Fantasy Football Trade Market: Keep Calm And Salsa Dance On (Week 11)

Fantasy Football Trade Market:

Keep Calm And Salsa Dance On (Week 11)

By Muntradamus

Week 11 Rankings


Last Week all three WRs I recommended buying low. Scored TDs.

Good start in the Rankings so far for Week 11.  I had Davone Bess (50 Yards/1 TD) at #33 for the WR position.  His ECR was #45, the #33 was the highest of any expert.

I also had Bills Defense (3 Sacks. TD. 2 INT. FR).  at #11 when their ECR is #19.  Which is also higher than any other expert.

This trade article is a move that could win you the championship.  I highly recommend you do what it takes to get Shonn Greene. 






I put him on this list last week.  His value just got that much cheaper.  This bye week is exactly what he needs to get back to being the Eli Manning we all know.

Eli last season got hot towards the end of the year, he took his Giants to the Playoffs, won the Superbowl.  You can do the same thing by making a move to buy him low now, then end up with the QB who can win you your league.


This is the move that can win you your league.

Last season when Tim Tebow was a QB, Willis McGahee was getting 120 Yard rushing games against the toughest teams.  While Shonn Greene is not the runner Willis McGahee is, he is good enough to start as a good RB#2 when Tebow is the starter.  The Jets cannot go on any longer using Sanchez as their QB.

Rex Ryan has dug himself so deep of a whole, that he can do nothing but bury himself alive.  That is what is happening with the Jets right now using Sanchez, maybe Tebow can Resurrect this season.



This is the last week you can trick an owner that Alfred Morris is at RB#3 quality.  If you can give up good players, not core/vital players, to acquire Morris.  This is the time.  The Redskins run the ball more than any football team, and Morris has some Tasty matchups to close out the season.  Including the New Orleans Saints.



Think what you want, Steve Smith is still Steve Smith.

After a tough matchup against Champ Bailey, Steve now gets a chance to go up against a pretty weak NFC South to close out the season.  Weak as far as pass defense goes, and that is a good enough excuse to grab Smith as everyone is valuing him at a WR #3.  He has low-end WR#1 potential.

Do keep in mind that Greg Olsen is becoming more and more involved.



By no means is Victor Cruz going to come at a cheap price.

But owners are starting to wonder if Eli and his tired arm is causing everyone’s favorite WR to produce terrible numbers.  Stay Calm and Salsa Dance On.

If you can get Cruz for an under performing RB such as Ryan Mathews or Steven Jackson.  Now is the time to execute the deal.  We all know he can put up 30+ Point games consistently, and he will when Eli gets back.


The Texans have the best End Of Season schedule.

Andre is coming off of the worst performance any of his owners can hope for.

He is also getting targets like a true #1 WR.

Add all of that together.  You have yourself a steal as you can trade just about any under-performing big name RB (Steven Jackson/Ryan Mathews) for the star WR.  Even try to give up Jonathan Stewart and Dwayne Bowe type of combination to acquire him.


His value continues to drop.

Last week it was because the 49ers had to turn to Kaepernick who is strictly a running QB.  Vernon Davis is much better when Alex Smith is the QB.  This week the 49ers have a tough matchup, and owners are not looking forward to starting Vernon Davis.

Time to grab him like you are getting a High-End TE#2, with #1 upside and probability.



Just about waiver wire material at this point.  Do what you can to get rid of him.  Include him in a package for Shonn Greene.



Last chance to trade Jamaal after his TD against the Steelers.

The Chiefs are looking at putting Brady Quinn at QB, which means the complete end of Charles when that takes place.  He still does have big play potential, but he also has a healthy Peyton Hillis and Shaun Draughn during garbage time.

When Charles was at his best, Hillis was not healthy.

Trade Charles now, try to get anyone ranked higher on the R.O.S Rankings.


Just about Waiver Wire material at this point.

Dwayne Bowe needs a QB who can get him the ball, and this season Matt Cassel took a huge step backwards.  Once Brady Quinn is officially the QB, that will be the end for Bowe.

Which could mean the end of your WR #2 spot. Trade him now, before it is too Late.



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  1. What if Mendenhall comes back and starts ROS? How do you rank Dwyer then? I have Dwyer and don’t know what to dot with him.

  2. Trade just offered to me:

    Give: Drew Brees and JacQuizz Rodgers
    Get: Cam Newton and Alfred Morris

    Seems like this boosts things overall for me, including maybe setting up a trade to boost WR depth. Is-a-good? Am I blind?

