Fantasy Football Trade Market: How Could You Be So Hartless (Week 5)

Fantasy Football Trade Market:

How Could You Be So Hartless (Week 5)

By  Muntradamus

In this post there are plenty of Buy/Sell Players based on my R.O.S Rankings below.  I have talked about a lot of the Buy Low Players like Willis McGahee and Cedric Benson numerous times.  They are still BUY LOW players based on my Ranking compared to the ECR.  You can read about a lot of the previous players in the posts below.



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TRADE MARKET WEEK 4: Trading Brandon Marshall





The Giants do not have a running game they can depend on to win games.  What they do have is one of most lethal 1/2 punches with Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.  That we already know.  But what we learned this season is that Domenik Hixon, Ramses Barden, and most importantly Martellus Bennett, are weapons that could take over if needed.  Between all that talent, and Eli Manning who is a much more confident QB after winning the Super Bowl twice already.  No reason to think Eli will not be a Fantasy MVP candidate when it is all said and done.  I would do what I can to acquire him.



The Lions pass offense has had a lot of ups and downs.  I own Stafford in my most important league, but luckily Jason Hanson has been my MIP (Most Important Player) to keep me at (4-0).  Stafford has seen Brandon Pettigrew drop multiple TDs, he has seen his offensive line let him down.  Most importantly he has not made a point to force feed deep bombs to Megatron.  It does not matter if the defense is giving him short passes, sooner or later Stafford will start throwing deep again.  That is when you will see the numbers go up.

That is also why you saw Shaun Hill have that monster 4th quarter against the Titans.  The Lions decided to throw it deep.  The Bye week came at a perfect time for this team.



Coach Norv Turner is the worst coach in the NFL.  He had the best RB in the game (LaDanian Tomlinson) , a good defense, and a QB (Phillip Rivers) who knows how to manage a football game with the Best TE (Antonio Gates) and a superstar WR (Vincent Jackson).  He had this team for a few seasons, and has absolutely nothing to show for it.  Somehow he still is the coach of the Chargers, and now is threatening to bench his best RB and franchise player, for a guy who should be a goal-line specialist and nothing more.

Don’t worry.  Mathews will bounce back, one or two long runs against this poor Saints defense and everyone will have to question..Is Norv Turner the worst coach in the NFL?



If any owner is panicking about Darren McFadden and his inconsistency.  Jump in a car, drive over to his or her house.  Tell them everything is going to be alright and you can pick any RB on your team (Besides Foster/Rice/McCoy) and make the trade.  The Raiders are going to win games if Darren McFadden does well, Run DMC can score TDs on any possession



Muscles on Muscles on Muscles.  This guy is a FREAK.  The Browns will gameplan every week just to get him 100 Total Yards, the TD will be the difference maker.  Richardson reminds me of Steven Jackson when he was splitting time with Marshall Faulk.  The Offensive Coordinator is Brad Childress who was the head coach when Adrian Peterson was going through his glory days, the Browns will get T-Rich the ball.



Coach Shanahan is known for changing his RB quicker than Kei$ha and her music career.  Something you may not know though, coach  Shanahan had a RB that he trusted.  He went on to be one of the greatest football players to ever play RB, and he is my all-time favorite.  Terrell Davis.  Alfred Morris and Terrell Davis are in very similar situations, I would be surprised to see anyone else take this RB job away from Morris this season.  Go get him.



Andre is still healthy.  In fact, he has never looked stronger.  I would not worry about Andre Johnson, at times he plays semi-inconsistent, but then there are games where you just got 3 games worth of points in one night.  This Monday Night is that type of game  simply because the Jets don’t have a corner back who can guard him.  This Monday should be the big explosion game similar to Marshall last week.  


We already knew he was Tannehill’s favorite option going into last Sunday.  After torching Patrick Peterson who has been shutting down stars all season, Hartline is player to trade for.  He has Danny Amendola potential that you just know you will get a productive game if he is out there.  Tannehill is throwing the ball better and better each week, he has a GUN and Hartline can get open often.  Plus it helps that teams score a lot of points on the Dolphins forcing Miami to go into pass mode.



