Fantasy Football Trade Market: Kardashian Sloppy Seconds (Week 7)

Fantasy Football Trade Market:

Kardashian Sloppy Seconds (Week 7)

By  Muntradamus


In this post there are plenty of Buy/Sell Players based on my R.O.S Rankings below.  Thank you all who joined the chat, and do not forget that the BEAST DOME LEAGUE is this SUNDAY!



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It took up to the 4th quarter of Week 6 for Stafford to finally look like Stafford.

Now that the Lions have a solid game plan if teams decide to double team Megatron.  That means it is time to get this guy on your fantasy team.  The Bears defense is solid, but at the same time they can be beat with the pass.  Stafford was a QB who can throw for over 350 Yards consistently.  The best part about Stafford is his pass attempts.  He should easily eclipse over 700 Attempts, with the Lions not confident at all with their rushing attack.



No RB does well against Minnesota.

The fact that he was able to get a rushing TD was a lot of luck, but regardless.  Alfred Morris is on a Terrell Davis level this season.  Their is noway he gets switched up in the rotation, and now is the time to BUY BUY BUY before owners realize this guy has Top 10 RB value consistently.



Reggie has been playing at less than 100%.

With Daniel Thomas getting two concussions so far on the young season, Reggie is going to be asked to do everything for this team.  He is the poor man’s Jamaal Charles, but just as good.  Reggie will do be everything for this team, and you want him on your roster when he gets those 150 Yard/2 TD games.



Remember when owners were panicking on Jamaal Charles before his game against the Saints?

This is a similar situation, and we can easily see Doug Martin have his breakout game that everyone has been waiting for.  The Saints defense is horrible, and Josh Freeman is red hot what means this offense will be grooving all day.  Do what you can to get Doug on your team before his value escalates.



Stevie is the man for the Bills.

His stats may not show it, but Fitzpatrick throws to this guy very frequently.  Over 10 Targets nearly every week, and now the Bills offense is starting to click. With CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson doing damage, Stevie is ready for his monster game.  Buy him now before his value skyrockets through the roof.



Another vote of confidence here.  Andre has a plus matchup against a Ravens team that really is hurting everywhere.  Look for Andre take advantage of this weak secondary that has to double up and stop the run now that Ray Lewis is out.  Andre is over-due for a MONSTER game.  This Sunday can easily be it.

Do what you can to get this top 5 WR for a #15 WR price.


Britt was a stud last season.

Before he got injured and tore his ACL.  He was the #1 WR in Fantasy Football through the first two weeks, and now he is back to full-strength.  On top of that he has his favorite QB slinging him the ball, and a great matchup against the Bills.  Owners may not be aware of his potential, but it just as good as all the STUDS in the game.

Owners treat him like a WR#3, he is really a high-end WR#2.



Someone is missing from this party.  Not Greg Jennings.

The Packers are going extremely pass heavy, which means Finley is overdue to find himself a big game.  He is still one of the biggest TE threats in the game, his hands are a problem.  Though that is not a sentence you want to read, Rodgers will continue to give him the ball.

With other websites telling you has fallen out of the top 10 in TEs, now is the time to grab the Ex-Star.




RGIII is saved by his legs.

This is very similar to what Cam Newton did last season, and it worked for a full season, minus the passing numbers.  Not saying it will not work for RGIII, but take away that 70+ Yard TD run at the end of the game in kill-clock mode, and you have yourself a pretty average day.  His passing numbers are not going to get the job done, and I would be much happier with Matthew Stafford and another solid player for RGIII.



Thursday Night, Gore did everything he needed to do for him to be a sell-high candidate.

Granted that he is not seriously injured, Gore tore apart a Seattle defense which is one of the best in the NFC.  Gore is only getting older, his schedule is only getting harder, and Brandon Jacobs is just itching to get his shots at being a valuable RB in this committee.

If you can trade Gore for any of the RB’s above in the Buy-Low category, or Willis McGahee.  You would be crazy not to.



Green-Ellis is looking slow. 

