner after his bye week? I’m really stuck b/c I want to revitalize my team in the RB depth. (I only have Sproles, Lynch, and Ballard now).


  8. Hey EaglesFinn, what team in your league could use some WR help? Target that team first, send him a offer and see, if he has anybody you want. Plus are you talking about Torrey Smith?

  9. Hey, I’ve been a long time reader, just wondering what you think a fair price for jordy nelson straight up would be? He’s by far my best bench player, and all my starters are solid (except possibly my man crush RG3). I’d like a solid backup running back for him, but only because WR points are easier to come by. What do you think?

  10. Had Rice,Mendenhall,McFadden,R.Bush for 3 spots this week…..had Bush in and Mendenhall on bench since Tuesday…. until about 30 minutes before last night’s game — played Mendy because the matchup was soooo good. FML

  11. My last comment was supposed to be in reply to the question about who to target in a trade with Torrey Smith

  12. I’d be trying to revive my QB situation if I were you before attempting to upgrade Lynch/Sproles.

  13. This is why you cant trust any Patriot not named Giselle “Tom Brady” Bundchen- too many damn options. And to make it worse, they now have a dynamic running game.

    Take advantage now of Welker’s name recognition and go get an asset like Demaryius Thomas.

  14. Dez – Im seeing people give him up for a sack of bloody bandaids

    Nicks and Jennings – take advantage of human’s lack of patience…it IS a virtue. Both of these guys are wanting to get 100% healthy. Those TD’s James jones is catching are Jennings’. GJ will be super determined when he comes back. And when Nicks is healthy he is a constant top 5 WR every week regardless of the matchup. He is one of those rare receivers that you cannot put in a grouping because he can do it all…Calvin Johnson style ( and alittle Gangnum style too).

  15. As a matter of fact, and yes I just had an epiphany, you should contact the owner of Tony “Whereartthou” Romo and see if you can work something out. And if that doesnt work then see if Mick “the dog whisperer” Vick an be had.

    But do something because Rivers/Schaub/Smith are not even great bye week replacements.

  16. Lol. I have Big Ben also. The Romo/Vick holders are not selling out on them. Oh well, guess I should go with either Rivers+Sproles for Mcfadden or Rivers+Sproles for Doug Martin+Mcgahee.

  17. With how good Gore has been in fantasy this season what RBs can be had for his value? I tried a T.Richardson trade and he wouldn’t do it. I have a trade offer in on Gore + JPP for MJD, but he hasn’t responded yet. I also have Lloyd that I wouldn’t mind trading along with Gore.

  18. McFadden, Murray, Mathews in that order.

    I think Gore and Lloyd should be enough to get it done. Although, these need to be proposed and excepted before this Sunday because all 3 of these players’ stock should be on the rise after that.

  19. Probably Vick and DMC side. Vick besides turnovers has been very solid and DMC is a potential top 5 RB talent whose schedule takes off this week and beyond

  20. Just traded Hartline, Garcon, Torrey Smith, and Vick Ballard for Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Brandon LaFell, and Daryl Richardson. Thoughts?

  21. Selling high isn’t a bad idea. He’s typically an all-or-thing type player, like a rich man’s Devery Henderson. If you can get good value in return, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger

  22. Brady and SJax. While DMC has huge upside, both he and Vick have been inconsistent and injury prone

  23. Fair enough. Edelman is scaring me really. I have Welker, DJax and Britt. At RB I have Morris, Ridley, FJax BJGE, Ballard. You think I have enough depth at RB to sacrifice Ridley for another WR? Who do you think are legitimate targets I can get for Ridley? Or should I just ride it out and play matchups every week (2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, PPR 0.5pts)?

  24. Hey guys! Here’s what I’m working with:

    QB – Drew Bress
    RB – Chris Johnson
    RB – Vick Ballard
    RB/WR – Wes Welker
    WR – Brandon Marshall
    WR – Steve Johnson
    TE – Antonio Gates
    DEF – Miami
    K – Shayne Graham
    Bench – Jacquizz Rodgers
    Bench – Bilal Powell
    Bench – Jermaine Gresham
    Bench – Christian Ponder
    Bench – Danny Amendola
    Bench – Sidney Rice
    Bench – Brandon Bolden

    Another owner in my league has RBush, SJax, and Mendenhall, and needs WR’s pretty bad. Should I offer Stevie Johnson and Welker for Mendenhall and Percy Harvin? I know Mendy got hurt, but I figure I could upgrade with Percy and possibly get a good buy-low in Mendenhall. What do you think?