Fantasy owner may have lost their matchup because of his 1 catch for 2 yard performance last week.  They probably would feel better about using the guy they originally owned, maybe Antonio Gates.  Now is the perfect time to create a package trade where you end up with Tellus as a throw in.  Or you throw your backup TE to grab Tellus as part of the trade.  With Hakeem Nicks continuously missing time this season, it is a good idea to grab the #2 Target for Eli Manning in more games than not.




We all saw this time was coming.  The Sophomore Slump like I projected.  He is not going to get those 300 Yard Passing games like he did last season, the offense is geared a lot more towards running the football and keeping their defense off the field.  Cam does have the potential for some MONSTER weeks, but he also has the potential for a very bad Week to ruin your team.  This is one of those weeks, and now is a time to get rid of him before the storm sets.


Right now both of these guys are high-end RB #3 quality good.  Now that does not sound bad, but it is not something you want to trust on a weekly basis.  Both players are equally impressive and you can trade them along with another positional player to upgrade them into a star player.  If you can transform Jackson or Spiller into McGahee or Benson.  Your team will be heading to a new level of success.



The Leshoure experiment is losing a lot of steam.  It was expected he would have trouble against the Vikings, but when we found out he is not 100%.  That is one red flag as that was his first game this season.  The second red flag is the emergence of Joique Bell.  He looks like a combination of Kevin Smith and Leshoure who has been productive all preseason, and now all 4 games this season.  With the Lions having a bye week, he has the chance to impress the coaches even more and get the starting RB job.  Keep in mind Jahvid Best is possibly coming back at some point as well.



People still value Doug Martin highly.  That is good news as his situation is getting very murky.  The Bucs appear content going with LeGarrette Blount at the goal line, and D.J. Ware to spell him throughout the game.  Between that, they are falling in love with the pass again, which was their problem to losing so many games last season.  Now is a good time to trade Martin as his games of being a consistent 100 Total Yards, is slowly dwindling.



I have put him on this list before, and now everything I have said about his past is about to come true.  Brandon Jacobs is 100% and is reportedly running like a, “Bore.”  That is a scary thought for opposing defenses which means he will automatically eat the goal line TDs.  He could also steal more than 8 carries which will hurts Gore’s value moving forward.  Sell now before it is way too late.  



Nate still has value with Britt at less than 100%.  As soon as Britt is healthy, which could be this week, then we will see the Hasselbeck/Britt connection that made Britt a Superstar before tearing up his knee early last season.  Nate Washing and Locker have the chemistry that Britt and Matt Hasselbeck have.  Get rid of Nate now before you have to end up dropping him, Kendall Wright and Jared Cook will eat away at his targets as well.



The Panther passing game is nothing like it was last season.  The Panthers appear to be committed to running the football in tricky plays, which usually result in 1 or 2 TD passes each game.  While Smith does have a chance of getting that TD, you can in exchange get a much safer player who offers a lot more upside.  The matchup this week against Seattle could really kill his value. 



At this point he is pretty much droppable unless you are really struggling at the TE position.  Not a bad idea to package him in a trade just so you can get rid of him and feel that you got somebody useful for his services.  With Joel Dresseen becoming involved more and more each week, it appears Tamme will be too inconsistent to trust moving forward.



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  1. What’s up Munts?

    Should I attempt a Martin and Mr. OLD Spice(Jennings) package trade?

    If so, for who?

    I need rbs

  2. I just traded Morris and Benson for Julio Jones last week…not funny! -.- Didn´t you say sell Morris high?
    I´m sticking with Leshoure and Fred Jackson at this point because I believe their value will raise again, none of them is really a sell high candidate because of their low value at this point…I mean what could I get for them? Andre Johnson? I don´t think so! ;)

  3. Hey I was emailing you earlier about my team! I am sure you are crazy busy but what about this deal.

    Team A:
    Denarius Moore

    Team B:
    Julio Jones
    Percy Harvin
    Fred Jackson

    Is Team B giving too much up for the RB depth and QB upgrade?

  4. Yo Munt!
    My first official post – found your site three weeks ago and haven’t gone anywhere else since. Thanks for all the awesome work. Need some help with the trade market right now, would be much appreciated:

    QB: Peyton
    RB: McCoy, Lynch, Murray, Andre Brown (Spiller gone)
    WR: Nelson, Demaryius, Steve Smith (Wallace in)
    TE: Gates, Finley

    I just got an offer: Spiller for Mike Wallace and accepted it.

