(WEEK 3-4)


By Muntradamus



This is the article where you can turn your season around. I know 0-3 can be scray for a lot of Fantasy Owners, but it is important not to be trade raped out of panic and fear. The season is young as there is still more than 80% left of the season to go. All you have to do is make the playoffs. Once you make the playoffs you just need to BEAST.

The strategy I gave away to all the VIPs that I will share with you today is simple. Upgrade your RBs by trading away your TE and sending a package deal with your RB to land a BEAST RB.

Example. VIP TEAM RECORD (1-2)






Find a team that is weak at TE to make this type of move. Once you trade away your TE. Go straight after Garrett Graham at TE as Ryan Fitzpatrick will be looking for him more and more after his monster 2nd Half in Week 3.

If you are having QB problems, look no further than Ryan Fitzpatrick. There are other QBs to BUY LOW, but those are saved for Daily Fantasy Football purposes, as well as BUY LOW WRs. The RBs I will share.


RB is the position your team is likely having trouble in. Go ahead and make a move to trade for depth. All of these players can offer a HUGE upgrade with your squad.


Denvers offense looked amazing in Week 1, lost the T.O.P. (Time of Possesion) battle in Week 2. Week 3 was comeback mode all 2nd half. So far this Broncos offense is not the potent Broncos offense we came to expect because of the Defense not getting the ball back for this team. Soon, the tides will turn and Denver will start putting points up on the board. When that time happens, you will be screaming YOUNG MONTEE as you rack up the TDs.


BEAST MODE version .08 is not looking the RB Fantasy Owners expected. Going up against the Seahawks/Jets/Lions has not been easy, but this has just been horrible for Eddie. Look for him to get back on the right step sooner than later and return to the Fantasy Numbers his/her owners are expecting. Eddie will come at a high price, try to pay it.


S-JAX is a BEAST. No other way to describe his running style. The Falcons will be scoring a lot of TDs this season and Steven Jackson will be cleaning up the mess. A lot of people worry about JacQuizz Rodgers and Devonta Freeman and they really have no reason to. JacQuizz is nothing more than a change of pace RB. Devonta Freeman is a Rookie who is still learning, more or less a backup of JacQuizz as they are the same style type of player. SJax will be a machine and score 10+TDs easy this season.

This is what happens when a new breed reads about my comments on SJax for the first time, click article to read comments.



Bobby Rainey has done everything he needs to do to give away the job to Doug Martin.  After fumbling Twice on Thursday Night Football “Teach Me How To Douggie” will be the Cowbell RB in an offense that is running the ball much more than they should so far in the season. He is an explosive RB who can get all of his fantasy numbers in one play. 20+ Carries of that is all you want.


If you don’t actually watch the Colts every snap like most of the Fantasy Experts in the industry today. You will see and hear a lot of buzz on Ahmad Bradshaw which will likely trickle down into your fantasy league. There is no doubt Ahmad Bradshaw is a talented RB, but the way Trent has been running all season is something that cannot be ignored. He is showing flashes of his 2012 self on a much quicker frame that is turning him into a lethal weapon and a much stonger version of JacQuizz Rodgers (T-Quizz). The Colts offense is pot committed to making Trent Richardson the future of this team, Ahmad Bradshaw is there to give Trent his breathers and keep him fresh all season long. You can steal Trent for a dirt cheap price as owners see him as nothing more than depth. Once T-Quizz starts falling in the endzone, everyone will be giving up their farm to get him.




Gronk is a BEAST at the TE position don’t get me wrong. He is still a player who is only seeing about 50% of the snaps in a ball game, and is clearly not himself as he is turning into the next Bubba Franks. 40 Yards good, 40 Yards/TD is what will save his day. The Patriots need Gronk to be out there more and more, but the Patriots also need to conserve his health and have him ready to BEAST for the playoffs. It is a long season of Patriots babying Gronk, and now is the time to part ways after he scored his 2nd TD of the season. Against the Raiders out of all teams.


CJ Spiller is splitting time at RB this season like I said he would.


If you can trade the Kick Returner for any of the RBs above in a package, you landed yourself a steal. C.J. Spiller may have big games here and there, but the 6-8 Points is looking more common than anything. Especially with how prolific the Bills offense looks this season. Steven Jackson would be Trade Rape.


I was a believer Shane Vereen was going to take the Patriots job and run away with it. One shoulder injury later, and Stevan Ridley has a grasp of the BEAST RB job for the time being. The Patriots want Vereen to be healthy so they will continue to give Ridley carries all season long. It is going to be frustfrating owning Vereen who is a classic example of a PPR Whore. Players you avoid.


Lamar is looking great for the Dolphins, but the clock will soon hit midnight with Knowshon Moreno a couple weeks away from returning. If not sooner. Knowshon has looked unstoppable this preseason as well as Week 1. Once he is back, it is 100% a RBBC in an offense that will fail to put up a lot of production.


