CHAPTER 1: How the Draft Was One

By Muntradamus


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I am not trying to sound like a salesman. Now is the time to draft in these Sheep Leagues. You may think, what if injuries, what if players don’t sign. Year after year, players that I rank this time of the year start getting drafted much earlier than anticipated.

SSS – 2014 with his breakout preseason.

Ivory – 2015 with his breakout preseason.

Are only two very small examples, but the first two that came to my head. You will see how I BEASTED this draft with my eyes closed. You will see that if you draft a team today, you will be so confident that nothing can shake you on the outside world.



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1st ROUND (#8 Pick/12 Teams)


With the #8 Overall Pick, I landed a RB who could easily rush for over 2,000 Yards. The Vikings Offense is primed for a BEAST season with the addition of MEGAQON aka Laqon Treadwell. With teams giving respect to the passing game, and the Vikings returning to a Dome. Adrian Peterson is going to be running as vicious as ever, especially after his offseason work out plan where he stated he wants to be running for over 1,000 Yards when he’s 35. At 31 Years Old, Adrian Peterson will be running like he is 28.



In a PPR League. Golden Tate is going to be ridiculous. Remember the Lions do plan on throwing the ball to run the ball. While they have not stated that publicly, you can guarantee Abdullah nor Riddick take over 15 carries in a game. Combined they might do 25. Golden Tate will be catching 2-4 passes a quarter, easily. It is not impossible to see over 120 Receptions from Golden Tate.


*UPDATE. The addition of Anquan Boldin only makes the Lions Passing game so much more dominant. Golden Tate will never be double teamed, as well as always going up against the opposing teams top corner. He will be unguardable.

3rd ROUND – 6th ROUND


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 1.38.54 PM




Ya it might have been a round or two early, but at this point I know I have my dream team in the making and it would be a dagger in my heart if Sanu did not make his way back to me as the draft was heading the other direction. All it takes is one Mohamed Sanu TD this preseason to make him someone that will be drafted earlier than this pick. The NFFC Draft Board had him pretty high in regards to the other talent on the board. If there was anyone from Atlanta in that Draft Room, I felt he would have been gone.



There was still Blake Bortles/Phillip Rivers/Eli Manning/Derek Carr on the board. The chances of Stafford coming back to me was almost automatic. However,the turn of the draft was heading in the other direction. I already have my dream team at this point, I cannot afford to lose on Matt Stafford and his 50+ Passing Attempts every game. The Lions are going to run the ball to throw the ball, and Stafford will be a TD Machine who could easily surpass 5,000 Yards. No Megatron means it is time for Stafford to drive the Lions offense the way he wants.

*UPDATE. The addition of Anquan Boldin gives Matt Stafford so many weapons, he will have too many mismatches to choose from everytime he throws the football. 5,000+ Yards seems almost automatic for a Lions team that will throw the ball non-stop.

14th ROUND


While I do see other QBs on the board who usually get drafted before Ryan, like Tony Romo. I really want Matty Ice who is capable of putting up one his best seasons with all the addition of Alex Mack. You cannot underestimate a Center in Football as they are the QBs of the offensive Line. When the Offensive Line is giving Matt Ryan time to throw, the Falcons offense is going to be a thing of beauty. Between Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford on my team, I now can be in a Dome all 17 Weeks of the season.


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  1. Munt,

    What about Flash Gordon bud…. I know i want to grab him. You think he is worth reaching for before his ADP after the reinstatement???

    1. Flash has potential to be something special. I am not ruling out a down season at all and he is worth the pick once the middle tier of WRs start to get picked off the board. I would take the safer plays like Mohamed Sanu no doubt

  2. I am shocked that you picked up AP munt, what about Lamar Miller? I feel like he is going to have a HUGE year with the texans offense that loves to run the ball. Add in a QB in osweiller who throws almost 40% of his passes to rbs and Miller seems to me a huge breakout candidate. I understand Texans offense isn’t fantastic, but the stats on AP are trending down.

  3. That flash potential is so tempting tho…. I feel like he can be a WR1 come fantasy playoff time……..
    Do you think that boldin signing brings down Tate a bit?

    1. Josh Gordon has a lot of potential, especially come Fantasy Playoff time.

      However he will probably be drafted ahead of someone like Mohamed Sanu. While I do love Josh Gordon, Mohamed Sanu is in a prime position to be the guy on an offense that is vastly underrated heading into the season. Take us back to vintage Roddy White days.

      If Gordon slips later after you draft Sanu, of course you should draft him for the upside. You only have a week or two left before Gordon goes ahead of Sanu, one preseason TD. It is over.

  4. Planning on doing 3 or 4 NFFC leagues this year, middle of next month. Most likely all 150$ 12 team Satellites. Won both on there last year, they are fun, deeper rosters & FABB is always a plus

  5. Im drafting late Aug in all my leagues ….. I cant see a draft where Sanu goes before Gordon(unless its me grabbing him lol)… I love the Sanu call. I love his ADP. In my opinion there is no way of drafting gordon after Sanu because gordon gets a lot of love with the name (even players that dont know fantasy love gordon) . I really hope Sanu doesnt catch a preseason TD. I think if you want Gordon you gotta reach this year. You’re the man Munt… Bold prediction with the AP vid too, its what makes you the best in the game

    1. Appreciate the Feedback Mike, lets BEAST!

      1 Sanu TD this preseason and he will for sure be loved by every Sheep Expert in the game instantly, which will create the Sheep population to go all in as well.

      Like I said, I really recommend you draft a NFFC league now while the values on a lot of BEAST picks are so low. They have 12 man satellite leagues for $150.

      You may think I have enough leagues going on later in August, but I promise the team you draft today will be different than the teams you draft in late August only because you won’t be able to grab all the sleeper BEAST picks now.


  6. The latest AP video was spectacularly great and humorous in a good way really liked the deep thinking facts. I’m a little worried about. Found this gem today showing pass defenses rankings that further back your qb strategy. Stafford has the 4th easiest schedule in the NFL. The weeks Stafford has tough matchups Ryan has green matchups. Well done bravo. Stafford’s playoffs opponents are 30th, 24th, and 19th.

    A little worried about Sanu’s schedule to be honest. Like the thought process though

    1. Really appreciate the feedback Frank.

      Would not be worried about Sanu’s schedule, because instead of looking at Sanu’s schedule, you have to look at his matchup this season.

      Going against #2 CBs and often 1 on 1 coverage since Julio demands double teams, but in all honesty he demands triple. Matty Ice threw for over 4,500 Yards last year, Julio can’t get all of them and there really is nobody else Ryan can trust outside of the dump off passes to Devonta/Coleman.


  7. Munt, my draft is Labor Day weekend. Will I benefit from the preseason package even though all the early values may be discovered by the sheep or should I just wait and get the VIP to manage my roster and waiver wire during the season?

    1. It is still very beneficial to get Preseason BEAST now. The Sheep Experts do not watch every preseason game, last year they did not move Brandon Marshall at all up and down their Rankings because they did not see a TD in the Box Score. You will have the edge on everyone going into Draft Day and the longer you can learn the material I have, the more prepared you are to BEAST your draft.

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