    So now I feel that I have pretty good depth in all my positions, but I want to get rid of Nelson and Smith for other receivers for obvious reasons.

    Any suggestions on who I should go after in their place?

    Thanks in advance man.

  5. Munt,

    Based on this:

    “While Davis would appear to be a very enticing fantasy performer this Sunday against a Bills defense that had problems last week defending Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski (5-104-1) in the Pats’ runaway victory, it’s worth noting Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh’s insistence that every offensive player be ready to take on a different role every week. This is a particularly pertinent point in the case of Davis, who in any given game could be asked to serve as more of a blocker than a receiver. Such was the case last Sunday when Davis, who is considered a tremendous blocker, caught only two passes (on two targets) for 28 yards.”

    What do you think of trading off Vernon Davis for a WR of the same caliber?

    I have 3 good RBs and 3 TEs (V Davis, M Bennet, and A Gates). But at WR, I only have J Jones and Steve Johnson as reliable WRs. Other WRs I have are Andre Roberts, and two temp: James Jones and Hixon.

  6. Hi KaKumbas,

    For what it’s worth, it appears that the players listed under Team A are a better bunch. But, depending on what other players are on the roster, I suppose it could work out.

  7. Thanks munt for your advice. 2 weeks ago I traded Spiller & Hawkins to get celek & blackmon & 2 days ago I sent Fred Jax & celek for Finley & bensen. I was so glad ur article came out to sell Spiller/jackson this week, even though either one is an injury away from stardom. My tram after draft was… Peyton, Romo, foster Mathews, Spiller, fjax, Dez, Maclin, Fred Davis, Bennett, wright, Leshoure, az and since after week 2 and finding beast dome my team is…. Stafford, Vick, foster, Mathews, Benson, quizz. Fitz, Maclin, blackmon, Hernandez, Finley, az & Buf D and anempty spot for either Powell or bess

  8. I think Team B is giving up too much. Julio and percy are top 10 Wrs at worst. I think murray is equal to matthews and sjax is only going to go downhill, especially vs. the defenses in his division. Also, there is the question of staffords health. But if you have other solid Wrs…

  9. You have a unique opportunity. I think u need to find a team w an abundance of WRs, preferably to the owner of rivers or Eli. U can use Davis too and for that ur looking for someone w a weak te & extra receivers

  10. Denarious Moore is also top10. Muntz has Nicks rated at 13 ROS (tho admittedly injured right now). I think the receivers are pretty even. It’s Dalton and Fred Jackson that make Team B’s list more iffy, especially Dalton.

  11. Hi Munt,

    My first official post – found your site last week and havent gone anywhere else for fantasy since. Thanks for all the awesome work! I need some help this week with the trade market as I am trying to make several moves. Here’s my current lineup:

    QB: Peyton
    WR: Demaryius, Nelson, Steve Smith, Mike Wallace
    RB: McCoy, Marshawn, Murray, Andre Brown
    TE: Gates, Finley

    I just completed a trade I was offered – sold high on CJ Spiller to get Mike Wallace. Considering I had little depth for WR, i think this was a necessary move.

    I still want to get rid of Nelson and Smith for other receivers though. Any suggestions on who I can trade them for (both or seperately). Also, someone dropped Hakeem Nicks and he’s sitting around as a free agent right now – should I just snag him and hold him until he recovers?

    Help would be much appreciated. Thanks for your advice!

  12. Yeah, been looking for one with a weak TE and plent of good WRs, but recently so many TEs popped up with potential due to having big games!

    So, I will have to lurk and wait.

  13. I would keep Brady if you have him.

    The amount of points you can get from playing Stafford + T Rich is a gamble; the two of them may not even beat Brady’s points alone.

    I would rather keep Brady and play a weak/sleeper RB if desperate.

  14. Got an offer giving me: Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith, and A. Bradshaw all for Jamaal Charles?

    I think its a steal but my other RBs are:
    Ray Rice
    R. Bush
    Deangelo Williams

    My WRs:
    Amendola (hurt)
    Desean Jackson
    Denarius Moore

  15. I’d definitely take that offer. Wayne immediately becomes your best WR and Bradshaw and Smith will continue to have impacts. As great as Charles is, they give up early leads, which sometimes takes the ball out of his hands.

