By Muntradamus


The Season is flying back, similar to a Seahawk flying in the air. a Seahawk real?

The year was 2012 and replacement Refs were the joke of all jokes. Fast forward to 2019 and we have the re-match of the game of all games. Pretty amazing that both QBs Wilson and Rodgers were both the QBs then and the QBs now, especially when you consider how frequent stars in other sports travel from team to team.

This Thursday Night, we have ourselves a battle.

The #1 Running offense in the NFL in Seattle is at home against a Packers Defenses that has as many holes as the cheese head hats that people wear in the stands in Green Bay. Do people still wear those hats? The Packers Defense is going to be so off balanced all game, the only thing you can do at home is sit there and feel bad for them. This unit was supposed to be good against the run, but as soon as Big Daddy Wilkerson went down, and the Packers got rid of Ha-Ha Clinton Dix..The Packers defense has gone down hill. Russell Wilson will have open WRs all game, Chris Carson will dominate and lead the way for a Seattle rushing attack that should see a dose of Rashaad Penny and Mike Davis. Penny and Davis are both very talented RBs and could easily start on a few other NFL teams, but Chris Carson is a young star in the making and if he was on a bigger market squad instead of a Seahawks team that is struggling to make the playoffs since he joined the league, Carson would be a house hold name.

With the Packers already figuring their defense is going to give up points, Aaron Rodgers will have to do his part to keep his team rolling. Speaking of rolling, Aaron Jones is looking like a Fantasy Stud since Green Bay decided to give him the keys to the backfield after trading away Ty MontyG. Jamaal Williams has settled as a strong backup, but it is Aaron Jones team the rest of the way. Before you Bandwagoners get too excited about Jones, the Seattle Run Defense is probably the only good thing about their defense. Led by arguably the best Middle LB in the NFL with Bobby Wagner and star KJ Wright, it is not easy to get past that level of their offense. What is easy, is attacking that secondary that is well past the L.O.B. No member from the original 4 L.O.B is no longer with this team. That decision has not panned out well for this franchise as they are no longer the Super Bowl contenders that they were less than a few years ago. Aaron Rodgers is going to lite up the sky and make this a very high scoring game.

As much as Rodgers wants to make this a high scoring game, the Seattle offense is going to be eatting that clock all game long with very long drives on the ground. Do not be surprised to see at least two 8+ Minute drives. Which in reality takes up an entire quarter of the game. That is only two possesions. The Packers are in trouble, the Seahawks are in trouble. Both teams will be playing keep away to not over expose their weak defenses. In the end, Seattle has a HUGE HUGE HUGE home field advantage. Primetime TV, you know the 12th man will come to play.



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