Fantasy Football Trade Market: Don’t Leave Your RB in The Dwyer (Week 9)

Fantasy Football Trade Market:

Don’t Leave Your RB in The Dwyer (Week 9)

By Muntradamus

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At the midpoint of the season it is important to find valuable players that you do not have to over spend to get, that could be the key piece of the puzzle.  Thank you everyone who has joined the DRAFTSTREET LEAGUE.  We should be getting a BIGGER POT to play with in future weeks if everyone participates.

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Perfect example of a player you may not have to overspend on to get.  J0nathan Stewart is going to be called upon to do everything for the Panthers offense at the RB position.  Many of his previous owners (including myself) could only dream of that the last few seasons.

Now is the time to take advantage as he has 100 Total Yards written all over him.  Do be aware that D-Will is still taking carries (11 last week) but he is slowly fading out. 

Grab J-Stew cheap while you can.



Nick Foles/Michael Vick.

Does not matter, both throw a beautiful deep ball and Desean is getting a little dry.  Teams that have him are ready to throw the towel on the all-or-nothing WR.  You should take the towel, then dry them off of all their tears when you stole him for nothing.

Owners are treating him at WR#3 quality, you attack him quickly, because he is a solid WR#2.



Finley is one of the most talented TEs in the league.

All it takes is one big game for everyone to get back on his bandwagon as this offense two years ago was designed to go through him.  He got injured, Finley continued to drop balls the following year, and now he just isn’t getting the targets.

Like I said, one big game aka one TD.  Everyone will jump on his bandwagon, do not be late.



For those desperation owners whose season may be just about over.  Michael Vick is your last hope.

While he could have a big game against New Orleans, he could also get benched in the second quarter.  Regardless, Vick offers the upside of a 1st round pick when he gets it all together.  If you have nothing to lose, and it is a wing and a prayer to save your season.

Call on Michael Vick and give up your starting QB, like Romo.  To make the exchange.  Not Cam Newton.



The Cowboys are going to be very happy to have a running game again.  Murray is a workhorse back, and although his foot may limit him some games.  There is no reason to believe right now that he is not 100 Yards/1 TD in nearly every start.  The Cowboys lost last week attempting 62 passes, so now that is out of their system.

Get Murray while he is dirt cheap.  Throw in a Dwyer and a good WR to get the upgraded DeMarco Murray.



This could be your last time to get the 1st round value WR this low.  Good news is, he is 100% healthy (knock on wood) and the Texans have a beautiful playoff schedule where they see the Colts/Patriots/Vikings, even the Colts again.

Andre has a huge market correction heading his way, and I would get him now for a Marques Colston then wait and watch his value go through the roof.





Have fantasy owners from last Sunday woke up from their Cowboy dream.  62 Pass Attempts is something that will never happen with DeMarco Murray at RB.  The Cowboys are committed to Murray winning games for them when healthy, and last Sunday they had zero running game.  While it was great to see Romo get over 430 Yards and all three Cowboy options break into double digit days.  The truth is there will be a lot more inconsistency then breakout performances like these.  Feel free to sell away.



Dwyer is looking great and could possibly be the Steelers RB the R.O.S.  But then again he could have one bad game once he faces a real defense, then Mendenhall could get healthy, then he is back to the bench.  Right now he is very valuable to a team that is desperate for a RB.  Try to package him and a weaker WR together to get a superstar WR.  Maybe turn that Dwayne Bowe into Reggie Wayne if you can get lucky.



Do not give him up cheap.  But if you can get a 1st round RB like Darren McFadden, or even Trent Richardson straight up.  I would make this trade.  CJ2K is looking good again, and maybe the offensive line is getting it together.  But here is why I am a little worried about CJ.

Once the Titans lose this week to the Bears, then face a semi-tough defense in Miami.  The Titans could turn back to Jake Locker, and if that is the case.  CJ losses some value as we all saw how bad and inconsistent he was to start the year.

Like I said, do not sell for nothing, but if you can get a superstar RB like Darren McFadden/Marshawn Lynch/Matt Forte.  Make it happen.



Owners were lucky to get 2 consecutive weeks with TDs.  If you take out those TDs, he had average days at best.  While you can always hope the 100 Total Yard version of Sproles is back, the truth is he is not.

The Saints run the ball with Pierre Thomas, Sproles is too small and the Saints want him to last the entire season.  Which makes him a candidate for 8-10 Touches, while other teams could view him as a #2 RB.  I would trade him for DeMarco Murray if I can.



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  1. I don’t understand. You say trade guys like CJ2K for Lynch and Colston for Andre Johnson; but then you have CJ2K and Colston ranked higher.

    Also, do you really think Murray is coming back? I wouldn’t be surprised to see him miss the whole season.

  2. yeh man i am happy with what the cowboys are doing with murray, all reports have been that his ankle was not serious from the start, but they are playing it safe with him..i need him back next week hopefully

  3. do you think he will really be effective when he’s back? Cowboys have struggled to block all year and he most likely will not be 100%

  4. I signed up for BeastDome League on Draftstreet yest morning. Set my lineup. Emailed my Userid (Zoomie89) to [email protected] two separate times. Still no password. Tho it reads here and on Twitter that they went out this afternoon. Am I forgetting something? Any suggestions? I am mere mortal without Muntra. Thanks in advance!

  5. Lynch is a safer player who you know you will get 80 Yards and likely a TD from.

    Chris Johnson has some tough matchups and could lose value quickly over these next few weeks. Like I said, do not sell him low, but maybe sell him for the more for sure player.

    Andre has a great playoff schedule, Colston is a little less consistent with Graham healthy. Just a preference, and the rankings are Current with R.O.S. Not just PURE R.O.S

  6. i recieved a trade proposal in my league…should i trade rg3 and gore for vick and doug martin? my other qb is schaub and other rb’s is mcgahee, s jackson,jennings

  7. Nation!!! I just made a trade for two of the buy low candidates. What do you think? (1 point ppr)

    I gave up Amendola and Heath Miller


    Jeramichael and Andre Johnson.

  8. do it..grab foles as insurance..just incase vick folds, and foles is playing well..eagles has a favorable schedule the rest of the way

  9. yeh good trade of your part..cause who knows how amendola will fair coming bac from now have 2 players in great offenses

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