  16. It might be hard to get a good deal for those guys right now, especially considering their price on draft day. Hold onto them until Martin has a good week or two and Jennings gets healthier, and then try to make a move for a solid top 15 RB or top 25 WR

  17. Is Bess available? PPR he is a nice play this week and into the future he will be more reliable than one would think. And if you get return points there is a few extra points from them each week and extra ops for TD’s never hurt anyone. Don’t sell the farm if you can work Free agency for gems. Mike Sherman is the OC there and you might remember the production he got out of a guy named Jordy last year, and Jones, and well all of them. If Tannehill keeps it together Bess is an awesome PPR play.

  18. A.J. Green makes Andy Dalton (or anyone who can pick up and throw a football forward) look like Joe Montana and Peyton Manning’s mutant offspring. He will be in the Hall of Fame and can torch anyone in just his second year. Team B is ten times more valuable when you add in that S-Jax was given out of his 2013 contract and could be shopped to who knows where really soon or he could c’mon take the money and run to retirement, like tomorrow. Also, does Palmer and crew look like they really care out there in the fun and sun. Take Dalton in his second of many years riding A.J. shirt tails on Green’s ride to Canton. peace georgec

  19. I actually disagree. I would take the trade. The bye week will be good for Stafford–who is getting decent point values just from the sheer volume of passes he throws–and T-Rich has been and will be a beast.

  20. Love your work! A little help here please….
    Should I drop Blackmon and pick up Andrew Hawkins or Davone Bess? Or not at all? Thanks!

  21. I like that. Giving up a timeshare RB for a guaranteed starter is always a plus, and Washington and Wright are very comparable. Good move

  22. I think I might keep Brady as well. It really depends: how deep are you at RB? If shallow, then maybe take a risk on Stafford’s potential and make the deal. If you’re good at RB, keep the best QB in the game on your squad

  23. Try to target someone like Marques Colston before his value continues to climb. Absolutely pick up Hakeem! He could help you down the stretch

  24. Thats what I was thinking….I want to offer steve smith for either colston or wayne. Im guessing I should drop andre brown so pick up nicks right?

  25. Thoughts on potential trade:
    Offering cam and benjarvis
    Receiving eli and cedric.

    My team is currently:
    Qb cam, ponder
    Wr megatron, hartline, garcon, hixon
    Rb benjarvis, s jackson, j bell, battle
    Te v davis, d pitta
    K akers
    Def 49ers

  26. About to trade S.Smith and Leshoure for A.Johnson and pick up bell off the wire, Good move?

  27. Half of my wide receivers are either on a bye week (Vincent Jackson, Dez Bryant), or hurt (Kenny Britt). The only wide receiver I had who could start was Stevie Johnson, so I picked up James Jones and Andre Roberts to also start for me this week (we play 3 wide receivers).
    I have agreed to a trade with another owner to give away Britt and Roberts for Jeremy Maclin. This trade, however, will not go through until next week. I am also planning on dropping James Jones next week.
    These moves will free up 2 roster spots for me, and I had my eye on Denarius Moore and Rashard Mendenhall, both of whom are still free agents in my league.
    My question is this: Should I drop Jones and pick up either Moore or Mendenhall this week? It would mean that I am short one wide receiver this week, but would have secured Mendenhall before people start jumping on him once they realize he is starting again, or on Moore, since he will be through his bye week next week.
    I am currently 3-1, in 4th place out of 10 teams. 8 teams make the playoffs, and the last 3 teams in the league are all 0-4, so I find it unlikely I will miss the playoffs. Do I go for the points now, or try to focus on assembling a better team for the long-term?

  28. If you are 3-1, always continue to build towards winning.

    Just keep up on the waiver wire and look at the trade market articles to continue improving your team.

  29. They say that Amendola could be back in a month….is he dropable in 12 team standard league?

    My team is:

    QB1: P.Rivers
    WR1: P.Harvin
    WR2: T.Smith
    WR3: K.Wright
    RB1: R.Rice
    RB2: J.Charles
    TE: A.Gates
    flex: C.Benson
    K: N.Novak
    D/St: Seattle



    Should I drop Amendola for any of these players that are free agents right now or should I wait?

    J.Freeman (bye week replacemet for Rivers in week 7 against the Saints)

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