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The Baltimore Ravens travel to Cincy to play on a beautiful Thursday Night Football event. With perfect weather, the Baltimore Ravens get a complete change of scenery after destroying the Bills in a heavily pouring game. The Bengals had a gutsy road comeback victory thanks to AJ Green stepping up and making some big plays in the 2nd half.

If the Bengals want to win this game, AJ Green will have to become a main factor for the Bengals offense. Tyler Boyd can’t really make plays down field, Tyler Eifert is too slow to be anything more than a checkdown option, and John Ross is still very raw. Joe Mixon and AJ Green, the Bengals should have a counter for those two as they definitely contribute for over 80% of their offensive touches. The Ravens Secondary is one of the best in the AFC, and they have seen AJ Green many times before. Of course, new Defensive Coordinator this year for the Ravens, but Don Martindale has been with the Ravens as their LB coach for just as long as Dean Pees was with the team.

AJ Green will have his work cutout for him, as he has not had over 100 Yards against the Ravens since 2015. Joe Mixon while he looked great last week, CJ Mosley is going to deliever some monster blows, the type of hits you do not want to see your RB take. The weight loss for Mixon this offseason did not help him against big Defenses.

The Ravens have been on cruise control since the Hall of Fame Preseason game. Joe Flacco knows this Bengals secondary well, but he too has not had much success since 2015. With Michael Crabtree now as his #1 WR, Flacco seems to have new life. It also helps that John Brown and Willie Snead are great new role players as well. Flacco should be able to hit this Bengals Defense for big plays more often than not. Alex Collins is a big man and if the Bengals Run D plays like they did against the Colts, Collins could easily control this clock. With no Vontaze the first 4 games, ball is in Collins’ favor.

In the end, the Ravens are playing championship Football in September, the Bengals are not flawless enough to combat the situation. AJ Green will have to control this game for the Bengals to have a chance, and I do not see that being the case.




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