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A very important message to all people who play and watch Fantasy Football. Remember if you reach your higher self you will see higher results.

Before I get into the game, I want to discuss Lamar Jackson from preseason to today, and why my expectations of him this season were completely shattered. As was everyone else as nobody ranked Lamar Jackson as a Top 10 QB this season.

The reason I was not high on Lamar was because of past experience from seeing how running QBs are a risk. They take a lot of hits, from really big guys. We have seen players like RG3 and Mariota sizzle for a second, and we see the legends like Cam Newton slowly start to breakdown. Lamar Jackson has a few prime years left of being a QB that takes such big hits. The reason why he is so much better than RG3, he is 5x the size of the RG3. His career will be a fun one to watch, but like all players, there will be a decline. However his decline does carry a lot more risk as far as when it comes. If the Ravens give him a stud WR so he can rely on his arm, his career will be longer and he will be a MUST-DRAFT Fantasy Option. Give him Odell Beckham next year, game over.

Ravens vs. Jets

A matchup that sounds better in the 90s than it does today. The Jets season was derailed quickly when Sam Darnold went with LUST over being a serious QB. He got mono, and never denied a report about kissing another girl, which leads you to believe he was a party animal this season. Getting mono after the 1st game of the season, the Jets decided to work it with backups, and lost every single game. Since Darnold has returned, the offense is back to its normal volume despite all the injuries to their O-Line. This week they go against a Ravens Defense they will not be able to throw the ball against. The Ravens secondary has too much talent for Darnold to contend with, which means a lot of quick throws to Jamison Crowder and Le’Veon Bell.

Le’Veon Bell is MUST-START for all BEAST MVPS in the Fantasy Playoffs. Even though Bell has not lived up to the Bill, you see what I did there..This is a matchup where 100 Total Yards should come, Primetime TV and he is auditioning for a new team in this game.

With all that being said, the Jets are still going to struggle on offense, especially in Baltimore.

Meanwhile the Ravens are ready to attack a weak Jets secondary that is playing backups. I know Lamar Jackson has not had a 300 Yard Game since Week 1, and he probably will not have one tonight, but he will be able to get whatever he wants against this defense. Running the ball has been tough against the Jets all season, but this one can get ugly quick. The dual threat of Lamar will always keep the defense at bay, Mark Ingram running against flat footed defenders is too easy. Look for him to continue his success.

Another Must-Start for all MVPS. Mark Ingram.

This game has the makings of a blowout in Baltimore. Lamar Jackson will continue to be lethal, and the Jets will continue to be the Jets.



I am trying something new and going to have Fantasy Personalities that never had a shot but have devoted their life to the game, a shot.

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Thank you Muntradamus for the opportunity to provide my valuable information to BEAST DOME. I have been a Fantasy Football Expert my own life, and now I have a chance to show off my abilities. With that I thank you, and with that here is my MONKEY KNIFE FIGHT PICK OF THE NIGHT!

Over and Under (3/4) 2.5x Fantasy Points

Lamar Jackson Over

He’s the number one fantasy quarterback. It is an easy matchup, he can get his points on the ground and through the air, Jets will not stop him.

Sam Darnold Over

Darnold is in the negative for game script. I see a ton of throwing here in garbage time, and one TD should get him over the 15.5 points he needs.

Mark Ingram Over

Marky Mark has two TD upside. Take the over Balitmore will be scoring points in this game most likely coming via the run game.

Le’Veon Bell Over

Bell has the chance to go over because he is a three down back to go over the 13.5 base on his 1 Point per Catch PPR upside. Bell has had at least 4 receptions in 4 out 5 games over the past five weeks.

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