The Bengals are about to really go pass happy to finish out the season as they are thrilled with what they have in AJ Green and Andy Dalton.  If Bernard Scott was still healthy he would be the RB by now.  For now, you can try to exchange Green-Ellis for anyone above him in the R.O.S Rankings.

His schedule is only getting worst from here.



Get what you can.

Shonn Greene’s performance last week was a fluke.  The Colts defense has no skill, and Bilal Powell got injured which opened the door for Greene to carry the full load.  With Greene facing New England this week, you can expect the Jets to fall behind and lean on Tebow as the RB.  Should be interesting.

Any player that is ranked higher than Greene in the R.O.S rankings below is the player to grab.



Having Tom Brady you can never count Brandon out.

With that being said, you can never count on consistency.  With Lloyd demanding attention from the top CB every week, chances are Brady will take the wide open Wes Welker/Aaron Hernandez or even try the mismatch with Rob Gronkowski.  With the Patriots being a running football team.  Now is the time to package Brandon Lloyd and another RB to get a star RB.

There are waiver wire WRs in shallow leagues who have the same potential as Lloyd with his inconsistency.  Trade him.




After his 3 TD game, Jordy is on top of the Fantasy world.  This week he has a tough matchup with Cortland Finnegan, which could only mean that either he gets locked up completely. Or Finnegan moves around.

Regardless now is the time to trade Jordy Nelson for nearly any struggling superstar RB you want.  


Last week Wes showed that he is still capable of a big game despite Aaron Hernandez healthy.

Only problem is Rob Gronkowski and Brandon Lloyd did not do anything.  Chances are, that is not going to happen very often.  There are too many great options in the passing game for the Patriots, and now you can trade Wes Welker and really get a superstar WR.

As soon as he has a bad game, everyone will start to realize what I just wrote above.  Trade him now for Andre Johnson while you can.



Owners are willing to pay a lot for a TE who is on the field as much as Kyle Rudolph is.  He did not miss a snap last week, and he is clearly the #2 option in the Vikings passing.  Only problem is Christian Ponder is an inconsistent road QB, and you cannot count on Rudolph consistently if you cannot count on Ponder consistently.

Combo Kyle with a weaker RB.  Turn him into a stronger TE such as JerMichael Finley.


R.O.S (Current) RANKINGS


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  1. I have rudolph and aaron hernandez it is a 2 qb league 12 teamer and my quarterbacks are rg3 locker and palmer that is the only position I need an upgrade who should I try to target with one of my tight ends and another skill position player

  2. Now I’m puzzled by the BUF DST ranking this week…. I picked them up but am having 2nd thoughts.

    All signs point to TEN w Kenny Britt, Hassleback and CJ1.5k putting up some points.

    Could see OAK DST going up against an anemic JAX Offense seriously outperforming BUF DST…. Talk me off the fantasy ledge MUNT!!!

  3. What RB would be worth Gore at this point? He’s been extremely consistant this year with double digit scores in 5 of 7 games. I’d like to trade Gore + Lloyd for a RB to start next to Darren McFadden how much value would be likely?

  4. blindhleb i have mcfadden, lynch and gore..i am in the same boat. I just sent out 8 trades for gore. I dont know about you, but i like to have 3 good rbs that get the bulk of carreies, goalline, and catch passes. So my first priority is to trade gore for another rb that people might not truly respect for the long run yet.ex: mattews, bush, morris, and willis.

  5. johnyroyale i would go with oak vs gabbert..he stinks. oakland will have a big week on d/st. I am aiming to pick up bills d/st for the playoffs next week. I feel bills d/st will get a few points..but nothing great this week

  6. anonymous go with britt this week..him and hasselback have a good repore..who is you other wrs..could you start both?

  7. For Muntradamus or anybody thats wants to give there opinion. For a ppr league. If bolden sits out for new england this week..who would be a better play. joique bell, vereen, dwyer, ingram, peerman, or goodson?