Unless you live under a tree. Chris Ivory is the far BEASTier RB for the Jets this season. CJ2K will continue to get his action, but now is a good time to turn in the keys and turn to a much more reliable Steven Jackson by packing something else. CJ2K will have his weeks, but he will also watch Ivory do his thing.




Bradshaw has looked nice, but read above about Trent Richardson. With Fantasy Owners valuing Bradshaw as a good Flex option, now is the time to sell high as T-Quizz will always be the #1 RB on this team.


It is obvious Reggie Wayne is the #1 target for Andrew Luck. Still, I am selling high on Wayne as Luck has too many options. Nicks/Hilton/Fleener/Allen/RB. Too many options in that passing game for Reggie Wayne to truly take over and be the go-to guy on a consistent basis. You can package him for an upgrade at WR.


Too many options in the Titans passing game this season. Hunter/Walker/Washington are all factors, and Jake Locker is not dependable enough to throw for 275+ every game. Kendall Wright is a talented player, but the Titans passing game does not have enough food to feed all of these WRs consistently. Trade away.


Sanders has been a Fantasy BEAST even with the return of Wes Welker. Still, I am selling high on Emmanuel as he is playing like a Top 10 Option and you can possibly land yourself Roddy White. I am sorry when it is all said and done, Emmanuel Sanders or Roddy White? You have to go with the veteran superstar instead of the Streaky Emmanuel Sanders who has been taking a lot of production away from Demaryius Thomas early in the year. Those numbers will shift as Emmanuel is currently #3 in the NFL in receving yards and #1 in the NFL in receptions. Soon you will weake up, and this will all be a dream.


Keenan Allen is a talented WR, but things are different with Malcolm Floyd back in town. Floyd is really the true go-to WR for Philip Rivers on the outside, and Allen was able to thrive with all of the injuries in the Chargers WR core. The real go-to option with Rivers needs the big play is Antonio Gates. When you add in Eddie Royal as well as Ladarius Green to an offense that is running more and more. Allen is a good player to sell high ONCE HE GETS HIS FIRST TD. Wait for that moment, then sell.


You are living in denial if you still believe in Jamaal Charles. Knile Davis is arguably just as valuable to the Chiefs as Jamaal Charles moving forward and that will be a 50/50 split the entire season. It is only Week 4, and Charles is already dealing with injuries in what will be a very hard hitting season.




Sproles is a player to sell High if the price is right. I do not like his consistency moving forward, but I do agree he should go at a price that is respectable. Give me Steven Jackson straight up for Sproles and I will leave happy. LeSean McCoy is the RB on the team, Sproles just crashed the party early and drank all the good booze.


Ertz is useless. Trade him away as he is the most overhyped player coming into the 2014 Fantasy Football Season outside of Toby Gerhart. Ertz is a good player, but the Eagles have way too many options in the passing game to expect Ertz to give you any consistency. He will end up on Waiver Wires before he ends up on Championship Football teams. Sweeten the deal if you own him and throw his name in the trade for no extra charge to get the owner to say, “Yes I will fall into that trap.”


The Lions want to keep Reggie Bush as untouched as a Micky Mantle Rookie Card. They do not want to risk any big hits to their star RB and are willing to sit him for possesions at a time, only to not use him when he is in the game. Bush is a BEAST talent, but the coaching staff is all over Joique Bell and his story of being an security guard at Ford Field. Great story, but not a good coaching decision. Reggie is a Star, sell him away and stop waiting on the scheme to change. Only if Kim never entered his life and the Kardashian curse did not change his ways.


As good as Joique Bell is, Reggie Bush will always be taking away crucial snaps. Bell is obviously the cowbell BEAST RB for this team, but his value is as high as it ever will be because Reggies is as low as it ever will be. As long as people see Bell as an equal to Reggie, now is the time to SELL.


The BRUISER is splitting time at Running Back with more guys at a nightclub than Miley Cyrus. Whenever you look up it is a new RB for the Rams putting up numbers. Week 2/3 were great against Run Defenses that do not stand a chance against any RB, but now when you throw the Rams in that NFC West/AFC West schedule do you really think Stacy will continue to deliever. Rams are looking at a horrible season from here on out, time to trade him away while his value is this high.


Can we get an official countdown clock until Carlos Hyde takes over?


Gore is on his last good games before he losses his job for good to Carlos Hyde as he has lacked explosion all season long. Hyde has turned into the goal line RB at the very least, and Gore has one last matchup that can possibly save him against the Eagles. See if you can trade him for Steven Jackson before the game, if you cannot. Hold on through and hope he does enough Sunday to make that trade happen.




  1. Great article, Munt. Sounds like you put more value on Sjax than Dougie. If I had the opportunity to trade Dougie for Sjax, should I take it?