  25. I have McFadden already. I am thinking about offering Gore + Lloyd for McGahee + Andre Johnson. Do you think that would work well?

  26. I have McCoy and was offered Percy & Demarco….Do I do the trade??? I have Morris/Green-Ellis, Starks, and Colts back up. At wideout I have, Wallace/Marshall/Smith(carolina), Cobb! Will appreciate the advice.

  27. I like it. You’ll have huge depth at RB and will get Murray right when he’s in line to pick things up

  28. Geeze i was just offered another trade…..Adrian Peterson/Kenny Britt for Alfred Morris and Steve Smith….AP schedule is really tough from here on out and and he is always a injury risk, I am strong on receivers so that doesn’t bother me one way or the other. IS AP worth Morris!?!?!?

  29. Yea man LOSE welker especially because hernandez is coming back. I would try for Bush and Percy.

  30. Hi Munt! I always try to look for two few weeks ahead in FF. It’s my style of playing. Here are some of my thoughts and questions regarding my team. I’m 2-3 at the moment, 3rd in my DIV and badly need a win.

    Someone just dropped D.Brown into waivers in my 12-team league. He is going to be a top waiver claim next week. Would you drop any of these players to pick him up:


    I also have J.Blackmon and K.Wright but I need them in next few weeks because I have WR’s in bye’s coming up.

    This week I traded P.Rivers+A.Gates for M.Stafford+J.Witten…….good move?

    My team at the moment is:

    QB: M.Stafford
    WR1: P.Harwin
    WR2: T.Smith
    WR3: A.Hawkins
    RB1: R.Rice
    RB2: J.Charles
    TE: J.Witten
    Flex: J.Rodgers
    K: S.Suisham
    D/St: Pittsburgh (was this weeks play and shoot me into leg!)


    Just realized when writing this that I can drop Pittsburgh for least trying to….I’m sure that I won’t get him because I have the worst waiver number.

    Any of these QB’s worth replacing any of my current players for week 7 or week 8. I have M.Stafford against CHI in week 7 and Seattle in week 8.

    J.Locker @BUF (week7) and vs. IND (week8)
    J.Freeman vs. NO (week7) and @MIN (week8)
    J.Cutler vs. DET (week7) and vs. CAR (week8)

    RB’s: There are really no RB’s in waivers or free agents at the moment….other than D.Brown.

    WR’s: Here are some WR’s available. Any worth replacing any of my curret players for next few weeks or ROS?


    Thanks! I hope you have time to really look at this and answer. I love your site!

  31. Bush has been a beast,I don’t think he will go for it. Sjax struggling & Percy for Wes& Steve, maybe. If he declines, then go for mendenhall

  32. Finn, I’ll share my thoughts, sorry It’s notMunt but I thinku made a good trade in getting Stafford. I think you could really use a WR. I would let Brown go. You are solid at RB. I suggest doing what I did in a league, only time will tell if it was good, but I traded rice, Bowe & celek for McCoy, Gronk & DHB, who I personally think is undervalued. With thr loss of cassel, I think Bowe’s stick drops but I really needed a TE. I would try for McCoy and a WR like white or Jones or maybe AJ. Throw in Hawkins & see what u can get. McCoy owners might he worried & I see a breakout coming soon, like DMC It’s a risk, but then again FF always is

  33. Torrey Smith indeed….I need WR help my self….I was thinking of upgrading him for some undervalued WR that would be better ROS.

  34. I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand what you are trying to tell me. :( I don’t have Brown…any player named Brown. And McCoy is on a team with owner not doing anything so he is out of reach. I don’t have any power to trade AJ or J.Jones….and would not trade any of my starting RB for those players….I would like to upgrade my flex position because J.Rodgers is not doing anything at the moment. and maybe find some WR3 in those free agent WR’s that I listed. That’s why I asked if any of my players would be dropable for picking one WR up.

  35. You were asking about Donald brown. And I don’t think u need him. I certainly would never suggest giving up rice for a WR, I was using my trade as an example. It doesn’t have to be McCoy, and sometimes It’s not possible, however beyound Percy your WRs are not scary. Only suggestions but u have the RB depth to make a move like that

  36. Ok thanks. :) I just think I’m stuck with this roster….will have to wait and see If some usefull WR will pop up in waivers.

  37. I was offered Chris Johnson for Anquan Boldin straight up. I need a RB, as I’ll have Jacquizz starting the next 2 weeks because of byes. Do I do it?

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