  8. Please tell me what you think. Demaryius Thomas for D.Martin and Bennet. I am giving up Thomas.

  9. Your only choice is between Dwyer and Goodson. Dwyer may end up getting the start but could be surpassed by Batch or Rainy(speed!!!) over the course of the game. Goodson is only valuable if he hits a long play on one of his limited opportunities. So I would go with Dwyer as he is the safer play, but if you are feeling edgy go with Goodson.

  10. Tough choice. I would go Williams. He is on fire and going up against a soft secondary that he will be able to get behind. The Bills pass rush is coming around and is to quick for the titans line leaving little time for britt to get open.

  11. WRs, I have Wallace, Brown, Hartline, Henderson, Blackmon
    RB-MJD, R.Bush, Murray, Quizze, Blount, Goodson
    TE, Gramham, and Daniels.

  12. jrome trade brown if anybody for d dont need any more tight ends. keep dont want the same to receivers on one team..wallace and brown. thomas is a beast for the rest of the season.

  13. Looking to drop Bolden and pickup either Simpson or hartline.any suggestions?other rb’s are p.Thomas,Charles,s-jax.other wr’s are t.smith,a.Brown,k.wright,m.Williams.looking at some great matchups for Simpson later in the season and hartline for the simple fact that if the dolphins trade for bowe hartline see’s less coverage.maybe overthinking this.suggestion’s on who to start?2rb3wr1flex.thanks in advance for any advice.also league is ppr.

  14. Muntsmen,

    Trade pending!: Giving up Jordy for Willis straight up.

    I hit up the guy w JCharles too but I think the guy w Willis is going for it.

    My WR’s are DThomas,Wallace,Vjax, and Hartline

    and Other RB’s are Shady, AD, Mendenhall and AGreen at the moment.

    10 team ppr. What say ye?

  15. Unwise imho. Munt is still pretty high on Martin but DT is not the guy you want to give up.

  16. i would pick up hartline. i would start charles, sjax, Brown, Smith, williams and wright

  17. good deal tebow..but i would have asked for somebody els with willis..for jordy. or you could have paired jordy with an average joe to make it look good..for a better rb. good luck!

  18. Thx bc. Jordy is valued a bit higher than willis. 3td game will do that. I wanted to squeeze a little more out of the trade at first, like trying to flip one of my 4/5 rb for a 3/4 wr with him but I’m also playing a bit of strategy here..
    There hasn’t been much trade action in my league at all so I wanted to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse.
    He’s in first and we matchup w eachother next week. His starting RB’s will now be SJax, Legarette Blunt, or William Powell..that’s it..I’m rollin w McCoy, Peterson, and McGahee

  19. Williams. Great matchup against NO and what most likely end up in a shootout. Also CJ has a great matchup and if he can stay hot then they will look at him to carry the game.

  20. Mathews doesnt fit your RB description. He isnt a 3rd down back and they dont play him on the goalline.

    I would go for Bush. Great matchups the rest of the year, his bye weeks done, and he is the focus of that offense and he fits your RB prototype. Plus with his injury and past bad games owners may look to be dumping him.

  21. I would take that trade if it was in my PPR league. DT may give you a huge game here and there but he is Mannings #2, with Decker #1. I also think that DM would be more consistent especially if Freeman gets going and forces the defense to back off of the run. Plus he is a every down back that stays on the field constantly and can catch. A WR cannot compare to a every down RB.

  22. I didnt see this post before my other response. Why do you want DM? How many RBs can you play and flex? You have a pretty good RB core with MJD, Bush and Murray. Murrays hurt but all signs say he should be back soon. If his injury was long term and you can play multiple RBs I would trade.

    bcalum also made a good suggestion that you dont want two guys on same team playing at the same time so try to trade brown in standard leagues and wallace in ppr.

  23. opinions muntradamus or beast domenation. give murray and britt for magahee or give murray and maclin for magahee? Is both a good or bad trade proposal on my part? my other receivers are cruz and austin/romo combo.

  24. Would you trade T.Smith for A.Johnson at this point? A.Johnson has been a bust so far, but how do you see him moving forward?

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