  2. Munt. My record is 1W – 2L & I’m in 10th place in 12 man league. I feel like I have to upgrade @ wr3 spot. My team: QB-A Rodgers, RG3; RB-Foster, Montee, TQuizz, Hyde; WR-Roddy, Garcon, J.Jones, J.Gordon; TE-G.Olson, Kelce; K-Crosby, Forbath; D-Houston, Chicago. Another team has Gore& wants my Hyde. Should I trade him Hyde for any of the following wr: SSSr, K.Allen, K.Benjamin, B. Cooks? He also has AJ Green but that ain’t happening. Advice?

  3. Love the article munt. The comments on fantasy pros are hilarious. Can’t wait till SJax is a beast and Charles just has a horrible season.

  4. Hey Munt,I just traded T-Rich,Asiata,Hunter for Martin,V-Jax,Seattle d.Ppr league.Good move?So now should I be looking to trade Julius Thomas for an rb1 and roll with Graham as my te1?

  5. I have a lot of Bears fans in my league.Should I package Cutler and Julius Thomas for a stud rb1?Then pick up Fitz and Graham?

  6. Nice, love these articles Munt! It’s great to get a peak into your thought process on players. Thanks!

  7. I’m the one in need of a TE..
    Would any of you suggest the sell high of gio for julius Thomas and tate?


  8. Need a RB for the bye week,
    My current team
    Foles, Romo
    Foster, K Robinson,
    Cobb, G. Tate, and M Colston
    TE. D. Walker
    K Parkey
    Def patriots

    Bench- Welker, Ball, Hyde, and J Hill, Sanu and B Tate

    Offering J. Hill and D. Walker for S. Jackson
    Thoughts anyone

  9. I would try to get a little more out of it.

    I do like SJax more R.O.S but his street value is still less than Douggies at the moment. The tide will shift to SJax.

  10. Don’t sell Gio. Jeremy Hills #s are all coming in garbage time. In fact Id say Orange Julius is the one that would be being sold high. 5 Td’s on 14 rec. Manny Sanders has been most targeted WR in whole league. He has 0 TDs. Demaryius has had 1 more endzone target than Julius but only has 1 TD. Those TD #s are going to start to even out.

  11. I’ll admit it, I bit on Toby Gerhart’s preseason hype from other sources before I read your article, which makes absolute sense. Shockingly Gerhart is sitting on my bench and I just saw Carlos Hyde show up on waivers. I feel dumb asking, but it’s a no-brainer to drop Gerhart for Hyde?

  12. Hey Munt, I have 5 stud receivers in D.Bryant, R.Cobb, D.Jax, L.Fitz, and M.Evans. G.Tate is on the Waiver because some goat let him go, would you drop M.Evans for him?

    And, I’m an RG3er but needed to drop him, what order do you put Romo>Fitzpatrick>J.Flacco>R.Wilson?? And in a 10 team league would it be safe to go with 1QB?

  13. My opponent this week picked up Donnell to cover Cameron at TE. What a craptacular start to the round… :(

  14. Rate my trade: in my mind winner winner chicken dinner.
    10 man league
    can start 4 RBs or 4 WRs

    Traded sjax and Fitz for Doug Martin

    My RBs: Leveon, Murray, Martin, Ball
    My WRs: SSS, Djax, Roddy, Maclin

  15. I would make the add, I wouldn’t want gerhart on my team unless I was desperate. They should throw he ball a lot anyhow.

  16. I think that was a bad trade. S.Jax is on the better offense and once Carson is back, Fitz will be playing better. I think you lost in that trade.

  17. Two part question: My current backs are Khiry Robinson, C.J. Spiller, Andre Ellington, Carlos Hyde, Ryan Mathews, and Ben Tate. Steven Jackson is available in our league as a free agent (some douchebag dropped him). Would you drop any of these for him? Part 2: Cousins sucked Week 4, would you drop him for Fitzpatrick for the remainder of the season? Thanks bro, great site.

  18. Welcome to BEAST DOME.

    Add Steven Jackson no matter what. Drop Tate to make it happen, he will likely be in a RBBC R.O.S.

    Then pull off a 2-4-1 trade with Ellington/Spiller for Montee if you can. Add in something else to make it happen.

    Go with Fitzmagic the rest of the way.

  19. Looking for some feedback on a trade I made. I receive randall cobb and steven jackson for rob gronkowski and reggie wayne. Feels like a win, I was counting on him undervaluing SJax.

  20. RBs do not grow on trees. You did get the upgrade at WR in the deal with Wayne.

    Could have you gotten more? Probably. In the long-term, I like your side.

  21. I was offered AJ Green and Matt Asiata for Zack Ertz/Montee Ball in a standard scoring league. My other RBs are Shady McCoy/DeMarco Murray/Terrance West/Lance Dunbar, my WRs are Roddy White, Colston, Kendall Wright, Greg Jennings and Marvin Jones. If it helps, I also have Antonio Gates riding the pine.

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