    Roster (Bench) in 16-team league:
    QB – Brees (R. Wilson)
    RB1/2 – M. Lynch, T. Richardson, (J. Rodgers, C. Ivory, B. Wells)
    WR1/2 – V. Jackson, M. Floyd (SD), (G. Jennings, K. Wright)
    TE – D. Allen, (B. Celek)

    K – Hartley (NO)
    DST – NYG (still gotta pick one up yet this week. Missed getting the Bills by mere minutes to another in the league. Yarrrrrgh.)

  3. you recommend Cruz as a buy low, How do you feel about Nicks from here on out? Thinking of going after him possibly. It’s all my depth could afford.

  4. Harvin for Morris, I would say yes if you can cover for it at WR. Hartline and Andre Brown? for AJ Green? Jump all over that.

  5. I don’t see any Pittsburgh running back being worth owning in fantasy football. If you can find a buyer for him, I would do it as soon as possible.

  6. I’m thinking about making an offer to get Randall Cobb as my WR3. His owner need a RB, so it will have to be either Jackson or McGahee, who should I trade? I have Doug Martin and Alfred Morris as my starting RB’s and Brandon Marshall, Percy Harvin & Steve Johnson +Nate Washington, Denario Alexander & Brandon LaFell on the bench.
    Who would you trade for him?

  7. Yes, I accidentally left out the Flex position. I think I would have a good shot at trading Newton for Luck and upgrading Floyd to a better WR2, given some other needs in the league.

  8. worth sending Colston for Morris? My receivers would then be Wayne, Steve Johnson, Denarious Moore, and Nicks. RB’s would be McGahee, DMC/Reece, Wells, and Mendy

  9. Should I trade Cobb for Shon Greene. Have Calvin, AJ Green, Cobb, Wallace, MJD, DMC, Morris, Beanie. Would prefer to trade wallace first, but unsure if that will go through.

  10. Current roster:
    QB: M. Schaub
    WR: R. Wayne, B. Marshall, R. White (M. Floyd)
    RB: W. McGahee, C. Johnson, D. Murray (J Starks)
    TE: O. Daniels (S. Chandler)

    Should I trade D. Murray for Eli Manning?

    I just don’t really have anything else I think he would accept and we’re talking #19 ROS RB vs #7 QB)

    14 Man league with standard scoring. Currently in 11/14 place (I am 4-6; #1 is 6-1-3).

  11. Yes it is worth it. Jimmy is the primary reciever in NO and Morris is an improvement to your team. He won’t be on the bench like colston.

  12. I would still lean towards not doing it, the difference between cam and drew’s consistency is just that big.

  13. Just made 2 trades what do you all think?

    I sent Leshore, Dez, Heath Miller and Rahard Jennings and received Josh Freeman,Vernon Davis and Shonne Greene.

    2nd Trade Stevie Johnson and Jammal Charles for Alfred Morris and Mike Williams

    Team now

    Big Ben, Carson Palmer, Freeman

    Calvin, Brandon Marshall, Williams

    Morris, Greene, Sproles

    Veron Davis, Finley

    Start 1QB, 2WR, 2RB and flex

  14. Just scooped Cruz for Wallace+Dalton. AT the trade deadline. Pretty proud of myself. :D
    It’s essentially wallace for cruz because dalton has been my qb3 (2qbl) on the bench behind eli and luck all season..
    The funniest thing is that the guy didn’t respond last week when I tried to give him Eli for Ben straight about dodging a MF BULLET! Crazy.

  15. When Mendenhall comes back he will be the starter. This is what the RB coach said….I would trade Dwyer if possible.

  16. I would jump on that…you have great wide receivers as it is…you can never have to much depth at RB, that’s my philosophy.

  17. Qb: Freeman, Flacco
    RB: McGahee, Reese, DMC, Ivory
    WR: S. Rice, Colston, Jordy.
    TE: V. Davis, J. Dreessen, Gresham

    Should I give up Vernon Davis or DMC +1 to get Shonn Green?

  18. Got this trade off at the trade deadline… giving up Matthew Stafford. Mikel LeShoure, Jeremy Maclin for Eli Manning, LeSean McCoy, Hakeem Nicks…

    I traded A. Green (GB) for Greg Jennings to a desperate owner weeks before he started training.

    I also traded Tony Gonzo for T-Rich after week 1.

    Squad looks like this now:
    QB: E. Manning
    RB: A. Foster, T-Rich, Shady McCoy, R. Hillman, J-Stew, B.Tate (Handcuff), B. Brown (Handcuff)
    WR: B. Marshall, J. Nelson, E. Decker, H. Nicks, G. Jennings
    TE: Gronk (out), Witten
    D/ST: Houston
    K: M. Prater

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