The Brady BEASTS (Week 8)

By Muntradamus


The surging Miami Dolphins come into this matchup with a lot of false confidence. First they beat a below average Tennessee Titans coming off the Bye who were not ready for the Dolphins at all. Next they beat a Houston Texans team that could not tackle a High School Football team if they tried. While life has been good for Dan Campbell and the Dolphins, this week they face a real team. Not just any team, the likely Superbowl Champion New England Patriots.

When the Dolphins have the ball, Ryan Tannehill will be feeling a lot of pressure from Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich, which will automatically make Tannehill rush his passes. When Ryan does not have all day to throw, he usually always makes mistakes. The Patriots are known for hiding their coverages and trying to confuse the opposing QB as much as possible. The perfect storm adds up in this situation. If you’re counting on Lamar Miller to continue his BEASTiality of late, that will all come to a semi-halt when you compare his past week numbers as the Patriots Defense actually makes tackles. We can still expect 80+ Total yards, and prey for a TD if you own him.

When the Patriots have the ball, look for Tom Brady to shred this defense apart. The fact he was able to dominate the Jets despite all the dropped passes from his WRs including Brandon LaFell, just shows how much trouble the Dolphins Secondary is in. The Dolphins pass rush has been turning up after the Bye Week, but the Patriots and their blocking schemes will keep Brady on his feet. LeGarrette Blount aka Puff.Puff.BEAST will be more involved in the gameplan this week than last, which is easy to say considering he only ran the ball enough times to count on one hand. The weakness of this Dolphins team is their LB core, and Blount is the type of player who can expose that as long as the Patriots hold down Donkey Kong Suh. However with Dion Lewis returning, Blount will need a Patriots Lead and 2nd half kill the clock time to really be an effective Fantasy Option.

When it is all said and done. The Patriots are the Superbowl team and Tom Brady is a perfect 8-0 on Thursday Night Football and the Miami Dolphins have been pretty garbage this year besides these last two games against easy opponents.



*Record (5-2)*



Tom Brady (#1 QB). 317/2.5 TD

Rob Gronkowski (#1 TE). 8 rec. 99 Yards. 1 TD

Julian Edelman (#10 WR). 9 rec. 102. 1 TD

Lamar Miller (#14 RB). 76 Rush Yards .5 TD

Brandon LaFell (#19 WR) 7 rec. 82 yards. .5 TD

Jarvis Landry (#23 WR). 6 rec. 72 Yards. .5 TD

Stephen Gostkowski (#1 Kicker)


Dion Lewis (#21 RB) 32 Rush Yards. 4 Rec. 40 Yards. .4 TD

LeGarrette Blount (#18 RB) 64 Rush Yards. .8 TD

Rishard Matthews (#37 WR) 5 rec. 66 yards. .35 TD

Ryan Tannehill (#16 QB) 277 Yards. 1.5 TD. 1 INT

Jordan Cameron (#11 TE) 6 Rec. 64 Yards. .5 TD

Patriots (#7 D/ST) 4 Sacks. 2 Turnovers


  1. Called this one munt. Needed it, I might add, as the recent articles……. It’s time to step it up. You know what you need to do.

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